Your warden can either change him for the better, giving him the confidence to rule his empire, or make fun of him and leave him a hopeless drunk. Like Chief I have a couple of worst companions: DA:O it's a tie between Wynne and Alistair, Wynne is a holier than thou nag bot and exposed as a blatant hypocrite who won't admit she's wrong by the end of the game. There is only so much I can listen to Mjoil before I turn around and plant a two hander between the eyes. So many little hints about who he really is throughout the game. Everyone's favorite bisexual Spaniard elf is refreshing for how little he seems to care about everything that's going on. Velanna. A little too sexual perhaps, but I like how she was not Angsty or uptight like everyone else in the freaking game. Kasumi is a fun character and has unique powers. This particular quest is often missed by players, but doing so will unlock the Valammar dungeon area. 1. This roguish charmer is a companion in both Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can barely even talk to him before the final mission begins. A trail of clues begins, but you can skip to the final three, as below. Hmmm, that's actually a hard question in terms of worst companion for DA:O. I never play male characters, and I have almost considered making one just to play his romance. I love exposing her blood thirsty side in her loyalty quest. A giant golem that hates pigeons, with a Harvey Fierstein voice. I guess I'm a bit of a masochist. He's super crass and disgusting, and can make some very gross comments to the female companions. He just has so much drama in his relationship with Lavellan, and the revelation about his identity was amazing. With each having such unique attributes and benefits, it can be difficult to know which the best companions are. Dorian was a really fun personality but I just didn't like him as much as the two above. Her personal mission involves you helping her kill her own daughter, which is weird but ends up being very cool. combine that with weak attempts at comic relief and you have irritation central. Alistair will openly discourage some of the player's choices and is generally a bit of a wet blanket. Also if you haven't figured it out by yourself by now, I do dislike elves and mages, but that's because in most franchiseselves are the "glorious" ancient race that somehow lost their grace (mostly because human uprising) and that most (NPC) elves I encounter in games are just arrogant,prideful and extremely short-sighted and I hate those character traits on human beings. I chose Iron Bull because he provides more incite into the Qunari and a good counter to Sten. Morrigan is one of the most recognizable characters from the Dragon Age franchise. I hate Orlais too and I thought his choice at Ostagar was right. 4-Oghren(most trusted, loyal as drunken friend and bodyguard what Warden was ever have, he deserve medal of honor more than many), 7-Nathaniel(the last Howe who try to kill my Warden who was saved Ferelden was executed and noone could claim Amarantine Arl from Warden now), ..mostly i like almost all of DAA companions, miss option to romance Velanna and Sigrun. Similar to Varric, only he couldn't pick locks when you get him, and he required a lot more micro-managing to make him effective. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment in Bioware's popular action-RPG franchise Dragon Age. She's just there. So I decided to kill her. Both have the character problem of being completely naive about the outside world AND OH BY THE WAY they're also super-cunning geniuses who always come out one step ahead. I killed her too. Though Isabela appears in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition, she is only a recruitable companion in Dragon Age 2. Sebastian was a lame, preachy, uninteresting git who was a weaker Varric. 35. After playing through all 3 of the Dragon Age … He he. It’s pretty awesome. He's just such a great character, who can't help but love him. The Rifts in the Mire quest is about sealing the fade rifts, but there are some set things you have to do if you want to recruit Sky Watcher as an agent for the Inquisition as part of that quest. Shale. Fenris. Give everyone the chance not just some fanservice for the "elite". All he wants to do is hang out and stab people. He also adds a lot to the series' lore just by his presence, fleshing out details regarding the Tevinter Imperium and providing an outsider's perspective on the land of Ferelden. 33. He is a Grey Warden that you come across in the Hinterlands, training men to defend themselves. After many hours of "research" spent playing the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games over and over and over again, we feel well qualified to offer our definitive rankings of the 43 different companions these six games have to offer. Additionally, you can only get the best result from this quest if you have Cassandra in your party, as she is the only one who can convince Tanner to join the Inquisition as an agent.

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