Any teen is sure to also enjoy the colored plastic frames, film stickers, colored lens filters, and cute matching case. Make it easy on yourself and go with this astro-themed eyeshadow palette. Here are the top 52 best gifts for 12-year-old girls: One of the most appealing things about the Beats by Dre brand is that they look cool; sounding great is only a bonus. Their sponges work perfectly and are much prettier (I'm not a bright fuschia kind of girl)." It’s tough to take the perfect selfie, and I can’t promise that these PopSockets will help her do that. I couldn't help but purchase them — and they are beautiful! Who knows what “kids these days” are into, right?! Get it from Amazon for $23.99 (available in black and off-white). Promising review: "I love this shoe soooooo much! —Deverley. Few boots are as classic and trendy all at once as Doc Martens. The desk can hold up to 110 pounds. It doesn't feel cheap. Ann Shen's latest book, Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You, is jam-packed with stunning illustrations and facts about goddesses from all around the world. If she's feisty and a little sarcastic (as most teens are), she is sure to get a kick out of the products in this package. An electric scooter is the perfect gift for 12 year olds who might love to visit their friends down the street, go to the corner convenience store, or ride around the neighborhood. Scroll on for 45 unique, cute gift ideas anyone—even the pickiest teen girls—would want for the holidays. Lighting is everything when it comes to decorating. And if all else fails, you could always go with a gift card (teenagers love those). They are well made, and even hold up to being washed in the washer."—Cheryl. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Gift this to the teenager in your life and cross your fingers she loves you enough to give you the matching pin (eeeep!). It’s a colorful light bulb that is connected to their smartphone (or tablet), allowing them to change the color of the light in their room to whatever they’d like. This super-cute dainty hoop is made of solid gold and small enough that maybe her parents won’t notice. This game combines the trendy app with the old-school games we used to play on our GameBoys in the '90s — and I think I want it as much as any teen might. Has the teen in your life been clamoring to see the latest installment of Fantastic Beasts? It includes a Fender FA-115 acoustic guitar with a spruce top and a walnut fretboard. So, if she went crazy for Pokemon Go, she’s going to want the newest Pokemon game.. New and improved, the Amazon Fire Tablet is a great gift for her internet browsing, video streaming, and Kindle reading needs. Now with twice the amount of storage and up to 12 hours of battery life, the Fire is faster than ever. I love everything about plaid. Made with super-soft Sherpa fleece, she’ll never want to take it off. With it, your kids can program their unicornbot without the need for any tools or grownup supervision. Quite roomy inside for a flap purse in this size. It’s intended to look like a hunk-of-junk in the movie, but a hunk of a junk in the Star Wars universe is still, well, something from the Star Wars universe that is out of this world. When I tried them on, I did not want to take them off. It’s easily one of the best new board games available. Although many teenagers may want to streak or dye their hair, it doesn’t always have to be permanent. Is this not the most precious pin set you've ever laid your weary eyes on? I wish this book existed when I was younger, but I am also happy it exists now! The projects are small in scale and provide great practice for larger projects in the future. Color choices include black, berry, coral, scuba, storm, and royal blue. Life doesn’t have to be set in a tropical setting to become a mermaid for the day. In fact, preteens are typically considered to be the toughest age group to shop for come the holiday season. Well, after presenting them with this cozy but chic cardigan, they will have to admit they were wrong about your style all along! There are so many options now more than ever before, thanks to new technologies, social media, and the heavy emphasis on pop culture that our society has. You can never go wrong with something that's cozy, especially if it has an on-trend, tie-dye design. Is she also into astrology? Here goes nothing!). Books are a great way to relate to your soon-to-be teenager. —Allison E. Krumwiede. See? Not only does it serve as a sort of virtual assistant for them, but it also doubles as a music player, homework helper, and more. Check. Our Styles. We only get a few brief scenes with Rey’s Speeder Bike in the movie, but that doesn’t make it any less badass. The gold metal studs that outline Mickey are just cool enough to pass the teenage-girl test. According to the product page, this kit includes “9 colors of felt, 32 yards of floss, 2 embroidery needles, 1 oz. Skin definitely looks brighter and more radiant after use. Then she knows the perfect place to store nail polishes, lipsticks, serums, and creams is in the fridge. Which is why this product checks multiple boxes. 