Heap, Okta and Front have bit for the alpha. Israel Countries represented: 26 countries (36% of the S20 companies were based outside the U.S.) That’s not always practical, as these CTOs found out in their own companies – so they built this tool to perform data collection internally using an open source core. – Post-COVID world, including online communities and creators, edtech, remote tools, and delivery solutions for retail and restaurants So, a little over $2 per charge, if we can divide accurately. Aiming to be the “Impossible Foods of seafood”, they’re making a plant-based raw tuna replacement. Think of it as a smarter way to answer burning questions, without having to mine through old Slack conversations for the latest updated information. : “We’re like a blood bank, but for poop.” It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that! It will be much the same as every other batch. It helps you piece together video clips from screen and camera recordings, currently sporting 100 weekly users. thndr.app, quell.tech It’s a crowded market but with HQ Trivia’s former head of product and some solid creators they may be able to slice off a piece of that $3B market. – Developer tools, including no-code tools Summer 2020 Demo Day (Apply to Attend) Where. Due to the COVID-19 situation the Winter 2021 batch will be remote. An accelerator like YC can be just as nimble as the startups it receives. Working with 8 enterprise pilots. Y Combinator sees 5x jump in Indian startup applications for its summer batch 2020. GitDuck: A video chat tool built specifically for developers. The founders of other YC-funded companies tend to be especially helpful. For review, here is "the truth about .US": https://onlinedomain.com/2020/11/05/domain-name-news/us-live-town-hall/#comment-490842, Continuing the entertainment theme...... FakePresident.com expires next year but does not resolve. Didn't know our community was so vast. Decentro is still small, with around $1 million in gross transaction volume (GTV), and around $7,000 in MRR. Gregg just has some far-flung fantasy claim. : The founders of Mailwarm in their previous companies used email as their main line of communication with customers, but found that even “legit” marketing emails were relegated to the spam folder 20 percent of the time. The startup sells a small device that can be used during sex which they say can triple the chance of conception. it used to be a small pull, but looking at the list above .com investors need to think twice about renewing their marginal .coms – they may never sell as new domains continue to break ground and dominate. Many smaller Shopify sellers do not change their pricing at all. Y Combinator is accepting applications from startups for the Summer 2020 funding cycle. A B2B company meant to help fintech services categorize/label bank transaction data using methods they promise are more accurate and cheaper than existing solutions. The company says that their gel can double fat volume, potentially replacing the need for implants. : MilkRun is a service that connects folks in a city to local food products, like dairy and produce. We know that Intercom works, so let’s see what Papercups can do in its shadow. Akiflow: A command line-style tool for building quick shortcut commands across things like email, Google Drive, Slack, or Asana. OpenUnit is building management software to help self-storage facilities keep an eye on payments and customer accounts. Strive School is building a Lambda School for Europe, leveraging income-share agreements to train software engineers who don’t pay for the education until they get a job in the industry. Whether more folks love or hate them – doesn’t matter – mindshare of .com is eroding. “We want to make sure founders know that the YC Summer 2020 batch will take place.”, said the accelerator. Due to the COVID-19 situation the Winter 2021 batch will be remote. So your current 23 000 followers on twitter are all domainers? Italy : Legal work is slow, tedious, and expensive. Colombia The back office software suite is designed for self-storage facilities of all sizes and is aiming to help provide a highly specified backend that takes care of all the needs these customers have. KiteKRAFT’s first use case is micro-grids, small energy networks that are normally powered by diesel generators and/or solar energy. From small seeds, big trees. The company says more than 49M US women struggle with birth control side effects. Below are some stats about the YC Summer 2020 batch. Perhaps it’s Aquarium Learning. The founders started Bikayi after seeing family businesses using pen and paper to handle incoming orders online. These integrations can be further dialed in by the startup’s Teams product that allows engineerings teams to quickly access internal tools and share workflows. Tella: Tella is building a way to collaboratively edit video from a browser-based application. Hubble monitors a company’s data warehouse for errors and missing information, letting in-house engineers focus their time on other tasks. Once: A Shopify storefront optimized for mobile. Atmos is building a managed marketplace for homebuilding, connecting users that want to build a house with builders who can help them do just that and the financing to make it happen. getmatter.app Atomic has found some initial traction, with a few companies signed up that give it around $300M in AUM, providing the startup with $1.5M in ARR. Thanks. Don't worry, we speak : Fig is building an app store for the terminal that allows developers to access lightweight graphical interfaces for common integrations without leaving terminal. It will take place in Mountain View, CA from June--August 2020 . We know that Intercom works, so let’s see what Papercups can do in its shadow. People should take these comments with a grain of salt. companies with an exact match dotcom name blew away those without one. Hosts set their own price. Available on Windows/Mac. Germany The startup wants to make e-commerce more efficient. LendTable provides cash advance loans to cover the cost of financial employee benefits and takes payments in the form of a single profit-share payment down the line. I am not sure why there is a discrepancy, but I only looked at the 126 companies listed under S20 on the YCombinator website. The company says that their gel can double fat volume, potentially replacing the need for implants. Netherlands Construction companies cannot skimp out on a building’s structural design. It’s 2020 and a pandemic and a recession and parents have had to park kidlets with tablets on couches. startups present to a carefully selected, invite-only audience. It’s first product is a $1 COVID test on a disposable  cartridge. Layer: A developer tool that creates staging environments quickly so that developers can immediately see/compare/share the impact of code changes. Perhaps this is the obvious next step in that particular progression. Startup Directory. Kingdom Supercultures is using existing microbes to design new “microbial communities” with the goal of helping national food brands create foods that have never existed before. It’s a crowded market but with HQ Trivia’s former head of product and some solid creators they may be able to slice off a piece of that $3B market. No Win Scenario with TrumpTowerMoscow.com, The Domain Name is the Center of Everything, https://domaininvesting.com/we-have-always-lusted-after-the-dot-com/, 9 Candidates for 2021 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award, Loser.com: Back to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia Page, Other new gTLD (.School, .Run, .Tech …etc) – 10/125 =, Other ccTLD (.TV, .com.br, .in …etc) – 11/125 =. That’s a big take. Blissway doesn’t reduce demand like conventional toll tech but organizes it, which increases vehicle throughput and eradicates rush-hour congestion. The startup is licensing its technology to brands focused on healthy and sustainable food development.

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