To her surprise, the cat gave him no resistance. She'd proven how willing she was to become his companion, a surprise considering she really did seem fragile in his world. The name seemed to take him by surprise but before he could answer there was a racket in the outer room. Lana almost uttered a cry of surprise, astonished he'd survived the missiles. Sarah's expression went from surprise to joy in the blink of an eye. That the September number came with a 1-4 finish — the lone win over non-playoff Dallas — should not be a surprise. His election caused considerable surprise, and it is suggested by Ammianus Marcellinus that he was wrongly identified with another Jovian, chief notary, whose name also had been put forward, or that, during the acclamations, the soldiers mistook the name Jovianus for Julianus, and imagined that the latter had recovered from his illness. Carmen was only two years younger than Josh, so it was no surprise that they had become inseparable playmates. A similar moan of surprise and horror ran through the crowd. Joe wouldn't take kindly to his daughter's surprise motherhood. The Unionists of Ireland had been taken by surprise, and out of Ulster they had no organization capable of opposing the National League and the government combined. In July of the next year Bishop Henry was back again, having gained possession of the city by surprise; and in the following October he sold his temporal rights to the emperor Charles V. 2 The same assumption would supply a reason for 1 Neither Herodotus nor Thucydides tells us anything as to its powers; but their silence on this point need not surprise us, as they had no especial occasion for referring to the subject, and in general it may be said that before the 4th century B.C. arboururned in some surprise toward the rustic arbor in which we sat. The defences consist of an inner line of works which preserve the place against surprise, and of an outlying chain of detached forts of fairly modern construction, forming roughly two-thirds of a circle of three miles radius. Old man winter had a surprise for them after that. Your communiqué—" "Is this real?" Surprise was replaced by anger and concern as he vaulted to his feet, intent on ensuring his men were safe. Besides, the Germans had long since become aware of the movement in progress, and all chance of surprise was past. On the 2nd of April 1571 Mary's party lost Dumbarton castle, which Crawford of Jordanhill took by a daring night surprise; and Archbishop Hamilton, a prisoner, was hanged without trial. In the autumn of 1911, to the surprise of the public, an exchange of offices was effected between him and Mr. McKenna, and he became First Lord of the Admiralty. Know your HNGs from your FWBs? I am so clever; at times I surprise myself! General James Winchester, whom Harrison had ordered to prepare to cross Lake Erie on the ice and surprise Fort Malden, turned back to rescue the threatened American settlement at Frenchtown (now Monroe), on the Raisin river, and there on the 22nd of January 1813 was forced to surrender to Colonel Henry A. Katie followed Carmen, her voice a mixture of surprise and humor. This castle, indeed, yielded a safe shelter to the pope in January 1400, when the Colonnas made their attempt to surprise Rome. "Ah!" To her surprise, she caught Connie at home. It was only by a surprise that he recovered his capital Toledo from the hands of the Laras. On the 8th of July the revelation of the Anglo-Ottoman treaty for the British occupatiofi of Cyprus took the congress by surprise. Alex's sister generally had an opinion about everything, so it was no surprise that Katie had one about Lori. Indeed for some time his persistent prosperity provoked the indignant surprise of those who believed him to be under a curse. Having espoused the Gothic cause in the year 536, it was taken, after a protracted siege, by Belisarius, who turned aside an aqueduct, marched by surprise into the city through its channel, and put many of the inhabitants to the sword. There was then no ground for surprise that, when in April 1878 an attempt was made on the life of the emperor, Bismarck used the excuse for again bringing in a law expressly Legisiadirected against the Socialists. Few persons hear without surprise that England itself possesses more than a score of species in this airbreathing tribe. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The city was sacked and burnt; but the Capitol itself withstood a siege of more than six months, saved from surprise on one occasion only by the wakefulness of the sacred geese and the courage of Marcus Manlius. To her surprise, her voice cracked, and her eyes burned with unshed tears. Example sentences with the word surprise. In West-ostlicher Diwan (1819), a collection of lyrics - matchless in form and even more concentrated in expression than those of earlier days - which were suggested by a German translation of Hafiz, Goethe had another surprise in store for his contemporaries. Twenty-five days later the northern allies, intending to surprise the smaller Frenth army on its passage over the bridge at Bouvines, themselves sustained a complete defeat. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. phrase. Wiedemann and Schmidt' that the vapours of sodium and potassium are fluorescent, important as it was from an experimental point of view, caused no surprise.

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