The resulting collection of aromas and tastes bears little resemblance to Wok Hei. generation, Removable flame heat transfer regulating apparatus including an inner hollow shell and outer wall incorporated with a burner having improved burner ports for a gas stove, Removable flame heat regulating apparatus including an inner hollow shell and an outer wall for a burner of a gas stove, Cooking range with interchangeable grate and wok ring, Adapter for elevating an accessory above a stove heating element, Apparatus for supporting Asian WOKS on modern kitchen ranges, Multiple unit wok apparatus including lids, Device for increasing the efficiency of cooking on gas stoves, SELF-CLEANING BURNER COVER, ESPECIALLY FOR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES, Heat concentrator for use with cooking utensils, <- Previous Patent (Method and apparatus...).

wok rings better than this? Thank you for such a good and lengthy response! A first alternative embodiment has a hollow collar so that a dead air space interiorly of the collar-like device provides an additional thermal barrier. La spedizione di solito viene effettuata entro 5 giorni lavorativi dalla ricezione del pagamento. One of the main problems with the use of the wok in Western kitchens is that it does not adapt well on electric and gas ranges. The means to rest on and straddle the radial array of cooking vessel support members 71 of the stovetop grate 70 above the gas jet 50 on the stove top comprises a continual array of break-away tabs 31 around the entire edge of the bottom support opening 34, each of the tabs 31 equal in width to a radial cookware support member 71 of the stovetop grate 70 so that a series of spaced tabs around the bottom support opening can be broken off to create a series of bottom notches 32 in the bottom support opening 34 to match each of the radial cookware support members 71 of the stovetop grate so that the wok support is removably secured on the top of any of a wide range of sizes of stovetop grates by each notch 32 straddling one of the radial cookware support members 71 of any of the stovetop grates 70, as shown in FIG. U.S. Pat. The Leading Distributor of Restaurant Supplies and Equipment. I had it made so when I'm walking to the cooking site from the truck the propane tank could sit on the side. U.S. Pat. Focus on Wok Burners. 1 is a broken perspective view of the combination universally adaptable wok support and flame focusing ring of the present invention showing the ring around the gas jet and the wok support straddling the radial cooking support members of the stovetop grate with the focused jet of flame hitting the bottom center of the wok held in the optimum cooking position by the wok support; FIG. In FIGS. Within the body member is an inner inwardly curved deflector for directing the heat, the upper opening of which has a series of radially spaced projections that disperse the heat evenly on the bottom of the pan. No. 3 is a side elevational view of the flame focusing ring of FIG. The wok support has break-away tabs all around the bottom edge so that a tab can be broken off to match each of the radial support members of the stove grate so that the wok support is removably secured on the top of the grate by each notch straddling one of the grate arms. 1 with the flame focusing ring positioned around a gas jet, showing the upwardly and inwardly focused gas jet flame produced; FIG. The structure features two components: a top ring of a substantially circular shape upon which sits a wok; and a base ring having a substantially circular shape that removably rests on the burner cylinder. 1. In this manner, the bottom surface of the adapter ring will typically rest partially on the element and partially on the spans between portions of the element. A great buy at a great price! In a typical stir-fry recipe, the cooking time is three to five minutes, or less. D250,931, issued Jan. 30, 1979 to Pierce, provides the ornamental design for a gas saving grate. No. Wok Flame Focus Ring for Chinese Stir Fry Quality Burner! Questa inserzione è stata chiusa dal venditore perché l'oggetto non è più disponibile.

The present invention relates to gas burner attachments and particularly to a wok support ring which straddles a stovetop grate and a flame concentrating ring with an inwardly curved upper wall portion and air inlet vents at its base for encircling a gas burner and directing the flames upwardly and inwardly to the focus on the bottom center of a wok. The bottom of the adapter may be provided with anti-slip protrusions which prevent the adapter from sliding on the top of the range element. This ring fit my 14" wok perfectly and provided much-needed stability on my propane burner. Soup is more about overloading the wok in most cases. The alternate heating methods are less than desirable since they force the user to abandon the range top, the most commonly used cooking area in the kitchen. Once you know what you like there is a handy stability trick. 4 is a perspective view of the wok support of FIG. U.S. Pat. Passing through oil is a low temp deep fry for protein. No. The primary advantage of the present invention is that it provides a focused flame on the bottom center of the wok to deliver the high heat temperature necessary for flash-flame cooking. Their heat control thermostats are not sensitive enough for the quick temperature changes stir-frying demands. No. The chemistry only works, however if the burner has enough power to bring the surface of the wok to peak temperatures well above the boiling point of water. The collars may have several peripherally disposed vents. During the operation of the gas burner the exact measured amount of the secondary air is admixed directly to the base of the flame, thereby highly efficient and complete combustion process characterized by high-elevated temperature is achieved. U.S. Pat.

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