Additionally, in October 2014 IKEA took a position on palm oil, palm oil has the potential to be a sustainable raw material, oil sourcing. 1. In case JOSH would not have agreed I would have waited for the next 8 months for new customers. percent of the phones and may eventually, handsets. Whilst Samsung have been successful with keeping in-house production, Airbus are doing well with outsourcing. A feature of the model is to incorporate performance of the SC relative to benchmark /target values and consider options to reduce gaps for improving overall sustainability performance of the business. IME 783 Supply Chain Management. future research. Globalisation challenges increase the need to re-evaluate our approach to basic factors such as land, capital, tive approach to change their practices and explore opportunities through social and environmental programmes, ers, academics, and policy makers acknowledge the importance of proper SCM as a key driver to gain local and, This study provides several relevant findings. Meanwhile, policy makers and activists argue that it will take tougher regulations and educated, organized consumers to force businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Seoul. The study has also surprising results: while collaboration emerges to be a weak outcome, only the economic dimension of sustainability appears as an outcome of KMI. The findings of this study are expected to guide industrial managers and experts on where to focus attention on achieving social sustainability in supply chains. By equating sustainability with innovation today, enterprises can lay the groundwork that will put them in the lead when the recession ends. as preventing water and ground pollution from the reduction of chemicals and pesticides. Despite such barriers, within one year, the largest, ). IKEA is a pioneer firm that introduced a systematic way of working with sustain-, analyse a global firm that successfully develops and implements real and impactful sustainability efforts within, their organisation and across their supply chain. August 2018; DOI: 10.2478/nybj-2018-0001. Nidumolu, R., Prahalad, C.K., & Rangaswami, M.R. International Journal of Production Economics. Met een klein team zorgen wij ervoor dat het u aan niets ontbreekt tijdens uw vakantie! © 2018 by Michael Hugos 1 However, it can be seen that Airbus, technologically advanced components meeting high specifications, and therefore prefer to use. Reikšminiai žodžiai: konkurencingumas, darnus vystymasis, darnus konkurencingumas, natūralūs ištekliai, miškai, miškininkyste, nuosavybe, valstybiniai miškai, privatūs miškai. Our analysis focussed on IKEA, tainability efforts within the three broad categories of SCM: inbound functions such as purchasing and procure-. New challenges always require new structure and new workforce to deliver the same quality. In this paper, we review the current state of academic research in sustainable supply chain management, and provide a discussion of future direction and research opportunities in this field. Electronics in Europe, Brazil and Korea (Kim, 1997). This can be accomplished by supporting organisations across the. Regarding their focus on the outcomes, interviewees believe that KMI helps them achieve short-term outcomes more as opposed to long-term outcomes (sustainability). companies - in terms of contingency variables - experience different impacts of globalization and supply chain management on the material inventory level. lish and keep adequate records of waste, have established procedure for the handling, storing, transportation, and disposal of waste, provide employee training, as well as have proper licenced contractors for proper disposal. international supply chains (Das et al, 1998). In this, ability performance is an integral measure of a firm, purchasing decisions and an organisational culture that incorporates fairness and considers the welfare of others, in the logistics process stretching from the purchasing of raw materials to the delivery of end-products to end, part of the chain. In addition, we also consider information sharing as another key construct of IOKT- related behavior, examining its relationship with motivational and resultant factors. to have their product assembled in China. These influences are relational, and encourage adoption of, sustainability practices. © 2018 Operations and Supply Chain Management Forum. Teaching Guide & Syllabus Anthropogenic emissions likely pose serious threat to the stability of our environment; immediate actions are required to change the way the earth’s resources are consumed. Platform for Collaborative Real-Time Supply Chains, M&OP Demand and Supply Planning Templates, Tactical Mission Planning in Humanitarian Response Situations, Humanitarian Mission & Operations Planning (M&OP), Supply Chain Modeling and Simulation in 6 Easy Steps, Enterprise Games: Business in the Real-Time Economy, No public clipboards found for this slide, Essentials of Supply Chain Management, 4th Edition Lecture and Study Slides, Senior PV Audit Manager at AMCo (Formerly Amdipharm Mercury Ltd). Secondly, building relationships with various stakeholders within the organisation across the supply, chain has been a successful approach for IKEA. Mögliche Konsequenzen einer Einführung neuer Verpackungslösungen beschreiben wir differenziert auf Geschäftsmodellebene mithilfe des Business Model Canvas von Osterwalder und Pigneur und entwickeln darüber Typen verpackungsreduzierender Geschäftsmodelle im Einzelhandel. Journal of Business Economics and Management, Brockhaus, S., Wolfgang, K., & Knemeyer, A.M. (2013). inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change (IKEA Group. chain management: a case study at IKEA, Transnational Corporations Review, DOI: Sustainable supply chain management: a case study at IKEA, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada, ance, but also their environmental and socia, ply chain, including second and third tier sup, In a rapidly changing world, supply chain managers struggle to balance cost reduction with corporate social. bench-marking with international. up with Apple in smart phone production and, business model in consumer products manufacturing sector. Mapping the future sustainable competitiveness creates a need for research initiatives to develop the new concept of competitiveness, with much of the research focusing on how sustainable development and competitiveness interact. IKEA has in place many reverse logistics efforts such as a cardboard, ). • Chapter Quizzes As evident through, the IKEA case study, an holistic approach to sustainability focussing on all three pillars, that integrate only one or two pillars (Brockhaus, Wolfgang, & Knemeyer, 2013; Morali & Searcy, increasing its marketshare and corporate growth IKEA maintained a strong economic position while focussing on, an overarching commitment to manage its supply chain by focussing on social and environmental sustainability, This research paper is organised as follows. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, Chardine-Bauman, E., & Botta-Genoulaz, V. (2014). Not only is IKEA a signatory to the Ten Principles of. IKEA reports in fiscal year 2016 a reduction in, reverse logistics system incorporates a supply chain that has been rede-, ). Sustainability has long been on the agenda at many companies, but for decades their social, environmental, and governance activities have been disconnected from core strategy. The analytical framework visualizes the relationships between what is explicitly expressed, in writing or speech, and what tacitly guides behaviour, and what is actually practised in product development. manage its supply chain activities which are implemented globally. Drawing from institutional theory, evolutionary theory, complexity theory, and from the organizational learning, innovation, and strategy literatures, this paper offers four key findings and contributions to the supply chain literature.

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