It really is a message to everyone. It is indeed God's desire that we lose trust in all else, including our very selves, and vest that trust in Christ alone. #127, The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration #350, The New National Baptist Hymnal (21st Century Edition) #292, Tune: ['Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus] (Kirkpatric), Alexander's New Revival Hymns: as used at the Torrey-Alexander meetings #66, Ambassador Hymnal: for Lutheran worship #582, Best Hymns No. just to trust his cleansing blood; Listen Download MP3 (1.31 Mo) 194x⬇ 1802x View Download PDF: Download pdf - 'Tis so Sweet to trust in Jesus (1 page - 48.47 Ko) 1060x⬇ CLOSE Now that you have this PDF score, member's artist are waiting for a feedback from you in exchange of this free access. Those who knew the cruciality of this did cry out even with tears, "I believe Lord, help Thou my unbelief!" "In Christ alone our hope is found". This hymn is always sung to the tune TRUST IN JESUS, which was written for this text by William Kirkpatrick in 1882 and appeared in the first publication of this text (Songs of Triumph, 1882). Please consider white-listing or, 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, And to take Him at His word, African Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal #440, Soul-stirring Songs & Hymns (Rev. life and rest, and joy and peace. A separate copy of this score must be purchased for each choir member. This song came to mind as I was going through tremendous pain from surgery. A timely exhortation in testing circumstances. 4 I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee, Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend; And I know that Thou art with me, Wilt be with me to the end. Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!,, The earth absorbs the soft, refreshing rain. [VERSE 1] G C G Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus C D And to take him at his word G C G Just to rest upon his promise C Dsus D G And to know, "Thus saith the Lord." The tune should be easily singable by a congregation. Thank you Lord. Ad revenue helps keep us running. Thank you, Sylvanus (May comment). 3: for services of song in Christian work #63, Ausgewahlte Lieder des Evangeliums (Selected Gospel Songs) #d95, Santo, Santo, Santo: cantos para el pueblo de Dios = Holy, Holy, Holy: song for the people of God #635, ['Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus] (Kirkpatric), All tunes published with ''Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus', The Nativity (Organ Meditations for Christmas), Enough with "'Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus", Ring for Joy! The experience is unpalatable but the certificate acquired isn't written in ink on paper but stamped on the receiver's life, resulting in abundant living afterwards! The initial word of some lines of stanzas 1 and 2 is sometimes changed from the original “just” to “and.” The frequent repetition of the word “just” reinforces the simplicity of trusting in Jesus, but “and” relieves the redundancy and connects the lines better. Another minor change is a slight modernization of the language in the fourth verse – changing “thee” and “thou” to “you” or “Him.” The drawback of changing to “Him” is that, instead of praying the final stanza to Jesus, the object of our trust sung about in the first three stanzas, it is still addressed to fellow Christians. Timeless hymn, it shall be sang until our Lord is back! Tonight, my soul is lifted in Thanksgiving. O for grace to trust him more! and to know, "Thus saith the Lord.". Different countries, differing circumstances but same Lord and Saviour who will never leave us nor forsake us. Our Songs and Hymns 324), Gloria Deo: a Collection of Hymns and Tunes for Public Worship in all Departments of the Church #400. The text of this hymn has remained quite consistent, with four stanzas and a refrain. This is but the sure way to experiencing His power in our lives and practical circumstances. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27 ESV) In 1880, the husband of Louisa Stead, author of “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” drowned. I sang it in Church last Sunday to encourage the congregation. I feel joy each time l sing it and I have been singing this hymn since my secondary school days in the 70s. FlexScores are available in the Media section below.

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