Wilt Chamberlain played in a different era as he averaged over 45 minutes a game in his career. At age 26, Malone had a career-high 31.1 points per game. Wilkins often found himself averaging over 25 points in a season, and twice he managed to crack 30 points per game. He came close to a few rings, but Miller is one of the greats who never accomplished a title. He was known as "The Big Fundamental," dominating for nearly two decades on both ends of the floor with textbook simplicity, such as his midrange bank shot and perfect position defense. Bird led Boston to five NBA Finals and three championships with a blend of shot-making, passing and his feel for the game. Tom Rinaldi describes why Duncan's career embodies greatness. #22: Dirk Nowitzki is still chugging along in the NBA, but his time is coming to an end soon. His 2003-04 season was an MVP one, and he set a career high in points per game and rebounds per game. 1959-62 Philadelphia Warriors, 1962-65 San Francisco Warriors; 1965-68 Philadelphia 76ers; 1968-73 Los Angeles Lakers, Chamberlain was truly ahead of his time. #29: David Robinson is one of the block kings of the NBA, currently ranking 6th on the all-time list. During Carter’s time in Toronto and New Jersey, he averaged 23 points per game. A few more seasons, Thomas could have pushed his way up the leaderboard in assists. #3: In over 1,000 games played, Wilt Chamberlain averaged some ridiculous numbers. He also added defensively, averaging over one block per game. No surprise here as Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all-time, and he played most of his minutes at shooting guard. His time with the Knicks was part of a bright spot for the franchise, and gave them a core piece for about an entire decade. Garnett was a huge edge on both sides of the ball, and was named to the All-Defensive team 12 times. Hayes was in the league still when blocks were not counted, so he had five seasons with no recorded blocks, and still sits within the top 25 of all-time. James is now 5th in points all-time, and will not stop there. #16: Julius Erving has a couple of titles, although two came playing during the ABA years. Magic Johnson averaged 19.5 points per game in his career to go with the 11.2 assists he dished out on average. The … Havlicek played in a time where you were seeing around 40 minutes a night, which helped his overall numbers. Johnson revolutionized the game, entering the league as the tallest point guard in league history at 6-foot-9. Until LeBron James came along, Bird was hailed as the best small forward ever. #17: It is only a matter of time before we see Kevin Durant start to pass up some of the great scorers in the game. Find out more. Allen dominated across two decades of basketball, playing with some truly historic teams as well. Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain? Kareem was induced in the Hall of Fame in 1995 and was an all-star 19 times. Or write about sports? Robertson played his time with Cincinnati and Milwaukee, and was a part of that championship team with Milwaukee. Johnson is a Hall of Famer and won three MVP awards. The charismatic Johnson took the "Showtime" Lakers to nine NBA Finals, and they won five titles. He is also 8th overall in assists. Not only was Jordan prolific on the offensive end, but he also dominated defensively and averaged 2.3 steals per game. He'll forever be on the short list of players you'd want to take the last shot with the game on the line. He will go down as a great scorer that won’t ever get the recognition deserved. Dirk is the only active player to make it into our list, as the 19-year veteran has recently decided... 3. When steals were recorded, he finished with 2.0 steals per game in his career. Wade will go down as one of the best shooting guards over the last few decades and will be remembered as a Miami Heat legend. Erving is a 16-time all-star and a four-time MVP. -- Friedell, Michael Jordan's legendary NBA Finals performances (2:53), Ranking the top 74 players of all time: 10-1, Sources: Ball holds second workout ahead of draft, Sources: Raptors eye Tampa if travel restricted, Spurs asst. His numbers -- including scoring an NBA-record 100 points in a single game and averaging 50 points per game for an entire season -- are mythical. Kidd is second all-time in assists and steals. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Hard to find a ten year stretch of this time of dominance. #45: Reggie Miller is a Hall of Fame basketball player, and won’t be finding the way into the announcing Hall of Fame. Who Is The Best NBA Point Guard Of All Time? #32: Alex English will go down as one of the better scorers in the game, as he ranks 18th in points. Kareem also brought a title to Milwaukee, which is their lone one in organizational history. The easy answer is, no. We can debate LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan until we are blue in the face, but there is no arguing they are two world-class basketball players. He is a two-time NBA champ and counting, recently giving the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA championship. James is also heading into the top ten in assists, and is top 20 in steals. He was a four-time MVP, two-time NBA champion, and a seven-time scoring champ. He was an MVP in the 1992-93 season, and an 11-time all-star. #21: Walt Frazier was as cool as they come, and a strong scoring point guard during his time. Let’s appreciate the players that have played the game over the last several decades. Barkley in his prime was a menace on the glass, and often averaged over 20 points per game. Where do you start and end when ranking players? While we might see numbers like Iverson down the road, we will never see the combination with his personality. 40-11 | 5-on-5 debate, 1992-96 Orlando Magic; 1996-2004 Los Angeles Lakers; 2004-08 Miami Heat; 2008-09 Phoenix Suns; 2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers; 2010-11 Boston Celtics, The Hall of Fame center transformed the game with a combination of agility and explosiveness and size, the likes of which the league had never seen. He averaged 30.1 points per game. O'Neal became an All-Star 15 times and earned the 1999-2000 MVP award. Jordan goes down as one of the greatest of all-time, even though his fashion choices were highly questionable. The already two-time Finals MVP is destined for more. He won a record six MVP awards and was a 19-time All-Star. #41: It is weird to think Gary Payton’s championship win came in the 2005-06 season with the Miami Heat. He was also an efficient shooter, finishing with a FG% over 50%. He is a three-time NBA Champion and was the Finals MVP of that 2005-06 championship. The four-time MVP and three-time champion has reinvented how an athlete's prime should be viewed; he had the Lakers in the thick of a title hunt as a 35-year-old playing in his 17th season. -- Ohm Youngmisuk, The greatest winner in basketball history, Russell claimed 11 titles in 13 years by turning the Celtics into a defensive juggernaut. Playing from the age of 21 to 39, all with San Antonio, he is someone we will likely not see again. Chambers was an athletic freak at 6'10" and could often be seen gliding over defenders on a regular basis. Allen goes down as an excellent three-point shooter, sitting at 40% in his career. He was also a three-time Finals MVP to go alongside his five championship rings. #5: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the best to do it. Not a good trade by any means, as Leonard has developed into one of the best already. He is a versatile scorer, currently averaging over 25 points per game in his career. Dallas has themselves an iconic face of the franchise, staying there for nearly 20 years. The 1980s were a battle between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Malone is also 7th in overall rebounds and tenth in steals. New NBA Coaching Hire: Is Billy Donavan the Spark the Bulls need? "Mamba mentality" became more than a kitschy catchphrase after Bryant died; it is now a blueprint for how to chase your dreams. Bryant is a two-time scoring champ and will go down as one of the greats in terms of playoff production.

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