He's like prep-time Batman, but with a base power level equal to Pre-Crisis Mongul. "I dream and it will be.". @kingant27: In Saga of The Swamp Thing 28-29 the original Monitor states that magical blasts at certain levels (very high, like at maximum energy) will be Trigon's or Spectre's, tacnically they're on the same level, and both would stomp Thanos. ... TLDR: Full powered Trigon is >>>>> Thanos with IG. And you're not even using canon feats for Trigon. Round 1 and 2, I'm giving it to Trigon, after some quick research. Trigon went toe to toe with Mxy from what I seen, thanos died. @mysticmedivh: Then he'll realize that he was still dreaming, wake up, then one shot thanks. Interesting. Trigon, though it wont be as simple as people are implying. The obviously wouldn't have any experience with either. So in any battle where that is not the case, Trigon DEMOLISHES Thanos. You can skip that request as well, since I own the book, have read it several times(and just flipped through it for this very occasion) and can confirm it doesn't exist. Trigon is only but a few hairs down from Thanos, and will take someone I think like Thought bot . Before he wakes up to see Thanos with the IG who then proceeds to blast him out of existence with a grin on his face. Featless fodder which Thanos can blink out of existence. That was a Trigon from another reality. @theonewhoknows: I mostly stick to CaV's, battles of the week, and etc. all of which, the teen titans animated series. Thanos stands no chance when someone of mid level spectres level notices him. @outside_85: That scan doesn't show any universal power, just statements; which have never been met etc. Battle • Both Trigon and Thanos are at full power • Thanos has the gauntlet with all the stones • Trigon has the Power Staff • The battle will take place at Shao Kahn's Temple in the mystic realm of Outworld, Shao Kahn will claim the dead soul. Thanks for the tip. As for the fourth round, using the original IG cannon, Thanos just unmake Trigons realm and blinks him out of existence. That's a lie. I believe he is in that level it's been awhile. There're plenty of statements on the following pages supporting it, but hey, they're statements so they gotta be bullsh!t, amirite? Thanos busts planets by hitting them......... @beyondergod: And Trigon busts universes. lol, no it isn't, Thanos on panel clearly snapped his fingers, compared to Trigon's statements; big difference. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Edit: Actually skip that request, here it is: Now show me where in this scan half a universe actually ceases to be. Pure and simple. It showed him destroying it, that's way more than Trigon has for himself, and many characters have stated things, even when they are reliable, however by people certain people on here don't really count that; so it that means not that much. Maybe Thanos vs Darkseid or Trigon vs Dormamu. Press J to jump to the feed. Trigons normal eye beams easily shattered a planet. trigon's might is slightly more then the infinity gauntlet. Trigon if there is no prep. With the Infinity Gauntlet all of reality merely became a plaything for Thanos. Trigon almost tore reality apart in a fight. You are indeed where you belong. On a pure power level, Thanos is an ant to Trigon, but Thanos has made a career dealing with people who he is an ant too. For round 4, I'm fairly certain Thanos w/IG is only omnipotent in the 616 Universe, and the gems are basically useless anywhere else. Trigon would eat thanos, the infinity gauntlet, and Galactus in the time it takes quicksilver to blink. I am now beginning to understand why so many long time users have privately told me they have vastly curtailed their time on the battle threads (one told me they "hate" the battle threads because of the "serious cray-cray" that abounds). Round 3, I'm unsure. @Outside_55: Exactly both statements, and while I don't see why both would lie, there is no on panel scans etc so by feats; he has nothing to compare to that level. With 1 week prep I see him winning though. Hence why claiming he killed half of it would be as empty as you make the above one. This is a spite thread, and should be locked for sure. Ultimate Nullifier Galactus could destroy universes. There's a reason you're the ONLY person trying to dispute it that I've seen on this site, or any at all. Every mind in the universe was under his control. Trigon is Omnipotent in his own realm you can't out prep him. I am pretty sure the panel didn't show first the entire Marvel U and then in the next it's missing half of it. Something to consider (I am dealing with just such a situation now). If Thanos is more powerful than you, he crushes you. Only the random disappearance of a gaggle of characters. Two of which were a random baby and some dude named "Charlie", hahaha. No it's not, lol, because Thanos's was on panel, and question what; a scan that has no on-panel proof of him doing it etc. But yeah, Trigon wins. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @kingant27: That's not a statement, it's his power, he's the one the only things in the universe that can blast something at the same power of the Spectre. If they both have prep, i still see Thanos winning. Time and time again, I have stated that the wank for Thanos on this site is intolerable (on no other site that I have visited is it this bad) and that there are people claiming Thanos can beat Trigon is yet another nauseating, vivid example of such dogged, almost cult like devotion to this character. So you're basically implying Trigon is lying....................to himself? Mad respect for Thanos, but this time he's out of his league. Thats a little silly way of looking at it if you ask me, so just because Trigon destroyed a universe while no one was looking, then it couldn't actually have happened? And if you want to go that route, yes, Thanos was only ever STATED to have wiped out half the universe. But I think Trigon 6/10, because the IG is just so powerful. Hell, some people thought Insider Suit Batman was strong enough to take on JLA members at one point. But if no prep is involved, Trigon (New Earth) and Trigon (Prime Earth) is too much for Thanos to take. No matter how much