We like it topping a decadent dessert of cream and fresh summer fruits. It is great on non-fat yogurt and banana, or in tea with a little lemon. 250g (8.8 oz), Mike's Hot Honey 24 oz Chef’s Bottle (1 Pack), Honey with a Kick, Sweetness & Heat, 100% Pure Honey, Gluten-Free & Paleo, Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16+, Unpasteurized, Genuine New Zealand Honey, Multi-Functional, Non-GMO Superfood, 17.6 Ounce, Les Ruchers du Mont-Ventoux Provence Lavender Honey – Made In France – Mildly Sweet & Bloomy Floral Taste – Golden Yellow Color – Natural Flavored Honey with Creamy Texture – Glass Mason Jar (250g), True Honey Tea Bags With Honey Granules, 24 Count (Lavender Lemonade), Yogi Tea - Iced Tea Variety Pack Sampler (4 Pack) - Mango Ginger, Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, Blackberry Apple Cider Digestive Awakening, and Honey Lavender Stress Relief Teas - 64 Tea Bags, Burts Bees Lavender & Honey Hand Cream with Shea Butter, 1 Oz (Package May Vary), Melville Candy Honey and Lavender Spoons [For Tea Lovers] Gluten-Free 6 Count, Mitica Wild Lavender Honey, 7 ounce (Pack of 1). This medium-strong honey has caramel sweet notes plus some acidity at the end. Healthy to the last drop. Littleover Apiaries Pure Lavender honey is produced in the lavender fields of France and Spain. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. $29.90 $ 29. And it's wonderful in a cup of hot tea with lemon to ward off the sniffles. These cookies do not store any personal information. Next time I will buy her the larger size. Warmed slightly, it’s a great drizzle for a sponge cake, or over roasted fruits such as peaches. This honey is produced by bees in hives that are situated in the lavender fields of France and Spain, at the time when the fields are in … Honey Feast - Raw Lavender Honey | from American Organic floral sources & Organic lavender flower… All good honey may crystallise or set during storage. Simply heat the honey jar gradually in a hot water bath until the honey regains its original color and liquid texture. She loved it so much and let me try it. Premium shipping: Receive it within 24 to 48 hours after shipment, Standard Shipping: Receive within 3-7 days of shipment, Be the first to review “Raw Lavender Honey”. Little bit of a tang on the back end. (verified owner) – 15/05/2019. Can be helpful in soothing colds, and due to its anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties, it can also reduce inflammation and infection. My goodness, this is now my favorite brand of honey. ​Benefits: Like other raw honeys it contains antioxidants & vitamins. This lavender honey is made in France by Apidis, a family-owned business founded over 120 years ago in 1890 by Gabriel Perronneau. Please check our privacy policy to see how we manage and protect your data. Try it by the spoon, but it can also be wonderful with cheeses, or spread thickly on crumpets and toast. It’s also rather perfect for cheering up a dark winter’s day. One pot is a set honey, the other a clear honey. Most companies sell a French varietal of lavender honey, while others only sell lavender-infused honey. to your e-mail contacts or approved sendersto make sure you receive your 10% off coupon. Yogi Tea - Honey Lavender Stress Relief (4 Pack) - Soothing Serenity Blend - 64 Tea Bags. It is a darker color and has a more dense honey flavor than Acacia in my opinion. It tastes well in all tea and pretty much all food. However, they practice pastoral apiculture, a process that involves trucking bee colonies around France, chasing after the best fields of mono-floral flowers in bloom and allowing the bees to harvest nectar. Many beekeepers believe lavender to be among the honeybee's favorite flowering species because of the relatively large amount of nectar it produces and the hardy nature of the plant.Savannah Bee Company Lavender Honey is made from the nectar of Lavandula stoechas luisieri, which grows wild on the border between Spain and Portugal and blankets the mountainsides in purple flowers during the month of May.Lavender honey is a sought after varietal popular around the world. l'Abeille Occitane "Boules Fourrees Miel" Lavender Honey Drops - 7.1 oz. Even at this point the honey is still useable. So if you like a deeper tasting honey try the Lavender and it does not taste like it comes from Lavender. Thank you so much! Toast, tea, dessert...anything that honey tastes great upon! © 2020 Gourmet Food World, LLC. I will be ordering more to keep as a staple in my pantry. Likewise, it is worth mentioning its decongestant effect on capillaries and arteries, which contributes to the release of residual elements through the urine. 