12 year old girls LOVE to light up their rooms; something about a twinkly glow while hanging out just makes their room seem better. A neon sign is much more exciting way to add light to a room than a regular table lamp. This palette is pigmented with rich colors and has a super smooth application. Any girl would be lucky to receive this book this holiday season! Whether she's headed to school or a friend's house for the weekend, a fun backpack with a bold print will hold everything she needs. They’re cute and simplistic vinyl figures that make for perfect shelf fodder. Promise. As close as the faucet or fridge may be, some people forget to drink enough water. It just feels right. This is a 15 lb model, recommended for 100-150lbs, but there are plenty of other sizing options available to best fit your child. If you don’t want to sing solo, make it a fun activity with friends. If your 12-year-old is not a cat lover, there are also other purses out there that feature different animals. I’m usually an XL/XXL and the M fits me great. Promising review: "One of the best peel-off masks I have used. If she wants her accessories to look a little more polished, then a leather-detailed crossbody will do just the trick. Once built, the Great Hall is a massive 14″ high, 11″ wide, and 7″ deep. Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, as well as sleep quality. Promising review: "I love everything about this subscription box — from the fun and sassy items to the super-cute packaging! It comes with the vehicle, figure, her staff, the projectile, and instructions. Soft, comfy, and perfect for winter, this blanket is a great gift for mermaid lovers and fans alike. She’ll be obsessed with these ultra comfy pants that are model Kaia Gerber's go-to (hence the name). From makeup that will make them feel like they have a glam squad to trendy accessories, you're about to have one happy girl on your hands. Does she love all glittery things? Ever seen a pair of square-toe slippers this chic? All they have to do is throw their hair up in a pony or a (somewhat) neat bun, accessorize it with this fab scrunchie, and move on with their morning. Also included is a garment glossary, which helps artists learn the difference between fabrics and styles. A selfie mic of course! Take music, for instance. Her speeder bike comes with a special edition Rey, and the bike comes with a projectile. A UV phone sanitizer. These are the little things a girl wants her guy to do, but won’t ask … Her room will look so trendy with a letter board she can switch up with punny, cute phrases. and Let’s Go Eevee! A bit of a ridiculous concept, the selfie mic is a version of the infamous selfie stick, only with a microphone attached to the end. Give her a sweet place to store all of her bright ideas, feelings, and thoughts. I love it so much, I plan on buying the other colors. Not gonna lie, I kind of want these for myself! I like this because it's not super bulky around my neck. Mischief managed! It is comparable to the Urban Decay Naked palette from Sephora ($54 if you do want to splurge). Made with 100% cotton, this woven throw blanket is as funny as it is soft. These trendy velvet scrunchies will be perfect for them! 52 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. The Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System features a Bluetooth speaker that connects to any device to change her playlists at ease. Check out today’s hottest deals on board games here. Make her room a relaxing spa with this special day at the spa kit, complete with many ways to “chillax” and have a good day off of school during winter break. And don’t worry – This bottle is just regular chocolate candies! When it comes to owning comfy pairs of pajamas, the limit does not exist. The instructional DVD shows you how to set up the guitar, play chords, etc. The game starts out with you and your friends discovering new rooms in a mansion, and that alone is enough fun to keep you playing. There’s also a file and buffer to make the most out of her manicure. These are bright and colorful LED lights that she can control right from her smartphone or tablet, or using Alexa. Sure, they're guilty of not liking anything and returning everything, but if you take note of their likes and interests (even if they seem to change from day-to-day), you might surprise both them and yourself. There is also an instructional booklet that guides her along the way. Meanwhile, the bottle illuminates as a reminder to drink more water. Get it from Amazon for $128.95+ (available in five colors). Whether she has multiple piercings or just one, these will definitely add some sparkle to her lobes. Then she is sure to love this equally basic dad hat. —Jennifer S. Game of Thrones nerds, where you at!? Does not irritate my very sensitive skin, and it actually peels off very easily!!! Sign me up! Thanks to the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, a whole new group of teens can appreciate the treasure that is Luke's Diner. Hell, they may even ditch their friends to stay in and play with their parents (GASP!). If you’re looking for your 12 year old daughter’s “big” gift, the Powerbeats Pro is a great option for a number of reasons. (Having been a teen girl at one point myself, I think I'm qualified to help you shop for the one in your life...right? I feel like I'm petting a bunch of tiny kittens. This camera bundle is a gift that's great for girls of all ages! In the game, players take on the role of an ambitious demigod who is trying to claim a spot on Mount Olympus. When using the app, you can sing, record, and share your videos. Promising review: "I love this little felt board. They are thicker than I thought they would be, but overall work well with updos for me. We love the dynamic created when Rey and BB-8 are onscreen together in The Force Awakens.

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