AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Spokane1,128.0031,128.0032,256.00582.0032,838.00200.00 Washington State Employees. AnnualRESIDENT - Graduate Athletic Training Prgm PullmanPullman389.0012,685.0013,074.00558.0013,632.00314.00488.0072.17240.0010.00 Tuition is based on your campus of admission. The Board of Regents approved a 2.5% increase in resident and non-resident undergraduate and graduate tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year on June 26th 2020. AnnualNON-RESIDENT - DVM Pullman1,715.0059,441.0061,156.00558.0061,714.00314.00488.0072.17240.0010.00 AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Vancouver 1,128.0031,128.0032,256.00559.0032,815.0040.00 SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Graduate (8)Pullman452.5012,48712,939.50279.0013,218.50157.00244.0036.08120.005.00 They also approved new tuition rates for various professional programs. Review and pay your balance in your myWSU Finance Center. SemesterRESIDENT - Graduate (8)Vancouver175.505,715.005,890.50279.506,170.0020.00 SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Spokane564.0012008.5012,572.50291.0012,863.50100.00 Mandatory fees (the Cub fee, Student Rec Center fee, Health fee, Stadium fee, Chinook Building fee, Media fee and Transit fee) are included on this website. SemesterRESIDENT - PharmD Spokane359.0011,636.0011,995.00291.0012,286.00100.00 Costs are anticipated to increase for 2020-21. Nearly everyone wonders about this at some point. Students typically order textbooks online from WSU’s bookstore, The Bookie. When contacting a proctor, students should ask about a fee. SemesterRESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Tri-Cities 258.008,359.008,617.00256.008,873.00150.0065.00 ROTC faculty and staff employed at WSU locations that meet the WSU employee eligibility requirements above. Those interested in attending WSU Tri‑Cities for spring 2021 are encouraged to apply by Nov. 15. Engineering & Technology Management tuition rates are available on the ETM website. WSU’s online courses are not included in the employee tuition waiver program. The specific Oregon counties whose residents are eligible for this benefit are: Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Gilliam, Hood River, Morrow, Multnomah, Sherman, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Wasco and Washington. Tuition cost assumes a full-time course load of 12-18 credits per term. For more visit this link: Tuition Rates Explained, For more information on part-time rates for fees contact the Bursar’s Office, Estimated tuition and system-wide fees for the 2020-21 academic year will be posted in June 2020. SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Everett 564.0012,008.512,572.50263.5012,836.00 AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Tri-Cities 1,128.0024,017.0025,145.00512.0025,657.00300.00130.00 WSU’s online courses are not included in the employee tuition waiver program. Electric Power Engineering tuition rates are available on the EPE PSM FAQs web page. AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Graduate Athletic Training Prgm Pullman927.0025,579.0026,506.00558.0027,064.00314.00488.0072.17240.0010.00 Costs vary by residence hall/apartment lease. Washington State University Global Campus, $530.85 Washington resident (in addition to full-time tuition), $609.80 per credit (in addition to full-time tuition). (2) Services and Activities Fees are used to fund student activities and programs as allocated by a student led committee at each campus. AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Pullman1,128.0024,017.0025,145.00558.0025,703.00314.00488.0072.1750.00240.0040.00196.0010.00 You can also visit our Global Campus Military and Veterans page and the WSU Veterans Affairs website for more information. Late fee Payments on unpaid tuition and mandatory fees: FALL 2020: SPRING 2021: 3%: September 8, 2020: January 25, 2021: 5%: September 22, 2020: February 10, 2021 can be found in the table below. Learn more about the cost of attendance and WSU financial aid, estimate how much financial aid you’ll receive at WSU, and find information about how to apply for federal student aid right here. AnnualRESIDENT - Undergraduate Global587.009,615.0010,202.00415.0010,617.00 AnnualRESIDENT - Undergraduate Tri-Cities 587.009,615.0010,202.00512.0010,714.00300.00130.00 AnnualRESIDENT - DVM Pullman1,199.0024,545.0025,744.00558.0026,302.00314.00488.0072.17240.0010.00 A student led committee approves all the allocation of collected fees. Complete the FAFSA, Use the Financial Aid Estimator to estimate your financial aid at WSU. *There is a two credit minimum charge during the Fall and Spring semesters. Some courses may require students to obtain certain titles by renting them from a local outlet. AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Graduate (8)Vancouver 905.0024,974.0025,879.00559.0026,438.0040.00 AnnualRESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Vancouver 516.0016,718.0017,234.00559.0017,793.0040.00 Bldg+OperS&A (2)TotalSRC (3)HealthTransitStadiumCUB (4)Technology (5) (9)Chinook (6) Media Fee (10) Student Union (7)Safety & Transporation Fee (12) SemesterRESIDENT - Undergraduate Pullman293.504,807.505,101.00279.005,380.00157.00244.0036.0825.00120.0020.0098.005.00 Some courses have lab kits that will be automatically sent to you when you register for a course. Tuition and fees are due on the first day of each term. The table contains estimated indirect costs which may vary. (1)(14), Semester/AnnualStudent TypeCampusBuildingOperatingTuition AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Vancouver 