Come on guys, you can do better than this! 4 eps a week. Plus the writer has an extensive body of previous work and tonnes of script writing experience so this drama is gonna go off! Yayy Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won and Junho brilliant cast and storyline and after Money Flower I'm ready to see JH again and I love JRW in anything it doesn't matter what she is in and Junho because he's Junho from 2pm.

Yuri Mar 26 2018 8:38 pm Oh my! It's very watchable. Tsunade from phil.

If not then know about him then you'll understand what the commentator was saying.

Jac May 22 2018 8:24 am Some IDOL can act but not all of them can act well.

Don’t waste your time, especially if you are quarantining at home looking for something to watch. There are no old or left over women or men, there is hope for all these people . Linda Jun 26 2018 1:22 pm

pearl May 31 2018 2:41 am Totally Dislike This! Time flies while watching this drama cause it's sooo good. .. The chemistry and bromance with his gang is also admirable. I never tought I will like a food drama, But I really enjoyed this.

Another predictable boring love story.

It would have been nice to see Chil Seong with the Vet, and to see the mother's heart change towards Poong, and to see Poong and Sae Woo married.

Next! Male lead is Jun Ho. Very unorthodox rule if it is real. He made like he was entitled to be with her. I agree that the ending felt a little bit incomplete but it doesn’t ruin the whole drama. 4 Episodes for week? To ensure your vegetables don’t get under or overcooked, add longer cooking vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots, to the wok first. Was it just me?

I'm pretty sure Jang Hyuk is going to get first billing.

Not for me atleast. It's enjoyable yes. Mysterious Old Woman was acted by the same person Park Ji-Young I didn't even see that coming because of her role in Moon Lovers. Awwwwww.

Cooking oil, such as peanut, canola, or grapeseed, Aromatics, such as diced onion, garlic, and chilies, Protein, such as meat, seafood, or tofu, cut into bite-sized pieces, Sauces and liquids, such as wine, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, broth, or coconut oil, Garnish, such as green onions, toasted spices, or nuts, A spatula, serving plates or bowls, and eating utensils. i loved Jung Ryeo Won's acting in History of a Salaryman and Lord of dramas. Both of them have different types of charisma. Just curious.. Where is this coming from? whats up the villain?

Mal Apr 01 2018 7:27 am He won the Best Actor award last year, even tho he's still considered a rookie.

Relationship development does not make sense at all. Daiby Santos May 09 2018 3:53 pm Anyway, I hope the ratings go up, but I will put this on hold for now. BUT.. it's still quite enjoyable and funny. am I the only one that thinks the male lead acts like Just Chang wook and jung ll woo? Diane Dec 14 2018 3:34 pm I love the story and also Sae Woo’s room.. mrs. Lee May 23 2018 2:02 am This is a drama that is so outlandish in concept and execution that you either love it or hate it. I hope he declines. I enjoyed the drama from start to end despite some flaws and unresolved issues in the storyline.

lizzie baby Jul 10 2018 11:59 am This has to stop. Add the quirky Jung Ryeo Won to the mix and it becomes an amazing delicious dish! We even don't know how significant his part will be. Wish there were little more Bromance tho bc I loved his scenes with Janghyuk too.

I'm not sure what is all the fuss about who is first lead or second or who gets the girl.

Chil seung be a guardian for both of them. Use a cloth to rub the oil into the surface of the wok, and wipe away the excess before storing. The pairing is obviously RyeoWon x Jang Hyuk. @@N May 20 2018 1:15 pm

Amid the current public health and economic crises, when the world is shifting dramatically and we are all learning and adapting to changes in daily life, people need wikiHow more than ever. Be very careful when seasoning or cooking with your wok.

(i'm not anti for JH). BUT... With this annoying. Hell gone lose Jul 11 2018 10:08 am looking forward to see you in another drama. All rights reserved. You don't necessarily have to season a non-stick wok, but you can. Since they brought the age closer. and you've got me mesmerised in the characters you portrayed. Meanwhile, Dan Sae-Woo (Jung Ryeo-Won) is a young woman who had a wealthy father.

It has nothing to do with Junho. @Adi : Jun Ho can act very well, you can try watch him in Chief kim (he is not any lessen than Nam Goong Min) or his latest drama, Just between lover. @JraraK Don't bring up that drama. Sometimes there is no romeantic relationship. I think this page needs an update the Hotel Giant staff aren't very prominent supporting characters but Park Ji Young's and Lee Mi Sook's characters are. JunHo is even better in Rain or Shine and Confession; has a terrific future because he’s super gifted. Her character suppose to choose chil-seong not Seo Poong. neptune Jun 04 2019 10:10 am And For those who still hesitate to watch this drama, u will regret later... wkwkwk peace... jhsjs May 30 2018 11:59 am KHJ looks like Ko Gyung-Pyo. Main male lead should be frustrated with him but later it gets ok all of a sudden, I hate the female lead, she rejects the second lead, and the chemistry starts with the male lead so late and its lame!

His acting is exceptional, wonderful singer, great songs composer , best dancer ever. Ok, it makes sense that she hates him, but forcing Poong to leave her daughter simply because he’s not rich enough, while Poong is working hard to earn. It's funny yes. I am looking forward for another glutonuous session with junho here. Don't worry. By using our site, you agree to our.

