Ans: French fries, gravy, cheese curds, Q. Q. Ans: Vietnam, Q. Which berries are used to give gin its flavor? Ans: Green, Q: What is the name of the tree which gives us prunes? a) Spicy meal Q. Looks like we’ve become a nation of quiz obsessives, so I thought why not combine it with our other two great loves – food and travel – and come up with the World Food Trivia Quiz. Ans: Peking duck, Q. b) Green Salad Food Trivia Questions and Answers. What is the name of the most popular dish in Korea? Ans: China, Q. What are the main ingredients of Masala Dosa? Q. History Trivia Questions – 300+ Questions and Answers, 50+ Football Trivia Questions with Answers. Q. How long does it take for honey enter the bloodstream when swallowed? Q. Ans: Coo-Coo and Flying Fish, Q. Q. Which famous liquor is made from the blue agave plant? Ans: Japan, Q. What is the name of a ripe Banana colour? Ans: Jalebi, Q. If your answer is later, then gear up since you’re about to take a flavorsome food trivia quiz game. What nut is traditionally on the Waldorf salad? All types of Dairy products are generally made from what liquid? What is the national dish of Greece? Ans: Afghanistan, Q. With food being such an essential factor of our much-celebrated and memorable beanfeasts, it’s logical that we have an insight into the nitty-gritty and basic knowledge about food. Q. Ans: England, Q. Your Go-To Website for Games & Activities for All Ages. Which food can be used in the process to make dynamite? Either you like Western food, Asian food or Chinese food, you must know about the food before eating. Ans: Sauerbraten (pot roast), Q. Ans: Green, Q. c) Sea Food What are the main ingredients in Fish and chips dish? Q. Ans: Chicken tikka masala, Q. Ans: Hamburger, Q. Ans: Bread, curry, Q. Q: What nutty legume accounts for one sixth of the world's vegetable oil production? Q. Which spirit is fermented and distilled from sugar cane? Q. When the first outbreak of tooth decay in Europe took place? Ans: Beef, vegetables (such as carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, onions), cartilaginous meat (oxtail, marrowbone), Q. We've compiled the perfect list trivia questions for all you foodies out there! d) All of These, Q. a) Normal water Do we know the great persons behind the inventions of food items such as pizza, hamburgers, and ice cream cones? d) All of these, Q. Ans: Apple Pie, Q. Ans: Hungary, Q. What are the main ingredients of the Poke dish? Not only that, but they will also help you in finding the traditional as well as the official food of different place while traveling. b) Vegetarian Food Ans: India (South India), Q. The average person eats eight pounds of grapes each year. Ans: Red, Q. To honor our love for food, we have come up with mouth-watering food trivia questions & answers quiz to get your stomach grumbling. Q. The food making Television shows and the competitions are also very popular in all the regions of the world. What are the main ingredients of the Bunny chow dish? What is the only important vitamin not found in the white potato? We’ll be the judge of that! A: Campbell's. Hic-ups can be cured by dry swallowing one teaspoon of sugar. For more details kindly read our complete Disclaimer page. What nation produces two-thirds of the world’s vanilla? Where is the origin place of Salsa dish? Ans: Feijoada, Q. In which country the Guinness beer was first brewed in? Ans: White rice, Q. How many different flavors of jelly beans exist? What is the name of a ripe papaya colour? About how many gallons of water does it take to grow one ear of corn? Q: What company first condensed soup in 1898? What ingredient in bread causes it to rise? What is the English national dish? Ans: Valencian Community, Spain, Q. Ans: Wiener schnitzel, Q. d) All type of meal, Your email address will not be published. Q. Ans: Bulgogi, Q. Ans: Ackee and saltfish, Q. Q. Which food can be turned into diamonds by scientists? In which century was tea first brought to Europe? The fennel leaves taste like which food item? Learn more facts about what we eat with these food trivia questions and answers, including certain brands, ingredients, name meanings, and more. Q. Food Trivia Questions and answers Printable for Kids: Q. What food item was invented as a hair remover for women by the Arabs? The name of the only cereal grown standing in water is? What colour is a raw tomato? Which food item is the first most selling spice in the world? What is the name of the national food of the USA? Ans: seafood and vegetables, Q. What is the name of a ripe apple colour? Which types of sweet substance made by the bees? Ans: Corn, Q. Ans: Yellowfin tuna, sea salt, soy sauce, cinnamon, sesame oil, limu seaweed, chilli pepper, Q. What the name of the traditional dish of Jamaica? Ans: Korea, Q. What are the main ingredient of Pot-au-feu dish? What food item caused the first outbreak of tooth decay in Europe, in the1500’s? What edible comes in morel, oyster and wood ear varieties? The words ‘Appellation controlee’ indicates the wine of which origin? We celebrate our love for the food and we also wanted to have something different and new. We love eating delicious food and always ready to try a new recipe. Q. What is the main ingredient in Paella dish? Therefore, we provide you a source of getting more information about the facts and history of the world in this post. Which food gets stolen the most in the world? What is the process that rids food, specifically milk, of bacteria? What country saw the cultivation of the first potato, in 200 A.D.? Ans: Yellow, Q. What is the national food of China? What is the third name for a groundnut or monkey nut? What is the name of a raw Avocado colour? Ans: vinegared rice, Q. c) Butter and Bread Ans: Ireland, Q. Q. b) Non-spicy meal Most of the peoples already known how to cook simple types of food but most of the peoples don’t know how to cook some special types of recipes. Q. What is the main ingredient in Chilli crab dish? Q. Under what name did the Domino’s Pizza chain get its start? Ans: Pork, prawns, vegetables, bún, bánh tráng. Food Trivia Questions & Answers What is the name of the first pizzeria to open in the United States? Q. Ans: Meats, vegetables, cheese, Q. Who is the founder of Pizza Hut? Which types of food do you like in the dinner? What is the name of the Guyana national dish? Ans: Pepperpot, Q. Q. But, those peoples who are thinking they have enough food trivia knowledge then they can also check their food trivia knowledge by giving the answer of these following food trivia questions 2019-2020 or food trivia quiz for kids.

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