The PFA provides access to the river for small boat operators as well, however, there is limited navigation for small boats and only under the right flow conditions. When the Yadkin was at normal or low levels, its depth at the Shallow Ford was about 18" or less. Spectacular, very steep and scenic Watauga gorge area with several falls and huge boulders; recreational opportunities throughout. Once this belt of hard rock is passed, the gradient of the river decreases. Was lifeline in settlement and development of western NC. The main gorge area contains tropical species, while other vegetation representative of the Southern Appalachians are found.

A few of the formations are suitable for cliff jumping and repelling, though it is not recommended without prior knowledge of the proper cliffs.

Rope swing; there is a rope swing on the eastern shore but use it at your own risk, it's not in the safest spot. “Given the improved design of the new ramp and the fact that it was built on higher ground, sediment deposition during flooding should be less of an issue,” Hodges said.

The recently renovated Donnaha Park Public Fishing Area (PFA) is located at 6131 Donnaha Park Road in East Bend, and is 6.9 miles … Northern wilderness boundary to southern wilderness boundary, Southern wilderness boundary to Lake James one mile below NC 126 bridge, State Road 1006 Bridge (High High Road) to confluence with Great Coharie Creek, Headwaters northeast of Dundarrach to confluence with Gallberry Swamp, Headwaters north of West End to confluence with Cape Fear River.

Confluence with Little Marsh Swamp to confluence with Big Swamp, NC 403 bridge to confluence with Northeast Cape Fear River, Confluence with Ward Swamp to confluence with Black River. Large number of rare and native fish species. The existence of a Muster Ground in the area is indicated by references to soldiers being mustered into and out of the service there, being paid there, and being ordered to report or march to the Shallow Ford. Headwaters in Mount Mitchell to confluence with Nolichucky River, Fish, Geologic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife, Confluence with Haw and Deep Rivers to RM 144, approximately four miles above I-95 bridge. Its … There was much activity in the Shallow Ford area throughout the Revolutionary War. The dams; great care should be taken when paddling close to the dams, especially the base of Narrows where there is considerable current. Significant scenic and recreational values. Numerous rare plants occur within the gorge.

Scenic stream with streches of gentle rapids, oxbow islands, several high bluffs and impressive rock outcrops; spawning habitat for white bass.

The current population within the Yadkin Pee Dee River basin is about 1.6 million people in North Carolina, with an average population density of 222 persons per square mile . US64 roughly parallels the river and has been designated a USFS Scenic Byway. A single historical highway marker denotes the role it once played. Collettsville to confluence with Catawba River, Headwaters to northern boundary of Linville Gorge Wilderness. There are access sites along the length of the blueway. While the lakes of the Yadkin River are generally surrounded by housing developments and golf courses, Falls is not. PROVISIONAL DATA SUBJECT TO REVISION. This, combined with the lack of knowledge of the lake, keep traffic down to a minimum. There has been a great deal of disagreement among historians as to the route of the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia as it passed through North Carolina. Popular recreational trail with unique geological features and 150 foot cliffs; rare plant species; numerous historical features. Most of the eastern shore is a virtual drop-off from dry land. Habitat for rare bog turtle and wetland-bog plant communites. Because of this modified design, the ramp is not designed for trailered boats, and a bollard is in place at the top of the ramp to block vehicular access. Headwaters west of Troy to confluence with Uwharrie River. Headwaters in Standing Indian basin near NC-GA State line to backwaters of Nantahala Lake. Small mountain stream that flows entirely within Harmon Den Wildlife Management Area. Interestingly, Falls Reservoir rests atop what was once known as the "Narrows of the Yadkin" which was a notoriously rough section of the river. Significant fishery, cultural, and recreational values. 18: Flooding of the parking lot at Crater Park begins. The Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin is the cradle of civilization in the Carolinas.

John & Stephanie Anetrella launch their kayak into the Yadkin River, shortly after the completion of renovations to the Donnaha Public Fishing Area. Isolated stream bordered by swamp forests; habitat for variety of flora and fauna. Ghost town of Runion located on Big Laurel Creek. Essentially primitive shoreline; excellent game fishery. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Victor M. Seiders, for his expertise on the geology of the Shallow Ford; Al Hudson and Kyle Stimson, for their expertise on Colonial roads and the Shallow Ford area. Follow Falls Rd through town and the boat landing is 2 miles down on the left. Rocky whitewater stream wtih steep gradient and numerous boulders. There is easily enough to explore for a day trip and even an overnight trip could be rewarding. Here, evidence of 12,000 years of activity documents the history of Native Americans in the Southeast. There were two early settlements near the Shallow Ford. Park has 1.25 miles of hiking and biking trails to use. Available data for this site Click to hide station-specific text This station is … According to tradition, there was a rock, known as the ford rock, by which the level of the river could be gauged. Remote float stream that flows through Bladen State Forest. Geologic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife, Other, Headwaters north of Roaring Gap to confluence with Mitchell River, Headwaters approximately two miles above State Road 1413 Bridge to confluence with Cape Fear River.

