(Model S, Model 3 & Model X) Tesla model S weighs about 4,647 lbs (2,107 kgs). The body style of the model as defined by the number of doors and roof treatment. A key reason for this reduction in wiring length is an integrated hub of multiple Battery Management Systems (BMS), connectors, fuses, contactors and a high voltage controller (see figure below). It’s important to note that the performance figure is for the first production long range Model 3 which is equipped with a single electric motor and comes standard in a rear wheel drive only configuration. Your email address will not be published. final drive ratio of the electric motor. Here’s Why You Should Buy a Tesla. Although this is one of the highest rates in the class. The lower the coefficient, the better aerodynamics the model has. Information about the type of brakes used on the rear wheels. And the total volume of two luggage racks reaches 425 liters. Acceleration to 97 km / h – in 5.1 s, and the maximum speed – 225 km / h. The model name of the electric car. Like its older brother the Model S, the Model 3 is also manufactured at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, CA. Additional information about the rechargeable battery of the electric car. That being said, Elon Musk did say he wanted to deliver a “smackdown” to gas-guzzlers when he unveiled the Roadster. More versions = deeper in hell. The battery voltage denotes the difference in electric potential between the positive and negative electrodes of the pack. Tesla has managed to pack the 4,416 cylinder cells (2170) in to four modules that weigh around 1054 lbs / 478 KGs combined. A full feature-set for FSD will only come in v10.0. The Bolt 2.0 pack has a sticker affixed, stating that it’s a 57 kWh LG battery pack sourced from Korea. Today we’re going to answer them. Model 3: Model alias. The rear-wheel-drive modification curb weight does not exceed 1610 kg. These cells are housed in 16 modules with two stacked in the front and 14 flat under the floor. Above: Tesla Model 3 battery pack penthouse/integrated components module. It shows the number of revolutions of the driveshaft needed to spin the axle one complete turn. The axle ratio a.k.a. Copyright © TESLARATI. Model 3 battery pack modules are tightly concealed in hard plastic and heavily bolted to the ground for the safety of the cells and related electrical and electronic systems. Automatic braking and collision avoidance system. Since then, the Model X has been offered with four different lithium-ion battery packs. The available space for cargo in the secondary trunk, usually positioned in the front of the electric car. © 2020 evspecifications.com, 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD. The battery pack in the Roadster will have TWICE the capacity of the Model S and Model X P100D models. These modules contain a total of 4,416 lithium-ion cylinder cells arranged in a rectangular shape along the floor. The EPA Certification Summary report points to an “END-SOC” or state of charge level of 78270 watt-hours or 78.2 kWh of useable battery capacity. But our work is not aimed at analysts or the media: it is meant for the average EV buyer to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a Model 3 over any other EV – or, God forbid, a vehicle with an internal combustion engine! Multiplying the two figures together and we can see that Model 3 uses an 80.5 kWh battery pack. This next generation battery is more efficient, simpler and easier to maintenance — yielding the new, groundbreaking Model 3 battery pack. Tesla's quest for a fantastic future consistently delivers surprising breakthroughs within the auto sector — popularizing long range EVs is one of those game-changing developments and the Model 3 battery pack takes it to a whole new level according to one battery expert. Information about the number of modules in this battery. In an electric car, the rear sofa folds in a ratio of 60/40. Tesla provides whatever you need for on-the-go charging. Materials used in the vehicle's body construction. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Also each module has cells grouped in to a brick of 46 cells (cylinders). Tesla Model 3 Range. Tesla Model 3, Information about the type of power steering used in this model. The time in seconds the electric car needs to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Join over 50,000 Tesla fans, enter your email to subscribe. You can read the EPA document in full here. Acceleration to 97 km / h – in 5.1 s, and the maximum speed – 225 km / h. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. cookie policy | According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the performance variant of the Model 3 in all wheel drive is expected to arrive in mid-2018. This is a mid-size sedan that has the following overall dimensions: it has a length of 4694 mm, a width of 1849 mm. Has Tesla reached the point of no return. output. Neil is a fan of all things electric and may be the only person in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States to own both an electric leaf blower and an electric chainsaw. Information about the position of the battery pack in the electric vehicle. Information about the total number of cells in this particular model. Acceleration to 97 km / h – in 5.1 s, and the maximum speed – 225 km / h. The battery will fill up with energy for 59 km per hour, and 274 km with Supercharger in half an hour. That way Tesla can put in a huge battery (300 miles, as compared to 50-100 miles for the Leaf, according to Nissan) and the whole car still weighs pretty much the same as your 5 series.

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