This episode carries the viewer on a tour de force of the booming city that launched a baseball dynasty, a skyscraper boom, and the voice of a generation.Executive Producer: Sam KatzDirected by Andrew FerrettWritten by Nathaniel Popkin Editor: Rachel Sophia Stewart Associate Producer: Jonathan Kohl Co-Producers: Andrew Ferrett and Nathaniel Popkin Segment Producer: Wendy Cox Director of Photography: Paul Van Haute Original Music by Patrick De Caumette Sound Design: Dan La Porta Creative Director: Virginia Lasco Narration by Michael Boatman To see how our episodes align with School District of Philadelphia social studies curricula, open and DOWNLOAD the Year at a Glance documents below. Now, the city is at war with itself. Learn the real stories of iconic Philadelphians like Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, Thomas Paine, and Charles Willson Peale, and how their actions defined the Philadelphia, and nation, that would emerge. 1600 - 1680: A Lost World . Making Productions presents\"The Storm\"An Episode of \"Philadelphia: The Great Experiment\"Executive Producer Sam KatzDirected by Andrew FerrettProduced by Wendy CoxWritten by Devon McReynolds, Nathaniel Popkin \u0026 Andrew Ferrett Donate. Contact. SDP African American History Year At A Glance. As the city's physicians and civic leaders are fight back, they define our modern conception of public health, and establish some of the city's fundamental institutions that still operate today.Watch more at http://www.historyofphilly.comCheck out our website! Below are the Full Episodes from the video series Great Experiment from History Making Productions. As the largest and most diverse city in the colonies, Philadelphia attracts the powerful and passionate, and quickly becomes the headquarters for the American Revolution. Films. Who will fight? About. But a political machine keeps thousands of children working in the factories, too. For free educational materials, visit our website at 1900, Philadelphia welcomes the new century with a burst of energy. More. 1680 - 1720: In Penn's Shadow. Education. Introductory PowerPoint. SDP Gr5 YAG. Or for webisodes that correspond with our educational materials, click here. Click here for easy access to the full-length episodes of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. Once independence –and war—is declared, revolutionaries seek out Loyalists, who they see as dangerous, and traitorous. SDP Gr8 YAG. History Making Productions. SDP Gr4 YAG. For newly arrived Europeans and Black migrants from the South, it will take genius and grit to bend the old lines of power. Teacher Educational Materials. For free educational materials, visit our website at 2 of Philadelphia: The Great ExperimentPhiladelphia's population is decimated by an outbreak of yellow fever in 1793. Student Educational Materials. For free educational materials, visit our website at among Philadelphians rises with every new British tax, and with it, tension between the wealthy and working classes. As immigrants flow in, they find a metropolis of smoke and machines making every product under the sun. Watch more at out our website!

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