Tanks that Get Around is the brainchild of the two most immature jetsetters you’ll ever meet: Maddy Osman and Dan French. They live together in Denver, CO, but enjoy periodically leaving to get lost in a new place.

The idea for the company came from a passion of buying a ridiculous amount of “bullshit”, aka cheap souvenirs typical of wherever they were traveling to. Upon visiting Lake Titicaca in Peru, they expected an abundance of immaturely designed bullshit, like tank tops and shot glasses. They were surprised that the locals hadn’t capitalized on such an easy joke, especially because the locals loved to talk about how Peru was the “titi” side, and Bolivia was the “caca” side. Boob and poop jokes transcend all languages.

On a street art tour in Berlin, Germany
On a street art tour in Berlin, Germany

So Tanks that Get Around is an attempt to allow you to purchase the bullshit you wish you could’ve while on vacation. Or to honor the hilarity of a place you’ve never been. In either case, you’ll be rockin’ some fresh threads not available anywhere else.

The Bro: Dan French

Dan French, catching a shark (he released it right after!).

Dan is a traveler who truly enjoys the finer things in life. And by finer things, that means that he has a knack for finding the “best” local dive bars when he’s away from home. Dan loves the open air and can often be found cruising down a mountain on a snowboard (in the winter) or with a fishing pole in his hand (in the summer.) When Dan grows up, he wants to be making beer for a living and selling it all over the country.



The Bro-ad: Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman at the Great Wall of China
Maddy Osman at the Great Wall of China

Maddy is extremely driven and loves new adventures and experiences.  She started her own business at an extremely young age and is now taking over the Western US in true Manifest Destiny fashion. Maddy is very active in her local community, but she’s instantly at home no matter where she’s traveling in the world – and she will not stop until she’s experienced everything that the world has to offer.  Maddy loves experimenting in the kitchen, and she’s fully addicted to chocolate, literature, and cuddling with her totes adorbs Pomeranian, Leonidas.

Note: All off the main slider images on the homepage are pictures we took on various vacations!