Why Starbucks Is Closing All Its Teavana Stores Starbucks is shuttering all 379 Teavana stores, most by next spring. Much of the best quality tea out there comes from smaller to medium sizes companies, in our experience, but it’s worth noting that ‘best’ is subjective. The complex world of specialty and herbal teas requires in-depth, ongoing training for store clerks who must understand the nuances of hundreds of tea and herbal tea origins, preparation methods and nuances. Starbucks' Teavana Fails to Thrive in Struggling Malls The company plans to close its Teavana stores but remains committed to tea. Whichever camp you fall into, there’s a time and a place for everything. Budding Products: Retailers Debut Winter Flavors, Wellness Blends and Cold Brew Sweet Teas Launched, Get to Know These Influential Tea Bloggers (They’re Making an Impact in the Industry), New Cuzen Matcha System Is Gaining Attention from Leading Chefs, Hoteliers, Iced Tea Success Story HTeaO Has Aggressive Expansion Plan. It is important to understand the Teavana closure is largely because of its many locations in high-rent shopping malls, many of which are experiencing long-term consumer traffic declines. Without herbal tea, the market is about 40 billion USD in size according to Statistica. The world’s leading specialty coffee chain was simply not able to unlock the keys to successfully merchandising and selling tea within Teavana’s retail locations. Starbucks managed to offer their coffee menu without too much changes, but will they also be able to do that with Teavana? Starbucks bought Teavana and found its original store concept limited. The booming eCommerce industry in the US obviously resulted in a mall apocalypse. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images). From the beginning, Starbucks never appeared to resolve Teavana’s woes. Written by teasenz. Tea lovers really care about transparency, terroir, processing methods and natural flavours. At such a huge scale, it’s not always easy to keep the quality at its peak, especially when you start dealing with big corporations, shareholders, and so on. Experienced tea drinkers will know that they’re paying for the branding and packaging. In 2016 the company also decided to accelerate the brand in Asia. We’re not going to pretend that Teavana or Tazo Teas are the absolute best brand of tea on earth. However, any brand has to convince this community of tea drinkers to built a reputation online. It’s easy to read more into the Starbucks decision regarding Teavana than is prudent. Some see the up-sale mentality as being a bit predatory to people who don’t know a lot about loose leaf tea or about some of the other options out there. For most people, this is probabally old news, but I hadn’t noticed this until recently. Why did Teavana fail? The coffee chain dreamed big and announced in 2014 that it was ready to conquer the 90 billion dollar tea market. The group this autumn will publish its latest B-to-B tea industry report, which covers the rise of multi-unit retail ventures focused upon specialty tea. However, it’s hard for them to diversify given that other competitors such as Davids Tea and local tea shops have a similar offering at a much lower price. Consumers consistently complained about Teavana clerks being overly pushy or under-educated about tea. A Review! Most likely Teavana teas will be offered through Starbucks. For some, ‘best’ means you can run into the grocery store and pick up a tin of Twinings for a few bucks and be on your way. Starbucks have plans to push the Teavana brand into Asia. The management, however, won’t give this idea a try. To avoid such an unpleasant environment, people rather order online. Teavana staff are trained for fast conversion and purchases. See below our analysis: Tea isn’t coffee. 0. Yet, it’s fair to say that a coffee person is completely different from a tea person, representing a different kind of lifestyle. The question asked by many industry experts before—and after—the Teavana acquisition by Starbucks, was often: Who will become the Starbucks of tea? Consumers consistently complained about Teavana clerks being overly pushy or under-educated about tea. Starbucks has made some big moves into the world of tea over the years, including Tazo Tea along with Teavana. Teavana is mainly in the tea blend business offering tea blended with other ingredients. Recently, it was announced that Starbucks was going to be shutting down their Teavana retail locations. After all, how do you convince a Chinese to buy their own teas from a foreign coffee chain? If it’s a very fancy tea that catches your taste buds and suits you best, great. Sales at Teavana increased an industry-leading 12% last year due to enthusiastic consumer response for Teavana’s shaken iced tea and some new hot tea flavors like Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility. August 6, 2017. At last, they’ve also have strong competition from the bubble tea chains, offering highly tailoired and luxury iced teas. Traditionally, tea is bought in a fairly friendly environment. The company stated that they’re after a 90 billion dollar market. In fact, Teavana’s retail wrap-up comes at a time that tea festivals worldwide are booming, the medical establishment is heaping praise on tea consumption and a stream of new tea brands is emerging. Bromley Tea is a Family of Passionate Tea Lovers, Carrington Tea offers Simple Herbal Options for the Budget Conscious. See for example discussions on forums such as Reddit and Steepster. So what happened? They’ve to sell a lot of tea to break even. Yet there is little indication the soon-to-be-defunct retailer did much to raise consumer interest in tea. Starbucks went with Teavana for their stores over Tazo, with the Tazo Tea brand still being available in grocery stores and elsewhere, but as you may already know – things aren’t all peachy keen for Teavana anymore. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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