I know sugar is one of those ingredients that can be highly personalized. I might try adding a banana or some mashed fruit like that too. Hi Meredith! There are lots of things that can contribute to a longer baking time, such as the oven temperature being off (this is common).

I did a search for a 26cm round pan and I think it looks very similar to what I use. I also only had unsweetened coconut and I toasted it in a pan before covering the cake. I used to be that way with marshmallows. November 7, 2020. I know that might change the flavor a little bit, but it would be a way to add moisture without added fat. Sounds like a lovely family gathering! I’d say about a third of a cup or so should do it. I also opted for coconut oil in the frosting but mine was refined (aka doesn’t have the natural coconut flavor anymore) so I added 1/4 tsp. I’ve never tried halving it before so I’m glad that worked for you! I know it’s strange to use ACV in a cake, but it works! Thank you! This cake is now one of my top ten favorite things in life!!! I’m planning to attempt a chocolate version this weekend! Using an electric mixer, cream the butter … Amazing recipe! I have tried using coconut flour, but it does have a drying effect on the finished product. The goal is to get it nice and fluffy.

I’m going to have to give this a try myself.
Hello, i exactly followed this recipe apart from the fact that i used Coconut Cream instead of milk and a high baking tin with a diameter of 20cm and i poured all the batter in it at once (with the idea of slicing it up afterwards to fill iT with frosting)

This cake was AMAZING. This cake can and should be topped with shredded coconut and maybe even fresh fruit. It’s kind of awesome too. The nutrition information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator and should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. this is the one! Add the sugar and cream together for up to 2 minutes, until light. Good times! Plan on making the icing the same day you’re going to serve the cake. Thanks Corminita! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Using an electric mixer, cream the butter until light and fluffy. Hi Lauren — I’m so glad you liked this recipe and that it was hit with your family! Ankita. Learn how your comment data is processed. Use icing to cover the entire cake and then top it with toasted shredded coconut. This post may have affiliate links. Hope this is helpful! Having a coconut cake for my birthday was a tradition from my childhood. Since the icing is made with coconut oil, it will harden when it’s placed in the refrigerator (still tastes delicious though!). I’m about to make this recipe for my birthday today! Spread this over the top of the cake and the sides. Run a knife around the edges of the pan and carefully invert onto a plate; immediately turn right side up onto a. Marly, what a fabulous cake! If you really want to use coconut flour, just be prepared for a dryer texture. Hi Saba! Line two 8" cake pans with parchment paper and set aside. I request it for every birthday…and special occasions too! What could i substitute for that that is vegetable free? Come enjoy Marly’s amazing easy vegan recipes for yourself! Garnish the top and sides with coconut flakes. Will make again! I made mine in a bundt pan and baked it for about 50 minutes. I misread it when it said 2 cups of canned coconut milk, I put in 2 cans, it doesn’t really seem that bad, it need to bake a bit longer. I used 3 tsp baking soda instead of baking powder (I have done this before in other cakes and it has worked perfectly) After I lose about 10 pounds because I anticipate I would be eating the entire thing.
Even my husband, who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, loved it. Makes a great gift for your favorite vegan!Click below: You can’t deny this delicious, creamy Vegan Coconut Cake – it’s the perfect combination of sweet coconut, vanilla cake, and creamy frosting! Hi Toni! 50 Comments. Thanks for your feedback too. The cake tasted the same, but it looked so strange! I made it last night and it turned out to be super moist and delicious! However, the cake came out extremely greasy. They overflowed from the cupcake cases and then completely sunk in the middle and the taste of them is horrible.. like they are very very acidy. It’s ok because now I make my own cake. Thanks Sim!

However, refrigerating the cake will help it keep up to 7 days. I enjoy a jumble of random weekend baking rituals that feel exactly and effortlessly right—that inspire, especially when I’m in a mood (good or bad)–a feeling of “this is why I bake.” White sugar isn’t vegan in most cases. Then, one year my mom was in the hospital on my birthday and my sister stepped in to make my cake. this granola will change your breakfasts. When it comes to frosting your vegan coconut cake, you have some options. Use a spatula to push down contents from the side of the bowl and pulse again in short bursts. Both of my sisters have that mischievous streak to them.

Hi Ashley. This gorgeous, indulgent cake is topped with my favorite vanilla frosting and sprinkled with coconut flakes on top.

Add the plant-based milk one tablespoon at a time until you achieve the desired, spreadable consistency. My niece Zoe’s first name is also her initials! Can you use either lemon juice or lime juice? Next, melt coconut oil in microwave or over stovetop; set aside to cool for a few minutes. Needless to say, my sister wasn’t asked to make my birthday cake again. Many thanks, I told her to only date boys with last names that start with E. . Let me know what you think of the cake. It’s one of my favorites too! Hi I absolutely love this cake made a few times now my vegan son adores it and non vegans too. But first, here are some explanations of ingredients and steps to help you make this recipe perfect every time. BOLD STATEMENT: this vegan coconut cake may be my favorite recipe of the past several months. It was subtle, and it was exactly what I was looking for. If you decide to make it, snap a photo and share it with us using #namelymarly on Instagram. .

I’m making it again this year for a birthday and I’m wondering why the apple cider vinegar? I wonder if you might be reacting to the baking powder? Everyone loved it! and thank you for your great post In a separate bowl, mix together the flour with the other dry ingredients. Also, my frosting, due to temperature and rushing, was more of a thick glaze than traditional frosting so I was kind of flopping it on and spreading and then rushing it to the freezer to set up. My cake comes out of the oven really really greasy. For a more intense coconut flavor, add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut extract to the frosting. I baked this cake last night for my daughter’s sixth birthday. I only had wheat flour, so I used that. Who knows, maybe that was her goal in the first place. So glad you liked this cake! And never miss one of my quick+healthy recipes. Maybe there’s something different about vegetarian marshmallows that make me like them more. My family grew up on coconut cake and this Sunday is Mothers day and my moms birthday. Cool in pans for 10 minutes. I would probably cut it back to 2 1/2 cups of coconut flour, again noting that coconut flour is so absorbent. Do you think this would make good cupcakes too? I love this cake too. Your site has some great recipes on it that I can’t wait to try as well! Amazing! This post was originally published in 2015 and was updated to include new photos, new text, and an updated recipe in 2020. In fact, this is the recipe for my very own Vegan Coconut Cake (sans food coloring), of course! One other variation is I used almond milk instead of coconut milk and I added 1 tsp of coconut flavouring to the icing. Hi Jenny. Now your daughter can share a similar experience with me – memories of coconut cake for her birthday! Thanks! why your core is should be … I put an additional 7 minutes on, was almost there, I tried another couple minutes, hopefully I didn’t ruin it, just checked it again and the tester came out clean… hopefully it’s ok Kids will love it too.

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