What will their first experiences in the work environment feel like? goal, and what motivated you? What opinions have you heard experienced colleagues express about the performance of less experienced colleagues (including trainees or students on placements, if you have them)? If you aren�t a Professional Supervisor at the moment, then imagine you are in the role and do the same activity. They may or may not already be familiar with the work setting. © 2020 Lakehead University. by marking sentences with an O for Opportunities (incidents which could provide a learning opportunity) or a T for Threats where issues or incidents hindered you from providing learning or support. This learning journal is a personal resource that you will build up during your study of the Supporting Workplace Study course. QuestionMy notesWhat were your initial expectations before you took on the role of professional supervisor, and have these been met?In what ways was the reality of the experience different from your expectations?What might you do differently in the future?What have you learnt that has been particularly successful, which you would like to transfer into your future work practice? Mark sentences in your account with an S or a W (or use the Notes column) if you think they indicate particular strengths or weaknesses. For example, did you notice that some weeks/topics were easier to learn? Describe organisational structures and processes: routines procedures mechanisms. Students need to detail how their thinking has changed and what this means for their future studies. Choose your journal. IEEE Photonics Journal Paper Template - Example Submission. In addition, it must be kept up to date. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. My notes Module 3 Valuing and managing emotions How do you value and manage emotions in your own practice? A Checklist for Professional Supervisors These are only suggestions to get you started. Remember that this is a special time for you to reflect on yourself, not the laundry or the electric bill. It may appear like it needs a tremendous effort to be done thoroughly. � Online Education Strategy (UNIV 1001) Uploaded by. As a reminder, these are the examples you have already seen: Examples of work undertaken, such as forms completed, work reports written, notes taken at a meeting, minutes of a meeting or presentations written by the portfolio owner, etc. ". learning journal unit reflection topic: intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation describe an example of when you were extrinsically motivated something. Show all Examples. Module 3 Others' first experiences at work Think of the student/trainee that you will be supervising. (If you are new to the role of supervisor/mentor, think instead about an occasion when you made an assessment informally of a colleague or some-one you manage at work.) What tensions might arise? Module 7 Looking back at supervision Now that you have come to the end of the process, you may find it useful to spend some time reflecting on your experience as a professional supervisor and identifying any implications for your future work practice and learning. My notes Module 4 SWOT analysis Use the chart on the next page to fill in as many features of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to you as a professional supervisor as you can. QuestionMy notesCan you think of a weakness of using a portfolio to demonstrate achievement?What might be the weaknesses of using a portfolio to demonstrate knowledge?What are the weaknesses of viewing a portfolio as a place to write good practice?

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