Döner – Turkey’s cheapest and best fast food. We tried the Manti – AWESOME, the Gozleme – also AWESOME and a Kokorec – indeed AWESOME. ), That Mantı looks amazing, please say you got a recipe? Loved the food and the Turkish tea (never knew the proper name for anything I ate or drank there). Nice summary. We just did a guest post for Green Global Travel on this – http://greenglobaltravel.com/2012/06/07/global-cuisine-manti-turkey/ Enjoy!! This dish came garnished with french fries which is a modification to the original recipe. I love the bulghur and lentil balls dish – made for me by a Turkish neighbour in London once. On the other side, if I think again, it’s not such a big surprise, especially considering the fact that we(Greeks and Turks) have lived together for over 1500 years!! If you are interested in authentic uses of language, go to Turkish realia for photos taken in Turkey. This all looks so SCRUMPTIOUS! :] I own a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant in the OC and I just shared your content on our Facebook. Then finally (after one more slice of bread), the main dishes come out and the real fun begins. (see Biharis in Bangladesh). Şiş – You can’t go wrong with grilled meat on a stick. It’s a delicious chewy treat that goes perfectly with ayran (yogurt drink). I was surprised to realize that 99% of these dishes can be found in the Greek cuisine too! My opinion of the doner did change in Germany, where I learnt that it doesn’t have to be a giant pile of brown gristley meat served with chips and curry sauce at 3am. They are lentil and bulgur wheat balls, rolled up in lettuce and topped with lemon juice. In supermarkets, sweetened yoghurts are not a common thing except for those flavored with fruits. I wish I could make these things for you, I really want to have a restaurant that serves food us Turks eat and sooner or later everyone will get used to it too:) . Love the Testi Kebab from Cappadocia. Along with the foods mentioned you have to try cabbage sarma that’s homemade, it’s filled with meat and tastes very different to the olive oil version in the restaurant. This is why it’s impossible to describe vastly rich Turkish cuisine and traditional dishes in a single article. Paros Island, Greece, I love both of those as well, although sarma ONLY if done right (usually home made by friends and not in restaurants! Pide and lahmacun are also quite popular like döner. Testi Kebab – A specialty from the Cappadocia region, this lamb and vegetable dish is cooked in a sealed ceramic pot for over an hour and when it is removed from the oven, the top of the ceramic pot is cracked with a back of a knife and removed. great post! Some foods that you would be unlikely to find in a restaurant but don’t die before you try are : Barbunya :Ezogelin Soup :Irmik Helva :Paca soup The absolute best thing in the world :Icli kofte. Hi There. And these are mostly consumed by children. . This tutorial was written by Ömer & Mehmet Sener. Turkish food should be main stream like Italian or Greek food, it’s soooo good! We leave on a cruise to Greece tomorrow so there is literally no food in my house. Mantı – One of our favorites. joseph eid/getty images No, shawarma wasn't invented as a hangover cure. mytube recently posted..Turkish Names. I realize that I’m only familiar with about 4 or 5 of these dishes, so I really can’t wait to experience all this wonderful, authentic Turkish cuisine! Found on probably every menu in Turkey, chicken, beef or lamb is generally served with a side of rice and a salad. The chicken or lamb is slow roasted on a huge skewer and then thinly sliced off to be served on bread or rolled up in a wrap. Natalie recently posted..The Basilica Cistern of Istanbul and the Heads of Medusa. But it is essentially two things that we all love: pastry and cheese. I’m so bad about remembering to take pictures of food, especially when it’s so good I don’t have the patience to photograph it first. We were super surprised with Turkish food as well and could well be our favourite foodie country! As a street food, the best version of döner is inside a dürüm, which means the thin slices of meat from the rotating spit are rolled up in lavash bread and filled with salad and sometimes melted kaşar cheese. and a few typical Iranian drinks. Since kebab has a number of varieties, when you go to a kebab restaurant in Turkey, you’re handed a very long menu. Doner! Thanks Chrystal. – Lahmacun I hadn’t heard of it either. Oh it is even better than in Turkey, believe me! “Döner”, popular around the world is also known as “kebab” in different countries. What a beautiful set of pictures. I’m now thinking of where I can get my hands on a kebab in Malta… Strange in the restaurant today I saw Moroccan Tagine, so you would think Kebab should be around somewhere…. One thing that we didn’t expect from Turkey was to enjoy the food so much! Thanks Natasha, I loved how they wrap it in lettuce. Ask for some olive paste and grab a glass of Turkish tea from somewhere to make it complete. Hopefully it’s as good as in Turkey! 70 kms over 2 days, 300 kms inside of the Arctic Circle. That manti sounds amazing; I’ve never even heard of it before. It’s the perfect combination. cynthia recently posted..Potato Salad w/Peas! Awesome post! Maybe if we find this place we can drop some of these hard-earned travel inches. Tailor-made Meze. And I just wrote a post about Moroccan recipes! But first, wet your appettie with platters of pilav, bulgur pilavı, mücver and Ottoman fried vegetables. It is then shaved and served in a roll.

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