If you don't like a drama, just stop watching it. This has got to be the dumbest drama I have ever watched. Really love the chemistry <3

I didn't quite like her acting before, but she's excellent in this role. These days I find bromances in Kdramas more entertaining than other pairing. I don't know about the lead actor who you say is an idol, but don't judge a person's abilities by it's cover. References Im so disappointed..I like the cast but the storyline is terrible! On the contrary JH fans have been called 'petty', 'cancerous' and so on. I’m guessing she’ll end up with the chef, even i really wish she’ll end up with mr.light.

I know its just the beginning but i’m loving it already! Lee Shi Young Mar 22 2018 10:29 am Neatpick Apr 16 2018 9:13 pm I watched these dramas and movies; Yoana is a great actress.

But that's me.

im going to watch this because ajjushi (jang hyuk) is here. Jang Hyuk & female lead main reason for watching JH too good to be a second lead he is JH he can not "not" get the girl but I'm a few eps behind on ep 20.

Does this even make sense??? So many scenes in this drama made drama absolutely no sense. Watching this drama/any drama i was trying to find out who were the Dark Triad people in it - it is not always easy to do that. Doo Chil is more charming than Seo Poong, its kinda not realistic if Dan Sae-Woo love interest is Seo Poong.

janghyuk always attractive as always.. he is really cute in this drama and it's reminds me of him in fated to love you AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

@rosiana @N May 20 2018 10:35 am This drama, i love all 3 leads, story line ok. Momo Jun 10 2018 10:31 am :). I was waiting for 23 & 24... June 25??? I'm curious how it goes when he plays second fiddle. GWXNXX Apr 16 2018 12:44 am Comedy, romantic, family, action scene. Wacting this drama because of Jung Ryeo-Won her acting is just funny and interesting to from the Witch court to this drama, ms greentea May 31 2018 10:09 am I can't wait for him to blow away all the naysayers. See you on their next projects. Cindy Ong May 08 2018 8:50 pm So this means Wok of Love is actually less than 20 hour. No, it wasn't based on fan votes lol it was from KBS drama awards for Chief Kim. Yes this drana might have 3 lead character but I don't like joon ho acting....that's my view and I have a right to do so.

This is another korean drama on my watchlist. This drama now seems to me like a season2 of Temperature of love with same plot and same drama. Sharon May 31 2018 2:04 am IKR. Guiltypleasure May 21 2018 10:47 pm He's probably the best thing about this drama. Ozmm Mar 26 2018 4:23 am

@wok of laugh I agree with you. If he keeps going with the present pace then he'll make really big in the acting world too. Not only my opinion but in it's homeland. Elle Jul 04 2018 11:59 am shork Apr 18 2020 10:45 pm

Never find korean drama so interesting.

Chose young ones who can act.

So for this drama, i wish junho to get the girl. Stop being so trivial. :), Ann Joel Apr 25 2018 7:07 am

Writing is too sloppy. As a gangster he should make more roles like this. Love it!

Jang Hyuk was main lead in Slave Hunters but second lead got the girl. All other actors are doing great, too imo. Hope it will be the same in this drama. @Guinevere May 31 2018 3:54 am Let's all be one big happy family.

Ada May 14 2018 10:32 am I wish the producer has extended the the episode to 40. He's also received praise from actors like Jeon Doyeon and Sol Kyung Gu who are legit A-listers. Also Jang Ryuk and Jung Ryeo Won as the OTP for this drama what a clinch ❤️. Rastine Mar 22 2018 1:32 pm I love this drama....two thumb for all players.

Jang Hyuk must have reason to do so. Cannot wait for more episodes. That's normal, isn't it ? By the way she also had the same type conflict in her other work. Jung Ryeo Won what a score! Good to see that hyuk had another rule to be a character, Ozmm Mar 23 2018 11:06 am I think three main characters will get equally importance in the drama.

i love the chemistry of the 3 leads.

Before you season the wok, it’s a good idea to ventilate your space. Claim your business to immediately update business information, track page views, and more!

Hotelier Mar 21 2018 7:18 am

K May 19 2018 12:58 am And also his chemistry with Jang Ryeowon is great too, they really portrayed very natural skinship, didn't seem awkward at all. I want them together for rhis episode!! Get directions.

Fcking. All the media articles wrote his name first, followed by Jung Ryeowon and then Junho.

The writer is lazy. All the characters are awesome even the lead roles ...just got pissed wen she turned don chil seong to money-zone guy and was always been rude and nasty to him...kissing him and breaking his heart and now remembering she likes the other guy..that quite unfair JH in a comic role :)!! Lee Joon Ho and Jang Hyuk in one drama. Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook, again?

Alia Alaa May 26 2018 8:44 am Never the less, it was awesome; it would be so nice to just add one more episode.

Wow well done for all the actors and crews. Junho stole scenes from the comedy god Namgoon Min in Chief Kim, and tore our hearts out in JBL.

I'm Jung Ryeo Won's fan. She is so cute in all the dramas she acted. Love Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won, Ona Apr 27 2018 12:52 am Or anyone know how or why that is? I really want to watch this because come on its Jang Hyuk ( yall he's one of the best actors out there no kidding) and JunHo (i recently watch Chief Kim, its one of the best kdrama out there) Gororo Jul 04 2018 9:43 am

Excited for this, he’s so cute!

So the Leading Man here is Junho not jang hyuk because its said on the plot Drama series follows Seo Poong's attempts at survival, food and love.

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