1,128.0024,017.0025,145.00559.0025,704.0040.00 Residence halls range from $6,822 (double-room rate) to $9,804 per academic year. SemesterNON-RESIDENT - PharmD Spokane712.0019,610.0020,322.00291.0020,613.00100.00 After completing the application for admission, prospective students from Umatilla County should complete the WSU Tri‑Cities I‑82 Advantage application to qualify for in‑state tuition rates. Indirect personal expenses and transportation costs are not included in estimates. SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Graduate Global175.5057,15.005,890.5207.506,098.00 If you have question about using veterans benefits, please contact the Office of Veterans Affairs at 509-335-1234 or Please check our financial aid web page for quick links to information. Under the “I-82 Advantage” program, tuition will cost $11,144 per year for students in Umatilla County, compared to the $26,087 that an out-of-state … The program will save residents from Umatilla County thousands in tuition costs. AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Everett 1,128.0024,017.0025,145.00527.0025,672.00 AnnualRESIDENT - DVM 4th year (13)Pullman1,719.0035,181.0036,900.00558.0037,458.00314.00488.0072.17240.0010.00 Tuition and Fees: $26,093: Living Expense: $12,114: Books and Supplies : $1,383: Medical Insurance: $1,824: Miscellaneous/Other: $2,192: TOTAL : $44,990 ($51,155 for Calendar Year) Visit Tuition Late Payment Fees for late payment penalty dates. SemesterRESIDENT - EFS College of Medicine Spokane587.0019,167.0019,754.00291.0020,045.00100.00 *Costs are subject to change. For more information about WSU Tri‑Cities, visit AnnualNON-RESIDENT - PharmD Spokane 1,424.0039,220.0040,644.00582.0041,226.00200.00 Global Campus students completing the WSU Writing Portfolio will be assessed $50.00 from the WSU Writing Programs for the costs associated with administering the portfolio. SemesterRESIDENT - DVM Pullman599.5012,272.5012,872.00279.0013,151.00157.00244.0036.08120.005.00 AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Graduate (8)Pullman905.0024,974..0025,879.00558.0026,437.00314.00488.0072.17240.0010.00 **Amounts represent average costs. The COVID‑19 pandemic presents additional financial challenges for many local families. AnnualNON-RESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Tri-Cities 1,128.0031,128.0032,256.00512.0032,768.00300.00130.00 “This program applies to all prospective students who reside in Umatilla County.”. Tuition break down. Individual students who completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on time, met all financial aid deadlines and qualified for the maximum need-based aid available received the following 2017/18 federal and state … This is 35% more expensive than the national average public four year tuition of $7,203. Visit for more info. ACT and SAT scores are also not being used as a factor for admissions decisions through spring semester 2022. (4) Compton Union (Student Union Building) renovation fee. These figures are for the 2020–21 academic year and tuition is based on 10-18 credits per semester. If a course has exams that require a proctor, it will be noted in the syllabus. The University’s Tuition Exemption Policy is governed by Chapter 28B.15.558 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and UW Administrative Policy Statement 22.1. Applications can be completed online at SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Spokane564.0015,564.0016,128.00291.0016419.00100.00 Individuals interested in attending WSU Tri‑Cities in fall 2021 are encouraged apply by Jan. 31. Do not return opened lab kits. AnnualRESIDENT - Graduate Nursing Spokane 516.0016,718.0017,234.00582.0017,816.00200.00 AnnualRESIDENT - Undergraduate 587.009,615.0010,202.00527.0010729.00 SemesterRESIDENT - Undergraduate Spokane AnnualRESIDENT - Graduate Global351.0011,430.0011,781.00415.0012,196.00 “We continually try to identify ways where we can meet students where they are. Learn More About Tuition, Make sure to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by January 31 and submit any requested documents by March 15 to be considered for priority financial aid funding. Many courses have required media or other course materials (e.g., Media Online, DVDs, CDs). AnnualRESIDENT - Undergraduate Spokane587.009,615.0010,202.00582.0010,784.00200.00 AnnualRESIDENT - Undergraduate Vancouver 587.009,615.0010,202.00559.0010,761.0040.00 SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Pullman564.0012,008.5012,572.50279.0012,851.50157.00244.0036.0825.00120.0020.0098.005.00 Plus, financial aid, scholarships, and the opportunity to work on campus, made paying for college possible! SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Undergraduate Global282.505,424.505,707.00207.505,914.50 (9) Technology fees for Vancouver Graduate/Graduate Nursing students effective Januanry 1, 2018. SemesterRESIDENT - Undergraduate Everett 293.504,807.505,101.00263.505,364.50 Currently, in-state residents pay $13,647 per year in tuition, compared to the $21,118 tuition cost for … RICHLAND, Wash. – Washington State University Tri‑Cities will now offer in-state tuition rates to students in Umatilla County, Oregon. All quarterly application, registration, and payment dates referenced herein are based on the Academic Calendar. Many proctors charge a fee to the student. Employees of other state of Washington … SemesterNON-RESIDENT - Graduate (8) Spokane 452.5012,487.0012,939.50291.0013,230.50100.00 SemesterRESIDENT - Graduate (8)Tri-Cities 175.505,715.005,890.50256.006,146.50150.0065.00

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