Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Christopher Columbus arrived on the island on Christmas Day 1492, on his first journey across the Atlantic. It is the oldest permanent European city in the Americas. In both countries, the main religion is Roman Catholicism. Spain gave up a third of the island to France. The island of Hispaniola has an area of 76,480 km2 (29,530 sq mi). This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Our latest podcast episode features popular TED speaker Mara Mintzer. Hispaniola became an important outpost for the Spanish in the New World, as they controlled other islands and parts of Central America from there. In fact, for a while it was the center of the most lucrative international trade routes in the world. In the 17th century pirates came to Hispaniola and used the island as a base for their raids against Spanish treasure ships. Hispaniola island lye’s in the Caribbean sea , ... As the colonial period was getting started the island was called Santo Domingo named after the capital city which today has the same name. ... as they were called , amused and deligthed audiences everywhere a. were b. called** c. delighted d. none . Political violence throughout the last 200 years has left the country without a democratic structure. It is the second largest island (after Cuba) of the West Indies, east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico. These two countries are separated by an artificial border, except in the northern and southern extremes where they are separated by the rivers Dajabón and Pedernales, respectively. Your email address will not be published. Hispaniola synonyms, Hispaniola pronunciation, Hispaniola translation, English dictionary definition of Hispaniola. Then he went to the east, founding the first European city in the American continent, near the present city of Puerto Plata; he named the city "La Isabela" in honor of Queen Isabella of Castile. In the highest mountains, the temperature in winter can be as low as 0 °C. [8] The first Catholic mass in America was celebrated at La Isabela on January 6, 1494. This made it a pretty important place and a lot of eyes were on the Caribbean. That fort was named La Navidad ("Navidad" means Christmas) and was the first European building on American soil. The island’s coastline, though much indented, has relatively few protected deepwater anchorages. Because La Isabela was an unhealthy site, Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher, established a new city, La Nueva Isabela (The New Isabela) on the south coast of the island, on the left side of the Ozama river. [1] Soon after Columbus’ return, more Spanish settlers arrived; and by 1504 the last major Taíno cacique was deposed during the War of Higüey. The western part (now Haiti) was ceded to France by Spain in 1697. In 2010 the country was hit by a strong earthquake, from which it still hasn't recovered. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. that island was called Hispaniola. Because the book of Anghiera was translated into English very soon, the name Hispaniola is the most used in English-speaking countries and in scientific works. The second largest lake, Étang Saumâtre (also known as Lake Azuei), is close to Lake Enriquillo but in Haiti, in the Cul-de-Sac. Contact, The capital city of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo is the largest city in the Caribbean with a population of 2,799,600. The second group was the Igneri, the first Arawak Indians to come to the Caribbean Islands. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Because a hurricane destroyed the city, it was built again but on the right side of the river and with the new name of Santo Domingo. While most of the population work in farming, thousands leave the country every year and immigrate to the US or the Dominican Republic, which faces a large refugee problem. (78,460 sq. What was Hispaniola called back then? What are the islands of the Maldives made of? In 1665, the presence of French people on the island had the official approval of the French king Louis XIV and he named Bertrand d'Ogeron as the governor of the western part of Hispaniola (in French, Saint-Domingue). Between the white sand beaches, clear waters, and fruity tropical drinks with little umbrellas, it's not hard to see why. In order to determine which of these competing theories was correct, Daniel Rabosky of the University of California, Berkeley and Richard Glor of the University of Rochester studied patterns of accumulation of lizards over millions of years on the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Jamaica, 1956) builds his long poem on the metaphor of journey, and specifically the voyage of Columbus and his belief that what is now, It was part of a project to conserve land mammals on the island of, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, DOMINICA-WEATHER-Dominica sends home workers as Tropical Storm Dorian approaches, Tropical Storm Isaac Heads to Hispaniola, Projections Downgraded, Cover story: hope amid the ruins (pp. There are two wet seasons: April-June and September-November. Rainfall varies from 1000 to 3000 mm per year. They were able to work hard under harsh climate conditions and did not get any of the diseases that Europeans did. Hispaniola, Spanish La Española, second largest island of the West Indies, lying within the Greater Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. At sea level, the average temperature is 25 °C, with small changes from one season to another. Hispaniola has relatively few offshore islands, the most notable being