Get together with your photographer or videographer to capture some epic shots of you both to announce your elopement together. Related: How to Elope, How Does an Elopement Ceremony Work, and How Much Does it Cost to Elope. You’re already married so there really isn’t a need or any pressure to go crazy! Most couples did not know eloping was an option so now they want to be positive they make the right decision in choosing what to do after eloping to keep things meaningful and purposeful! You can include your friends and family from all over, display your elopement photos (that we took, no doubt ;)), and oooo and awe over your wedding day! When you get outside you can use nature as your decor and you get to enjoy being outdoors while celebrating. 10 Mountain Top Wedding Venues in Colorado | Colorado Elopement, What Does Eloping Mean? For example, if you, There is also the option of choosing what to do after eloping as modeled by a wedding reception. Delights Co. It’s about you two so invite those who actually matter to you and you’d enjoy spending time and celebrating your marriage with! Talk to your photographer about a multi-day package, so you can have them document your adventure. If you are having guests at your elopement they will no doubt want to help you celebrate when the day is done. A few of them being that they don’t like to be the center of attention and they want to spend their money on what matters to them. Definitely consider her if you want adventurous and beautiful photos coupled with an amazing experience! A lot of eloping couples may have family scattered all across the country making an in-person celebration difficult. You’re in the right place! This is a great way to involve some traditions in your wedding day too! Elopement Celebration Ideas for just you two or friends and family! Easiest Places to Elope in the US | Because Eloping Somewhere Gorgeous Should be Easy, 7 Elopement Tips for your Adventure Elopement. If you want to avoid extra traveling from your elopement destination, then check out our top honeymoon destinations for elopers. We’ll cover all those ideas on what to do after eloping as well as some insider tips we’ve learned as Kalispell Montana Photographers while guiding couples on how to elope all over the US and helping other couples determine the best route on what to do after eloping! There is also the option of choosing what to do after eloping as modeled by a wedding reception. So, don’t feel any pressure to put on a crazy party or reception! She is organized, professional, sweet, and so so funny!! You can include a few of your epic images from your day and write a small note about how you two got married!

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