This would usually produce one or more files ending with .sty, perhaps some additional files. I don't use MikTeX portable, so I don't know if there are any special issues installing packages with it. Everything else is great though, very clear. @Kelle: Although installing tetex texlive via MacPorts is exactly what saurav recommended in an earlier Astrobetter post, I’m not suggesting the above conflict would result from an intentional port install of texlive. For this example, I’m going to call that file syllabus.cls. The description must begin with a date in exactly the format above and it should be the date the package was last modified. I currently have it in tex/latex/thesis. If you’re unfamiliar with AASTeX, a handy guide [PDF] comes included in the download. All class files should start with two lines similar to the following, which you should add in at the top of my_cv.cls now: The \NeedsTeXFormat commands tells the compiler which version of LaTeX the package is for. MacTeX ‘/usr/texbin/latex’ will only see personal files in ~/Library/texmf/ by default. In this series of blog posts I hope to guide you through creating your own custom class file and show you that it can be easy to format your CV exactly how you want. I’ll try it out and update the BibDesk post. Setting up your own class file . But when I try to use the document class, it says it can't find thesis.cls. This would be a useful piece of information to add to the post or the wiki — it’s not obvious that the folder shouldn’t necessarily already be there. Let’s put … The good news is that we can specify custom TEXINPUTS directories using the latexmkrc file, so that Overleaf knows it needs to search in that directory for the package files. First let me give credit where credit is due. Smith (adding AucTeX and RefTeX) here: to be quite useful. It took me quiet a while to realize what was the problem! A single system for managing all the software you need, complete with dependency tracking, automatic upgrading, and so on, seems like a great idea! For this example, I’m going to call that file syllabus.cls. MN2E is the package to use for submitting to MNRAS. Also, the script incorporates itself into my usual workflow (I always have a browser open) which makes it worthwhile to me. Any thoughts? What is the reason for the date of the Georgia runoff elections for the US Senate? A necessary part of my bibliography management is the little app ADS To BibDesk: Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. \documentclass{emulateapj}. It also configures how these commands affect the format and layout of the page. The package comes with BibDesk, TexShop (which everybody seems to love except me), as well as lots of other stuff. For inexperienced users of LaTeX, LyX is the best way to go, but for experienced users of LaTeX who are comfortable writing in a text editor it might not be for you. You can put style files in ~/texmf/tex/ and standard LaTeX distributions should find them. @Marshall On LyX, there is a comment button that will bring up a very bright yellow text box, rather than using %. @Johannes_B It worked when I put it under the same folder of, Where to put own document class .cls file for Tex Live 2016. Re: use a cls file in texmaker. Necessity of sudo while installing with dnf. Once ya’ll give this the once over, I’ll go ahead and add it to the LaTeX wiki entry which is fairly outdated at the moment.

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