1 Best Organic Lavender Honey Reviews; 2 Offers and Discounts; 3 Cheap Organic Lavender Honey; 4 Buy Organic Lavender Honey Online. Amid the rolling hills of Sonoma County, our family honey farm plays host to over 5,000 lavender plants and multiple hives. It would also work well in cakes and bakes. to access exclusive specials, recipes, product insights and. At least I agree with the last word from this other reviewer! Made by Mexican Stingless Bees, who forage on wildflowers, plus nectar from thyme, avocado & cacti blossom. Amid the rolling hills of Sonoma County, our family honey farm plays host to over 5,000 lavender plants and multiple hives. An excellent accompaniment to Jane Austen afternoons. Among the properties of raw lavender honey, its high content of vitamin C stands out, being an ally for our immune system. I'm not sure if you'll find any local lavender honey. for exclusive specials, recipes and save 10% on your next order. This French lavender honey is honey made from the collection of nectar from lavender fields in bloom. I think it was about $16 for a jar. Please add You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Tasting notes and tips: A dark honey with an intense lavender aroma. I purchased your Raw Lavender Honey at Home Goods in Hoover, Alabama. by Mitica, from France Yo, lavender's a real nice, subtly sweet, floral flavor. Made by a collective of beekeepers in the region, who produce beautiful pure honey on a small scale. Lavender Honey. Provenance: Raw, pure honey from the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, South America, which is surrounded by beaches and populated with rich, tropical flora and fauna. We love this in ice-cream, drizzled on panna cotta, added to cakes and drizzled on goat’s cheese. Another great selection from the busy bees at SBC! I'll be ordering it again. Hello. The color is typically a lighter golden amber, and the consistency is naturally creamier than some other honeys that are commonly more liquid. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Honey can take on specific flavors if the bees are guided to harvest nectar from all the same kind of plant (called mono-florals). This honey is produced by bees in hives that are situated in the lavender fields of France and Spain, at the time when the fields are in … She likes it in her tea. Located in South Molton a small village south of Exmoor National Park. Raw lavender honey is linked to the endemic plant of the Mediterranean basin to which it owes its name, as well as its most distinctive therapeutic, bactericidal and antiseptic qualities. An absolute must for a hot buttered scone or crumpet. How to grow lavender. (Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavandula Latifolia Hill) Pure lavender honey is obtained from the bush of the same name (Lavandula Angustifolia Mili), known in turn as lavender, which has more than 60 species spread across our planet. Their honey production is overseen by their head beekeeper who has a Masters of Excellence in Beekeeping. Designed by OvernightSite | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions. gourmetfoodworld@news.gourmetfoodworld.com This helps the overall pollination and germination of plants in France, and makes for happy bees. We’re passionate about quality products that taste delicious. Extremely good honey. Required fields are marked *. I had never tried doing that before but now I am eating this for dinner! Please add It is mild, and has a delicate taste – 5 star and exceptional. It seems to have a calming effect. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 7. Our Lavender Honey is great for sweetening drinks, cooking or spreading on hot toast or crumpets. All of our honeys are pure, raw honey. Littleover Apiaries are committed to sustainable farming while producing this premium honey and the care of our planet. This honey has a light, smooth, crisp flavor. Shop for exquisite goods like lavender bouquets, sachets and honey year-round on our website and visit our Petaluma honey farm in season! This honey gave it a richness I could haver had gotten with sugar! A favorite in our home! Would work very well in floral or herbal teas. Use on the skin to heal wounds, or ingest to sooth coughs and colds. Honey has regenerative properties thanks to the set of enzymes that make up its composition. Tends not to keep well when stored cold as it develops a crystals/sugary substance and turns ‘solid’. And this honey. Lavender continues to impress me, by way of honey this time. This product deserves a 5 star rating – a jar of it rarely lasts me longer than a week – you are supposed to eat it, after all. Our Lavender honey, as all of our honey, is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey. Thank you for submitting your product question. I bought this one for my daughter. The honey of lavender, is made by the bee of a Spanish variety of lavender, known as lavender (L. Ststoechas). Eventually the honey will crystalize and harden. 36 ($3.84/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Join the Littleover family & receive regular newsletter about what's happening in the hive, special promotions, competitions and discounts. The flowering time of lavender is variable according to the species, the flowering period lengthening from spring to summer. We set up From Field and Flower to bring fantastic products to London. The frangrance, the texture and sweetness is just sinful. receive a 10% off coupon and 50 reward points! French Lavender Honey. Benefits:  Raw honey contains antioxidants & vitamins, plus the comb provides extra Vitamin A. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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