Considered eligible for study because of outstanding values on section of river in TN such as waterfalls and wild whitewater. Natural, scenic corridor area abounding in flora.

In 1917, Narrows Dam was completed forming Badin Lake and later (I can't remember the date) Falls Dam was completed thus creating Falls Reservoir. Headwaters north of Grandfather Mountain to TN State Line. From confluence with Gallberry Swamp to RM O, confluence with Lumber River at Lumberton. Cultural, Fish, Historic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife, US highway 25 to confluence with French Broad River. Cultural, Fish, Geologic, Historic, Recreational, Scenic, Wildlife, NC 73 Bridge to confluence with Pee Dee River and Blewett Falls Lake. There are a few special considerations when paddling Falls: The land to the east of Falls is Uwharrie National Forest aside from the shoreline near Narrow's Dam which is ALCOA owned. When the Yadkin was at normal or low levels, its depth at the Shallow Ford was about 18" or less. Unusually high diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates. About five miles to the east, a settlement documented in the 1770s later became the town of Lewisville. Blackwater stream with outstanding wildlife values, endangered flora, and extensive recreational opportunities. Headwaters in Sherwood Wilderness Management Area to confluence with West Fork of Pigeon, Confluence with Ramsey Creek to confluence with Meherrin River. The South Yadkin River is a river that flows through Alexander, Davie, Iredell, Rowan, and Wilkes counties of North Carolina. Cultural, Fish, Historic, Scenic, Wildlife, Headwaters to confluence with Owl Camp Branch. There are multiple accommodations in Badin and Albemarle. RM 19, near Winsor to Albemarle Sound and NC 45 bridge. About a mile west of the Shallow Ford, Charles Hunt established the town of Huntsville in 1792.

Boaters using the Donnaha PFA will have to launch and take out there, as navigation obstacles above and below the PFA will prevent small boats from reaching the other access areas. Small remote mountain stream affording variety of recreational values; upper reach in Pisgah National Forest. It has been rumored that it held some of the best whitewater in NC. Small coastal stream that supports excellent fishery. From Albemarle, NC take HWY 740 towards Badin. Scenic mountain stream with many overhanging rocks and bluffs. Significant falls. Known as the Cullasaja Gorge, it has three well-known waterfalls. Number of rare or endemic Southern Appalachian plant species. High probability for archeological sites. Scotland/ Robeson County Line to Back Swamp Rd. Widespread lowland flooding along the river. Linville Gorge in southern part of Grandfather Mountain Window has complex sequence of rocks emplaced by two overriding splay thrust sheets.

Any remaining gaps in web display are being filled at this time. God's Country Outfitters in Albemarle is available to supply paddling needs, canoe and kayak rentals and guided tours of Fall's Reservoir. Water quality and fishing are excellent. Nantahala Powerhouse and lake to Lake Fontana. Very scenic and unique coastal plain blackwater stream. Merchants Millpond to confluence with Chowan River. Headwaters northwest of Glenola to confluence with Uwharrie River. The exposure of ancient rocks produces some of the most spectacular scenery in western North Carolina. It may seem strange or unlikely that a place like this exists in central NC but it is absolutely true. Thermal springs are unique to NC. Nantahala Gorge is most extensive formation in southwestern NC of limestone and Murphy marble. Don't Drink and Drive, Careers At The Wildlife Resources Commission. GPS coordinates are 36.216, -80.434. A solid rock base, with a gravel bar over it, a hundred feet wide and three hundred from bank to bank, and averaging less than three feet deep, Inspiring scenery rich in diversity of flora. Wow! The W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, High Rock Lake, Tuckertown Reservoir, Badin Lake, and Falls Reservoir are all located on the Yadkin and Pee Dee Rivers. Confluence with Hogans Creek to VA State Line.

There are only two access points to the lake, one on each side of the southern end of the lake. Churton Street in Hillsborough to Roxboro Road (US 501). The Yadkin Pee Dee River Basin covers more than 7,200 square miles of the Carolinas.

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