I once saw a tree at Christmastime that was a little taller than the house, decorated with several strings of multicolored lights encased somehow with gallon milk jugs. Stuff them into an empty milk jug then pull one out of the top as a lead. This is a really easy pinata to make. Hope you have lots of fun making and displaying them. Find the directions at Lakeshore Learning. You can find the directions for this pinata at Green Eco Services. It's amazing to see what people can do using milk jugs. These are really cool looking, but also a bit scary. Each year he does different designs and structures and it’s so much prettier than it sounds! See how it is done, by going to The Hiland Home for the directions. Fill it with water and freeze it. You can use it to make a large scoop that can be used  for scooping things like pet food, potting soil and more. To make yours, paint or decorate it however you want. To keep that from being a huge worry, you can use empty milk jugs to make a homemade milk jug lunch box! Think of all the faces you can make for your ghosts. You can find the instructions for making this necklace at PBSparents. This is a great project if you like to decorate outdoor for Halloween. Fortunately, there are enough milk jugs in the recycling bin that you can all be Spartacus. These beautiful flower string lights could easily be used for not only party, but also bridal decorations. Yes, this is the practical version of the Word Whale. For safety and picking ease, just face these hanging planters toward the inside of your balcony, please. Everyone looks more attractive in the dark. Decorate in any way that you want and you’re done! Fill it with water and freeze it. They look so fun to make! By submitting your name and email, you are giving us permission to email you. If you want to make some of these butterflies, find the directions at Alphamom. Use them to store things like push pins, nails, school supplies and more! Why limit yourself to human skeletons? They can get expensive if you’ve got a lot of seeds, but upcycled milk jugs can help cut that cost. For this interesting project, go to My Recycled Bags for the directions. They would be great to place by my front door for Halloween. As a beekeeper, I actually use this scoop design to pick up bees. I hope you enjoy these milk jug crafts that I've compiled! Fill with water and you have an automatic watering system! If you practice storing food for emergencies, use your empty milk jugs to store foods like rice, sugar, flour and pastas. Use empty milk jugs to help keep cool on hot days – If you have pets that overheat easily, an old milk jug can help. (See also: 18 Awesome, Practically Free Upcycled Craft Projects), Like that old saying goes: If you chop your own wood, you warm yourself twice. It's no big deal if you forget it at the playground. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Use empty milk jugs to store plastic bags – Tired of all of those plastic shopping bags taking over under the sink or your junk drawer? Suggestion included is to cut the scraps in sized pieces for future quilting projects. Find the directions at Free-n-Fun. It isn’t that I find it incredibly fun because honestly? To make yours, take a large gauge sewing needle and lighter. What Really Goes into Creating a Credit Card, 3 Tips to Get a Bigger Kick out of Your Rewards Programs, Tips to Maximize Credit Card Reward Earnings. The kids will really enjoy making jewelry using milk jug plastic. Cloches are miniature greenhouses, traditionally made from glass. Upcycle the leftovers from your upcycled project into another tool. Okay, so this really isn't the milk jug, but it came with the jug, so I thought I … But they do not affect the actual opinions and recommendations of the authors. For the directions for this cool ghost, go to The Artful Crafter. Lay it in their cage or bed and they’ll have a ready made way to keep cool. Snowmen like these would put everyone in the holiday spirit. Wondering what to do with your growing squadron of no shrink Shrinky-Dink Butterflies? Love the Monster Pinata and the Spirit Jugs. I love the looks of these cute white snowmen. If you get a sharp edge on your cut, use some fine grade sandpaper to sand it down so that it isn’t quite as sharp. This is so easy to do and so very festive. Each week you will receive our very best recipes, practical DIY projects, garden and homestead projects and of course, frugal living tips! If you’re worried about it being too cold for them, wrap it in an old towel to help insulate against the cold. Cut the sides out and decorate them with any designs that you want and use them as homemade garden markers.

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