#2: Look at What Follows. ¿Cuándo se debe utilizar “hear” y “listen”? – A country whose population is mainly ignorant is doomed.

On the other hand, ‘which’ collocates with non-humans.

Ya hemos visto cuáles son los pronombres interrogativos básicos y cómo se usan y también hemos analizado cuándo se usa «what» y cuándo «which«.. Hoy nos toca centrarnos en el uso y diferencias entre tres pronombres que nos suelen liar un poquillo: WHO, WHOSE y WHOM.. Este último es uno de los grandes desconocidos y por consiguiente, el causante de más de un quebradero de cabeza.

(Wrong). (Para saber dónde queda la biblioteca). – Which size would you like to order? Whose is the possessive form of both who and which (2). Si tienes problemas para recordar su uso, solo debes aprender algo: el “whose” siempre se usa con sustantivos.

One way to figure out whether you should use “who’s” or “whose” is to say “who is” out loud to yourself as you read or write. ► También puedes leer: ¿Qué es un phrasal verb y cuándo se debe utilizar? Don’t be tricked: on the one hand, because grammazons mark possessive nouns with apostrophe + s, it’s tempting to think that who’s (not whose) is the possessive form of who. Yet,  perhaps because a lot of people do not want to go the seemingly winding way, and because they believe that ‘whose’ is odd with non-humans, they choose the unacceptable  ‘which branches’  model.

If that makes sense in the sentence, you should use who’s. ¿Qué es un phrasal verb y cuándo se debe utilizar? “… It wasn’t until the 18th-century that the sticklers of grammar took notice of this centuries-long peccadillo, emphatically declaring whose to be the possessive only of the relative pronoun ‘who’ while whispering their acknowledgment that English lacks an equivalent possessive for which and that. 'Who' - 'whose' - 'whom' - 'that' and 'which' - are relative pronouns. here vs. hear In this case “whose” must refer to a living being. – Alright, who ate my apple pie?

Do you know where the library IS? “Where”, como adverbio relativo, es utilizado para referirse a lugares y locaciones, ya sea en preguntas, afirmaciones o explicaciones. Quiero que me ayuden y me explique esta regal del verbos get (Para recalcar que queremos leer ese libro). Nota importante: al igual que “who”, después de una coma, usa “which” en lugar de “that”. For the pronoun to be relevant in the situation, the construction has to become ‘of which’: The tree, the branches of which were caught by the man, was planted by a foreigner.

No te preocupes, eso forma parte del aprendizaje. The other car, which was donated by the monarch, is okay. – Julia, the security guard, addressed the spectators of the voleyball match.

¿Cómo se gana la Beca a la Excelencia del Británico. – I love people whose attitude to life is positive and courageous. (Nos referimos a la persona que contestó el teléfono).

2) Después de cuantificadores como “all of”, “few of”, “many of”, “several of”, etc.

Copyright PUNCH. You might, however, annoy a few modern complainers who think you should use whose to refer to people and animals only.

Sin embargo, if I’m not mistaken, en el apartado “WHERE”, la pregunta “Do you know where is the library?” es incorrecta y debería ser:

Gracias por la consulta and sorry, must have been a typo. Se debe utilizar “who” cuando nos referimos a alguien o cuando queremos conocer algo más sobre una persona.

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