The Choquequirao Trek: A Unique Alternative To The Busy Inca Trail

Peru’s diverse landscape and rich history attracts millions of tourists every year. Whether you’re checking out wildlife in the jungle, surfing sand dunes in the desert, or exploring the ancient Inca ruins, there’s really something here for every kind of traveler. Machu Picchu is one destination that sits on the top of everyone’s list (both

Saksaywaman Peru: Not a Sexy Woman, but Definitely in Peru

No one in Peru knows the true Spelling of Saksaywaman, a historical monument in Peru that’s basically a lot of rocks (with a lot of conspiracy theorist fans – more on that in a bit). “Saksaywaman” is perhaps the most commonly accepted spelling, but other totally acceptable options include: Saqsaywaman Sasawaman Saksawaman Sacsahuayman Sasaywaman According