Gonâve Island and Tortue (Tortuga) Island. Land use is largely determined by the nearly parallel systems of mountains and plains. Haiti became the first black republic in the world. It is the second largest island (after Cuba) of the West Indies, east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico. Many crops, chiefly cacao, are grown on the populous northern plains, especially in the humid eastern section (Dominican Republic), La Vega Real (“The Royal Plain”). The Dominican Republic, on the eastern part of the island, was formed in 1844. Former name: an island in the West Indies, comprising Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The largest are: The Hispaniola is an island with many mountains, and the highest peaks of the West Indies are here. The government is corrupt. Today that land is 1) US and Canada 2) Haiti and Dominican Republic 3)northern Mexico 4)Genoa Italy Ask for details ; Follow Report by Juleslovesanimals 11/06/2017 Log in to add a comment Answer. From there the Spaniards could easily reach the goldfound in the interior of the island. When Peter Martyr d'Anghiera wrote in latin about this island, he wrote Hispaniola, meaning Small Spain; that was not correct. He named it Hispania, in honour of the country he sailed for. The southern plains of the island are also productive (sugarcane, livestock pasture, and cotton), though irrigation is necessary in many areas. Taínos occupied all the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico) and they developed a culture different from the culture of the Arawaks of South America. Archeological studies suggests that those people from South America came to the Caribbean islands during four periods. Today, most of the island's 20 million people descend from African slaves. The most common were Santo Domingo Island (the Dominican constitution still uses that name) and Haiti. During the 16th century the Spanish started bringing African slaves to the island. There is still an island called Hispaniola in the Caribbean; the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island. Large plantations were worked by hundreds of thousands of African slaves who were forcibly imported to the island. It is divided politically into the Republic of Haiti (west) and the Dominican Republic (east). They displaced the Ciboney people and, later, they were displaced by another group of Arawak Indians, the Taínos. You never imagined a sweeter schooner--a child might sail her--two hundred tons; name, I have a boatswain who pipes, Livesey; so things shall go man-o'-war fashion on board the good ship, 'Dorian is forecast to be near hurricane strength when it moves close to Puerto Rico and eastern, Who became sole ruler and first emperor of Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Ryan O'Neal; 2 Thunderbugs; 3 David Bedford; 4 Sue Barker; 5 Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter; 6 Christian Dior; 7, Washington, Shawwal 6, 1433, Aug 24, 2012, SPA -- Tropical Storm Isaac strengthened slightly as it headed towards the Caribbean island of, An estimated 90% of the species' global population overwinters on the island of. A tropical storm in 2004 left 3000 dead. This page was last changed on 22 August 2020, at 05:52. The orientation of the landforms causes contrasts in climatic conditions and hinders north-south transportation. Spain gave up a third of the island to France. km). In contrast to the highlands, the basin of Lake Enriquillo in southwestern Dominican Republic is quite low, the surface of the lake being about 150 feet (45 metres) below sea level. evaporate vapor condense precipitation Earth’s water is always moving in a process called the water cycle. The main rivers are the Yaque del Norte (240 miles [386 km] long), the Yuna, and the Yaque del Sur in the Dominican Republic and the Artibonite in Haiti. Estimates of the population range from several hundred thousand to over a million. While the lowlands are hot and tropical, the slopes of the mountains are cooler and get much rainfall from the trade winds that constantly that blow across the island. There are two countries: the Republic of Haiti is in the western part of the island and the Dominican Republic in the eastern part. Columbus claimed for Spain land he called Hispaniola. Together with Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, Hispaniola is one of the Greater Antilles. European colonization of the island began in earnest the following year, when 1,300 men arrived from Spainunder the watch of Bartolomeo Columbus (Christopher's cousin). Others lakes are Rincón (fresh water, area of 28.2 km²), Oviedo (brackish water, area of 28 km²), Redonda Limón, Étang de Miragoâne. Both French and (Haitian) Creole are spoken in Haiti, and both are official languages. This article was most recently revised and updated by, https://www.britannica.com/place/Hispaniola, Hispaniola - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). The most dry period is from December to March. [12] The highest point of the island, and of the Caribbean is Duarte Peak (Pico Duarte) in the Dominican Republic with 3,087 m (10,128 ft); the lowest point is in the Enriquillo Lake, which is about 46 meters (151 ft) under sea level.[11]. Rainfall varies greatly; eastern regions, like the Samaná Peninsula, get an average of over 2,000 mm in a year, but less than 500 mm fall in the southwest (Hoya de Enriquillo - Cul-de-Sac). The island’s area is 29,418 square miles (76,192 square km); its greatest length is nearly 400 miles (650 km), and its width is 150 miles (241 km).

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