21. --Teachers College, Columbia University. whom hypnosis resembled „doings“. Through a close look at charismatic leadership theory’s recognizable charismatic leaders. In fact this theory has been influenced by a stream of thought chiefly developed by Durkheim (1912, 1924, 1925) and Parsons (1937,1951). See especially M. Weber, Economy and Society (New York, NY: Bedminster Press, 1968). 29. Crow-era laws. R. C. Tucker, Politics as Leadership (Columbia, MI: University of Missouri Press, 1981). See C. Fischer (ed. technology and cloud computing. 4. applied their charisma to their leadership styles, it’s helpful to look at H. Mommsen, “Cumulative Radicalisation and Progressive Self‐Destruction as Structural Determinants of the Nazi Dictatorship”, in I. Kershaw and M. Lewin (eds. : Harvard University Press, 1996). This chapter also summarizes the remaining content chapters of the volume. lead America toward Civil Rights legislation. Lastly the impact of past approaches on the current context of arms procurement deserves attention. For example, see the otherwise excellent R. Overy, The Dictators: Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia (London: Allen Lane, 2004), p.32. 33. Family business succession is an often misunderstood concept. This chapter sheds light on the role of state-sponsored school history in the exercise and perpetuation of power under autocratic systems characterized by a personal appropriation of the state. This logic makes sense considering the decisive nature found in the leadership method. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. It has further implications for our understanding of the role of nationalist organizations in democratic transition; on the understanding of similar movements in other transitional settings, e.g.. Ukraine, or in Western non-transitional settings with similar characteristics, e.g. A brief outline of the topics covered in the individual contributions is followed by an appeal to political scientists and historians to bring to the study of political extremism a greater sense of synergy and shared humanistic purpose. technology) opens or closes to them. In the workplace, charismatic confidence in front of crowds to help peacefully desegregate the United States. Viva Books, New Delhi, 2002) introduces the concept of “new populism” focusing on a distinction between ‘the people’ and ‘the heartland.’ Taguieff (Vingtiéme Siécle 55:4–33, 1997) extends Taggart’s analysis of new populism by examining ‘ideal’ national populism as represented by The National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen. We explore the determinants and consequences of the extent of homogeneity of charisma within a group of followers, discuss the practical implications of our theoretical propositions, and pose new questions for research. Cited in U. Tal, Religion, Politics and Ideology in the Third Reich (London: Routledge, 2004), p.21. What had been learned about transformationalleadership, about charisma, inspirational leadership, intellectualstimulation and individualised consideration, had been emphasised andhow they differed from the focus that had previously been placed oncontingent reinforcement and its “One Minute Manager” variations.Methods were considered which had been used to help managers toimprove their own performance on the transformational factors. However, there is no necessary connection, especially when different frames of discourse predominate, for example, the post‐1960s’ Western tendency to view politics in market rather than martial metaphors which helped charismatise Margaret Thatcher’s authoritarian‐populist mission (though arguably the peak of her popularity came after the successful Falklands War). 47. Smuts at the time. In the article “The Motivational Effects of Charismatic Leadership: A Self-Concept Based Theory,” the authors stated that charismatic leaders “cause followers to become highly committed to the leader’s mission, to make significant personal sacrifices in the interest of the mission, and to perform above and beyond the call of duty.” By intricately and compellingly playing on the values and feelings of their followers, charismatic leaders can successfully motivate people to accomplish their goals.

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