Τhere are compelling facets of jasmine-like, indolic freshness, that green and medicinal quality that we sometimes catch in white flowers, but also an animalic undercurrent, a chocolate-y dark depth that engulfs the freshness in earthy remnants reminiscent of the bulbous nature of the plant itself, and of organic matter decaying. It's not a prim fragrance, it has the soap, the powder, the flower, but it's heaving with lust and love. The brand has since rebranded as Goutal Paris, and some of this romantic personal element has been sidetracked. I’ve forced them for inside many times, I loved the white. The Lutensian paradox of lacing warmth with cool, pale, grayish pallor is translated through the bitterness of galbanum, the cloudy, leaden note of musk, almost watery and soapy if you look at it a certain way, and a powdery iris that recalls overcast Parisian skies in early spring. • Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. With enough sweet fragrance of planted hyacinths to fill an entire yard, the Hyacinth bulb is a must for those with a nose for good smelling flowers. Hyacinth (υάκινθος) means “rain blossom” and “In memory of Hyacinthus.” Ovid in his Metamorphoses recounts the story of the beautiful Spartan youth Hyacinthus, who was beloved by the sun god Apollo. It's sweet, with a fresh component, nutty overtones, honeyed clover, like something insects would use for mating and cross-pollination... As our chemist Mat describes the olfactory composition of the oil, "the unique aspect of the hyacinth aroma is determined by phenylacetaldehyde, but other important ingredients that form the smell are benzyl acetate (one of the key jasmine odorants), phenylethyl alcohol with its rose smell and its esters, balmy benzyl benzoate, indole, "mushroom alcohol" 1-octen-3-ol, terpenes (among them farnesene and ocimene, which bring a certain citrusy petitgrain-like accent) and trimetoxybenzene, with a rather strange, medicinal animalic smell.". In my opinion this scent has been able to match the natural scent of this flower fairly accurately. If you don’t have any dark jars, cover the ones you have with dark tape. Spectacular! Hyacinth therefore remains a powerful symbol of the earth's rebirth as it blooms earliest in spring. I have one plant and thinking about putting it … The clove, amber and sandalwood embrace you with warmth, tilting the scent into the floriental category (hmmm, not quite), at any rate warming up the garden into an embrace by a loved one. Reliably perennial, Hyacinth flowers tend to open with age, giving them an elegant but more relaxed look in years to follow. The soapy element of a retro fragrance, beautifully reflected in the advertising with Sarah Moon's young girls in budding sexuality, is heard from the base - this feeling is created here with moss, jasmine, vetiver, and ylang notes. Therefore hyacinth came to symbolize dying and the resurrecting beauty of Nature. Hyacinths have a powerful scent which can be described as floral green with vegetal aquatic accents and sweet and spicy notes. It spoke of a lovers' story, more conventionally normative than Apollo's coupling, but still eerily romantic. On its petals one could read the word of "αϊ" (aye aye) that symbolized Apollo's mourning. The L'Original version is as good as could be expected and not to be missed by anyone loving lilies and hyacinths, it's also quite youngish in demeanor, thanks to the pervading advertising of hippie-girls with blossomy garlands in their hair. The fragrant love story of Chamade is rounded by a pretty bottle in the shape of an upside down turned heart, pierced by an arrow – a symbol of surrender to love. If your very particular about your flowers, you may want to dig up your bulb after the foliage has died back. I can’t imagine that they overwintered in that pot? A fragrant, clear and crystalline green, like a windmill playing just for your ears. When I discovered Grand Amour during the 1990s, I knew not of the background story which was revealed to me later on by a knowing niche boutique owner in hushed tones upon imparting the sad news of Annick's passing. This makes them great for plant near entrances and walkways, as well wonderful additions to pots for indoor forcing. When Henri Almeras originally made the scent in 1936, the composition celebrated the first paid vacation for employees in France. In the fragrance of Anaïs Anaïs L'Original Eau de Toilette on the other hand we find a cool lily-hyacinth bouquet in which we find said flowers, but also the surrounding environment of springtime; pollen, leaves, and wet stems with soil bits stuck to them still. In trace amounts, it is floral and lovely. One thing that I DONT like about Hyacinths: the bulbs contain oxalic acid  which can cause mild irritation to people with sensitive skin. Next come two classics of feminine perfumery. My Hyacinths have begun to grow too. The blooms resemble lilac blossoms, with there many mini blooms called ‘florets’. There is very little of any mourning or melancholy spirit in Cabotine. They complement yellow daffodils bringing so many colours while winter is still fighting with spring: white, yellow, even orange, different pinks (from hot-hot to pure light), blue, burgundy, purple and almost black. I could cite the comparably elusive Jacinthe des Bois by L'Artisan Parfumeur, a woody coup de foudre, green like spring sap, daring like tender young shoots piercing through ground and snow, refreshing like green moss suddenly sparkling with new colorful dots; but I'd be devastated if I had to recount how I finished it before replenishing... A bottle of in a pale gray-green color, the one we call celadon in Chinese pottery was chosen for Remember Me. One fateful Easter Week in 2000, I saw it with spring buzzing around inviting me to reap its fragrant fruits and laying my hand on the bottle ...like I did. Henceforth, the fragrance smelled of the meadows and the gardens of the French countryside, rather than the flora of Cap d'Antibes, or Capri, where citrus groves sing by the morning sun and jasmine vines greet you by the sunset. Have you seen butterflies on your hyacinths in previous years? The fragrance is reissued in the Heritage Collection by Jean Patou. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Great photo’s Alys, I almost think it might be possible to smell your Hyacinths. A fragrance that made hyacinth popular for many is deservedly of cult status. With enough sweet fragrance of planted hyacinths to fill an entire yard, the Hyacinth bulb is a must for those with a nose for good smelling flowers. That’s why some people put hyacinth smell in the same category as paperwhite narcissus, which definitely do contain indole. 8 Retro Pop, Kharkov perfume factory Lilac Hyacinth Сиреневый гиацинт, Instituto Espanol Aire de Sevilla Azul Fresh, Tokyo Milk Parfumerie Curiosite Sencha Bleu, Parfums et Senteurs du Pays Basque Arantxa, Clive Christian XXI Art Deco Vanilla Orchid, Nouvelle Etoile – Новая Заря Muguet Mysterieux, Cacharel Anais Anais L’Original Eau de Toilette, Givenchy Les Parfums Mythiques - Givenchy III, The brand has since rebranded as Goutal Paris. This bulb definitely follows the rule of ‘bigger the bulb, bigger the bloom’! I started this narration of hyacinth love with the purest scents and progressing to the warmer, and am going to trickle down to the cool and chilly, so we're in the intermediary phase right now. It drives me crazy, for a while. Perfume lovers: 581829 Remember Me, it shouts within you, as if a Victorian hero holding a starving bouquet, dried among the yellowing pages of a poetry book. Hyacinth orientalis is the species from which all our garden hyacinths have been derived – the dutch hybrids. Hyacinth has this strange quality, of evoking something pastoral, something bucolic, which encompasses even the fauna, apart from the flora. It's this strange synergy between bright, green and darkly oily which I find most fascinating about hyacinths and their aroma. It involved snippets of a romance that was budding for me as well and it still retains wonderful memories of early beautiful times. Weird, huh? Remember Me (evoking the "forget-me-not" blossoms indirectly due to the name) launched in 2000 and vanished just as easily as it came. There are no ozonic or aquatic notes, there is no vanilla, no amber, no patchouli, and very little musk.''

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