Patricia de Lille formed another party, Good, and it achieved a seat.[23]. It is the fourth largest of the nine provinces with an area of 129,449 square kilometres (49,981 sq mi), and the third most populous, with an estimated 7 million inhabitants in 2020. In this year, Northern Cape population density was 3.2 p/km². Area 49,986 square miles (129,462 square km). Overall, 43% of residents have completed high school.[1]:49. Cape Town has numerous libraries and museums—including the South African Museum (founded 1825). The remaining population is Asian of mostly Indian descent. This region of the Province is generally arid and hilly with a prominent escarpment that runs close to the Province's most inland boundary. The Western Cape Province is roughly L-shaped, extending north and east from the Cape of Good Hope, in the southwestern corner of South Africa. On 1 September 1976, the unrest spread to the city of Cape Town itself. The Western Cape Province is divided into one metropolitan municipality and five district municipalities. Ostrich raising is prominent in the province, and ostrich meat and feathers are exported. The Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) was a grassroots anti-Apartheid activist movement that emerged in South Africa in the mid-1960s out of the political vacuum created by the jailing and banning of the African National Congress and Pan Africanist Congress leadership after the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960. Available: Atlas of Southern Africa. What's truly noteworthy about this visualization is how clearly and effectively it conveys an astonishing truth about the world. The only natural harbour is Saldanha Bay on the west coast, about 140 km north of Cape Town. 5,356,900. Corrections? Coastline fronting the Atlantic and Indian oceans forms Western Cape’s western and southern boundaries, respectively. Contents: Population. [citation needed] Mobile cellular networks are world-class, with reception extending from cities to highways and many remote rural areas. (2009 est.) The Garden Route and the Overberg are popular coastal tourism areas. Many other African languages are also spoken by a small percentage of the population. Western Cape, province, South Africa, situated in the southern extremity of the African continent. It is the fourth largest of the nine provinces with an area of 129,449 square kilometres (49,981 sq mi), and the third most populous, with an estimated 6.6 million inhabitants in 2018. It also has one of the fastest growing economies in the country, growing at 4% in 2008[24] At 19.3% the province has a substantially lower unemployment rate than the national average standing at 20% in 2018. The Garden Route on the south coast (between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Southern Indian Ocean) is extremely lush, with temperate rainforest (or Afromontane Forest) covering many areas adjacent to the coast, in the deep river valleys and along the southern slopes of the Outeniqua mountain range. [32]:37 As of September 2012[update], 69% of the population aged 15–64 are economically active, and of these 25% are unemployed. Western Cape has a strong agricultural sector. [34], 2.7% of residents aged 20 and over have received no schooling, 10.7% have had only some primary, 5.6% have completed primary school but gone no further, 38% have had some secondary education without finishing Grade 12, 28% have finished Grade 12 but gone no further, and 14% have higher education beyond the secondary level. (2013) The Okavango delta and its place in the geomorphological evolution of Southern Africa. The province also boasts four universities: The province is also home to the South African Military Academy. Western Cape province was part of former Cape of Good Hope province until 1994. [Report No. Readers Digest Association, Cape Town. [1]:8, 63 As the province covers an area of 129,462 square kilometres (49,986 sq mi),[1]:9 the population density was 45.0 inhabitants per square kilometre (117/sq mi) and the household density 12.6 per square kilometre (33/sq mi). In 2001, however, the NNP broke with the DA over the removal of Peter Marais from office as Mayor of Cape Town by DA leader Tony Leon. The Premier appoints ten members of the provincial legislature to serve as a cabinet of ministers, overseeing the departments of the provincial government. The Western Cape (Afrikaans: Wes-Kaap; Xhosa: iNtshona-Koloni) is a province of South Africa, situated on the south-western coast of the country. Western Cape province was part of former Cape of Good Hope province until 1994. [1]:25, Roughly 16% (894,289 people) of the Western Cape's population in 2011 were born in the Eastern Cape, 3% (167,524) in Gauteng and 1% (61,945) in KwaZulu-Natal. Home → Africa → South Africa → Administrative Division. [33] Around 2 million people in the Western Cape labour market (those aged 16 to 64) are employed, 1.3 million are not economically active, 552,733 are unemployed with an additional 122,753 who are discouraged work seekers who want to work but have given up looking for it. Veteran politician Peter Marais returned to the provincial parliament as the sole representative of the Freedom Front Plus. The provincial capital, Cape Town, is also the country’s legislative capital. [31], According to research conducted by Plus94, the Western Cape is the least racist province in South Africa. Overall, 52% of the working-age population are employed. Home → Africa → South Africa → Western Cape. Several such discussions have popped up over on reddit. The province is drained by the Olifants, Berg, Breë, Gourtis, and other small rivers. The fifth provincial parliament was elected in the election of 8 May 2019; 24 seats are held by the Democratic Alliance, 12 by the African National Congress, 2 by the Economic Freedom Fighters, and 1 each by Good, the African Christian Democratic Party, Al Jama-ah, and the Freedom Front Plus. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. The Western Cape's Human Development Index is the highest in South Africa at 0.741 compared to the South African average of 0.705 in 2018. Thunderstorms are generally rare in the province (except in the Karoo) with most precipitation being of a frontal or orographic nature. Western Cape, province, South Africa, situated in the southern extremity of the African continent. The population development of City of Cape Town as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). A maritime climate and accompanying vegetation are found in the coastal regions. Poster parades by UWC and Black Power Salute marches by UCT was broken by the police, resulting in 73 students getting arrested and detained at Victor Verster Prison, near Paarl.

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