The reason for this is that the new graduates are updated students. Just take a look at those surveys, and I don't see CS slowing down anytime soon, so I would have to respectfully disagree with UCBALUMNUS. © Copyright 2020, © 2001-2020 All rights reserved worldwide. Not to mention the fact that the "tri-state area" is notoriously light on engineering careers to begin with (per capita), if I'm not mistaken. No need to misconstrue the points I am trying to make here. Civil engineering appeals to me but I struggle with math. It can certainly be part of a computer science program, but animation depends heavily on design principles, and it’s … Computer animation: this might seem like it’s part of computer science, but you’re more likely to find this in connection to graphic design programs. IT professionals get paid generously for their labor and employers are prepared to pay even higher salaries for college graduates. The reason for the aforementioned is because it's a region that I am familiar with. Change of Plans, Looking into Engineering... Can You Actually Earn an Engineering Degree Online? He was able to make the switch and is now a respected software engineer, but I think he really regrets not actually studying what he loved. You can choose from a wide range of topics such as security, software engineering fundamentals, computer vision, machine learning, and database management. He said that companies are hiring newly graduated students ALOT. I urge you to take a look at the surveys, before you decide to make baseless assumptions. How so? Computer engineering is a relatively new field of engineering. We can't wait to share it with you soon. IMHO, I can only speak for the tri-state area, based on career surveys of various universities that UCBALUMNUS has posted, CS seems to be owning every single Engineering major. Wrong. (And no, it only took me 4+ years. But they tend to lay off the old workers. Self-contradition? Michael Colin Short is a former Stanford admissions officer who’s coached students applying to college for the past decade. The basis of my argument is not, as you call it, "fairy tale opinions" but rather statistics and how yours are an extremely biased representation of the country as a whole. Computer engineering students learn to master robotics, pattern recognition, speech processing and so much more. University of Georgia Honors vs Georgia Tech for an Engineering Major. Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04,, Major Decision: Engineering Technology (ABET Accredited) vs Engineering (non accredited). Rather than I making a generalized statement, I've appealed to a source, which are career surveys. If better implies better pay, more opportunities, several offers upon graduation, then CS as of now, is 'better'. Based on our data, Google is the highest paying company in the computer engineering industry with employees earning an average of $124,000 per year, which is 21% higher than the average computer engineering salary in the United States. Most EE's, CivE, MechE's end up as either a)Software Engineers, b)Investment banking, C)unemployed because of oldies filling up the relatively little positions that open up. It's a fallacy on your part to assume that it's 1 percent of the graduating class, especially considering the fact that most of those surveys havea 70% response rate, that's a just a misinformed statement to make.

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