of a disappointment he is. There's so little of him on this sub. He's on a whole different level than Thanos. I don't see IG being mentioned anywhere in the OP. Galactus, the Ultimate Nullifier, and Eternity all got their asses handed to them by IG Thanos. That's just the way the character works. I feel like Trigon has a lot of implied power, but he still gets beaten by a group of younger heroes. Mr. They're not claiming he COULD do it(which would make it unfounded), they're relaying that he DID do it. Thanos defeated Eternity (among other abstracts and cosmic entities), a being whose power has shown capable of destroying and recreating the multiverse. Trigon wins so easily. Him with his hand outstretched and a big flash of light and him going 'there, half of it's gone'? And I have even MORE than given the Titan the benefit of a doubt when prep or some kind of amp has been stipulated in the OP. No-Prep Thanos loses, but can get one good hit before (Like the one he landed on Galactus). As in, this was a bit where nothing the Marvel reader knew anything about, the Kree/Skrull/Shi'ar Empires didn't extend into that half and no survivors have since shown up for revenge? Trigon is way too much for Thanos to take on. Thanos wins easily. Why are people saying Thanos when Trigon was winning in the him vs Galactus thread? I can't tell if you're serious at this point. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thanos is suspect number 1 in all realities. Trigon vs. Thanos. I feel bad for Thanos ..... Trigon is Spectre levelled ... Trigon a=has blinked away universes , and conquered dimensions . The OP doesn't indicate any amp of any sort. @jas0: That doesn't mean anything, and while there is statements etc of that level, his feats are nowhere near than Calibar; and Thanos can beat him potentially by feats. So, yes, some noteworthy players were taken off the field, but all the rest amounted to just that: statements. I can't comment on 1 and 2, but 3 is an absolute stomp for Trigon. The reigning champion of plot hax would find the right plot hack for Trigon is all I'm saying. Pull up a Batman thread from 4 years ago and you'll see some real wanking. @kingant27: Not really, Raven stated that he had claimed his own universe at the age of 30. If I learned one thing from Injustice year 3, it's to not mess with Trigon, Trigon tears the Mad Titan apart in my opinion. power; he killed 8 billion people in 6 seconds, reality; once turned the oceans of earth into lava, soul; copied the memories, powers and skills of the teen titans, then manipulated it to create evil opposite versions of the titans to fight the titans, mind; once mind-controlled raven, the inter-dimensional half demon with a vast amount of power second only to trigon who once stopped time, space/time; able to put his mind and thereby his powers in any place in both space and time simultaneously, also he has an army of demons at his disposal, can carve a rift into all dimensions simultaneously. @kingant27: It's as valid as Thanos' 'blowing up half the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet', you're the first person I've seen here that actually questioned this scan. He's like the evil version of the Spectre, I think only Neron and Lucifer Morningstar are the only hellish beings can defeat him. Would have been my reply. If they both have prep, i still see Thanos winning. Although, it would be interesting to see who would win in a battle between Galactus and Trigon. Round 1 and 2, I'm giving it to Trigon, after some quick research. Fantastic, Doctor Doom, Constantine, the Doctor, Peter Parker (to some degree), Deathstroke, and a few others have also had their days in the sun with prep wanking and constantly being assumed to be herald level or more because of an item they had once. Guys this is a joke, right? I doubt the Teen Titans can beat Thanos without the IG. Injustice feats don't apply. I see THANOS with the gems so he stomps trigon. And according to Raven thats enough to be true since it's out of Trigons character to lie about what he is and isn't capable of, plus she bridges with him on a psychic level, so lying to her is going to be difficult to begin with. @outside_85: Spider-Man observed half of Times Square vanish, Captain America witnessed the same happen to Sersi and Hawkeye, Nick Fury relayed that "half the human race just up and vanished..."(also remarked upon by news networks), The Skrull Empire reported "massive disappearances"(on which they naturally blamed The Kree), and Silver-Surfer was overcome with despair as he sensed "Billions upon billions of souls blinking out of existence". And I thought some of the Batman fans on other sites were bad---! Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet was omnipresent and omniscient. This isn't in Trigon's realm as far as O.P. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Without prep Thanos would lose pathetically, There is so many people hailing and bowing for Trigon in the DC multiverse, now there is nobody bowing for Thanos. That was retconned, however, and now the IG would be useless in that situation, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Is this ig thanos or not just need some clarification here cause thing seem to floating and circiling on this matter. Besides it's pretty well stated here that Trigon has done as claimed. Trigon is extremely overrated, and Thanos can win here, Trigon's best feat is no more than a claim of Raven saying he has busted a universe etch; however his other feats are not worthy o stomping Thanks in the slightest. It was never shown. Trigon himself states what he did, why would he lie about something like this when he is actually talking to no one but himself? But color me interested, the half of Thanos destroyed, that bit happened to be 'empty space', wasn't it? Trigon has only lost to extreme plot hax, direct counters to his power that Thanos has no access to or knowledge of. I think it wound up hitting 20 pages or more. But his sychophantic fans have hissy fits even if you say Thanos can win but the other character can too, EVEN IF THANOS HAS NO AMPS and the battle is a RANDOM ENCOUNTER!

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