Anoop:  My best investment idea is something I didn’t do more than something I did. As an inexperienced investor, I was looking for guidance, and every expert resource on financial media was talking about how this was “a new normal” and equities were likely to be depressed for a long time.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Stock and Ladder readers. Ravi:  A wonderful set of criteria there. Liong Hai spent some good two decades in two of Singapore’s largest telecommunications companies.
Hi Kamal, Thanks. In the short run, the investors who can't let go -- who track and trade on every market move -- tend to come out on top. | Technical view by Nooresh, Sir, Analysis and Insight on Indian Equities Investing, This article was first published on Standard & Poor's and S&P are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. 328 likes. I have been a regular reader of his blog for over three years now and love reading his thoughtful posts. Ravi: I agree that the investor’s worst enemy could be themselves. 170%.

DR Venkateshan, Your email address will not be published. Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It's the ultimate twofer. Motilal Oswal’s S&P500 Index Fund: Should you Invest? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Angel is proficient in research and hence transfers this skill to enhance her investment returns.

A 60% drop in portfolio value got me questioning my philosophy or lack of one grounded in time-tested foundations. Cheng Kok is also the immediate past President of AIA Toastmasters Club, one of the top clubs worldwide. Interesting analysis. When you think you're right about wrong answers like those, how can you ever hope to figure out something as complex as which stocks will go up or down, or what the market will do over the next month, the next year or the next decade?

You would expect them to outperform the simplest way you could invest, i.e. Get your own trading costs down close to zero by thinking like an owner, not a renter of stocks.

TCI Rapid XRay Sample - Hind.Zinc. Anoop:  Investment success is 15% about valuing and identifying the right companies and 85% about being aware of overcoming our behavioral biases. Often, the more you trade, the less you make (see the chart).

The biggest ever.

Before you conclude that the top performers in this table are the “best stock pickers” and the others should probably find other professions, consider what they recommended back in Dec 2018: Morgan Stanley’s 2019 Picks (Overall +19.8%), Centrum Broking 2019 Picks (Overall +14.2%), Macquarie Research 2019 Picks (Overall -22.9%). On this day in 1983: Microsoft Windows unveiled.

Whether you are winning or losing at any given moment is beside the point. She has been featured on The Newpaper in the article entitled “Break up was Wake-up Call” in December 2016. In uncertain times like today, the awareness that no matter how deep the correction, a part of your investments will remain unscathed and will keep growing, can make the difference between losing the plot and making the right decisions.

Analysis and Insight on Indian Equities Investing.

79%. Put two unrelated sets of data together and our brains will find patters where there are none: That's a good reminder that you should never engage in any investing strategy without reviewing the real-world results of other people who've tried it. Wishing you the very best for your life, work and investing journey.

He has also been invited to speak at NUS, NTU and SIM on several occasions.

Match the causes of death worldwide (left) with the number of fatalities in 2000 (right): In 1982, looking at past returns on bonds would have taught you exactly the wrong lesson about how to invest.

the closest thing to a free lunch, Look at that last table of annualized returns. Actually, like a lot of Engineers, I started off far from investing, as a software programmer back in 2000.

(Our CM Fixed Income Portfolio is a combination of three debt funds but let’s keep it simple for this discussion), Here’s how an investment that SIPs annually into a combination of the NIFTY and an FD compares with only the NIFTY. This site is an attempt to distill key learnings on my two passions: improving the mind and body, and investing in the stock market. [1/5] Lessons from a time-traveling investor How do you attribute success or failure to skill versus luck? 1. Don't worry, We've got your slack! That way, you'll never put all your money into the market at once right before a crash, or have nothing in the market right before it soars.

Let us say you were given a time machine and you could start your investing journey again afresh.

Dr. Feynman, on the difference between knowing the name of something and understanding it: “See that bird? But I quickly saw that Indian stocks traded way off quaint concepts like book value and Discounted Cash Flow, so I became a “quality at any price” buyer, which seemed to work well for some time. I work with the awesome folks at Capitalmind, on writing about actionable investing insights for Indian investors, and manage the Momentum Strategy in the Capitalmind Wealth PMS.

He is also an award winning speaker in toastmasters.

The problem really is our need to seek out stories that appeal to our limbic system, “emotional brain” as its called. Recent examples being ITC, Reliance, Laurus Labs. Investing doesn't have to be like this. Ravi: Great Choice! Within the 13 portfolios there is a fair bit of divergence.

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