However, given the show's tendency to weave together multiple tales, is it not possible he could be both...? My only complaint it that he doesn't look very Herculean, and so far they have been very good at casting actors who fit the role. Or as David Anders tweeted: “Hello Fans all over the globe & Bulgaria! I joined, just so I could add my idea. After the new promo, it's obvious. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,,,,,, Dr. Whale's name is a reference to movie director, In the traditional Frankenstein stories, there is always an angry mob out to destroy Dr. Frankenstein's creation. Will future episodes feature Emma befriending Elizabeth Bennet and Jo March, then trying to reunite Romeo and Juliet? Viktor ventured into this mission after the loss of his brother, and was ultimately able to bring him back to life with the use of an enchanted heart. Yeah he could also be Monstro, Ahab, or perhaps even King Triton. While I agree that the name "Dr. Whale" most obviously points to Monstro (the whale from Pinocchio), I'm thinking he is Captain Hook, which still relates to the nautical theme. but i think everyone can agree with that David Anders fairy character will be with some british accent :). Regina later finds him in a painful and disheveled state, and then goes after Daniel himself. We know who Gepetto is and in the fairy tale world he had a son but where is he now? I think OUAT will do a goldilocks story as well as the elves and the shoe maker. Instead, he is busy ogling Ruby as she works on her waitress shift. Recalling Disney, Prince Eric was decieved by the Sea Witch and almost married her, but in the end true love won. ( Log Out /  Tagged Once Upon a Time, Who is Dr. Whale? As Dr. Whale drives out of town, David blocks all the line of cars while inspiring the townspeople with a speech to accept both their Storybrooke and Enchanted Forest selves. . Hmmm … I hadn’t thought of Triton. Also he knows David is a prince but David doesn't recognize him. He also tells her not even magic will bring her fiancé Daniel (Noah Bean) back to life. i think he's the father of Ariel,,, King Triton.. or maybe he's faking that he is a fairytale character in season 2 because he saw how the curse started in the real world.. How can the fairytale world get a big chunk of land on earth like that???.. The only "Whale" I know of right away is Monstro from Pinocchio. I don't know in english, but the boy who cries wolf is named Pedro in spanish, and the translation for that is Peter. I'm currently watching the episode right now where he brings back Regina's fiancée from the dead. Maybe Tinkerbell?and finally didn't David Anders tweet one time that we'd "never" guess his identity. We met James(husband of snow white) and Thomas(h. of Cinderella). […], Your email address will not be published. I also hadn’t considered that the Queen might be upset about someone other than a lover—that’s definitely something to think about. The producers said that after we know who he is, we'll be able to go back to the old episodes and we'll see clues to his identity. And, "Unlike most known characters in Storybrooke, Dr. Whale is not a native to the Enchanted Forest, but to another realm. ("Bleeding Through"), In labor, Mary Margaret is rushed to the hospital to prepare for delivery while Emma enacts a protection barrier to keep the Wicked Witch, Zelena, away. Don't know if as punishment for tricking the villagers he was punished in some way (turned into monstro?). He's not hook. OOMMMGGG YES he is frankenstein!!!!!! He is mr. Victor Franklin tine, he made his brother become THE monster Frankentein, there is a f-episode on season two... Easy: James Wale directed Frankenstein, Dr Wale is Dr Frankenstein. Hmmm . Learn how your comment data is processed. My theory is that Monstro hasn't always been a 고래 and, much like the Mirror, was once human and was transformed into a 고래 as punishment. Maybe Tinkerbell?and finally didn't David Anders tweet one time that we'd "never" guess his identity. « Lighthearted Librarian’s Weblog,,, A Day In the Life of the Lighthearted Librarian, Adventures and Misadventures in Online Dating, The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman. My first thought was Moby Dick or rather Ahab, but that tale doesn’t qualify as a classic fairytale and I highly doubt that direction. ("Save Henry"). I think he's Monstro (the whale that swallowed Pinoccio). Rather than condemn her to death, Regina imprisons Zelena. Interesting! I'm betting all my money on the guess that he's Captain Hook. Storybook doesn't necessarily mean fairy tale in my mind. Regina suggests to David that the resurrected Daniel is reliving his last thoughts and probably has gone to the stables. And going by his name, a giant whale would simply be to easy, though it is quite clear a name in Storybrooke has something to do with the fairytale counterpart. In "We Are Both" Whale asks about dating fairies. He gets swallowed by a whale and he's a know liar. I thought Gepetto was Hopper’s best friend? Didn't even thiunk of the beast. As a result, Mary Margaret does not feel very well and seems to have been intensely affected by the ghost. Producers have hinted that his identity will be revealed in Season 2, and the previews are playing up the captain everyone loved to hate. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. Suddenly, Leroy comes bearing bad news about what happens to a person when he or she steps out of town—their Enchanted Forest memories are lost. Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein approaches Prince Charming/David Nolan(Josh Dallas), who then punches him for sleeping with Snow White/Mary Margaret. He defends himself by saying that was at a time no one had their Enchanted Forest memories back yet. Dr. Whale confesses to Regina that he has brought Daniel back, but he has become a "monster." Obviously, that type of statement is only going to fuel the fire of speculation. He suggests Mary Margaret imagined things, and urges her go home to get some sleep. Whale could be taken to be 'wail' as in a wolf cry or 'wailing on people' which is slang for tricking and gossiping. Just my two cents! Worried, Emma calls Dr. Whale to check how the baby is. He was in the episode where Dr. Hopper was revealed as Jiminy Cricket. He thinks of himself as a monster and hideous.

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