It is working fine though so my guess is the firmware isn't clever enough to not light up red when the modem isn't doing the internet connection itself. MR sent me a TG789vac v2 Router/Modem when I signed up for NBN. I have one on order.. so the answer is yes .. I don't need VOIP or Wireless on the gateway, just need it to bridge so pfSense can do it's thing. If it is private IP then the TG789 is not bridged properly. -- do I need to set pppoe creds and mode into google wifi itself? Line stats under broadband section? I know there's a Bridged Mode setting on the Admin page: Local Network page but whenever I turn it ON, the internet led indicator on the Router/Modem turns red, and I lose internet connectivity. Must not be mounted in a location exposed to direct or excessive solar and/or heat radiation. On the phone to tech support, tried rebooting, factory reset...nothing made the lights even flicker. Just realised the TG789 doesn't have IPOE so I can't connect to Aussie Broadband with this modem. So yes, pppoe goes on the google wifi. The internet LED goes red because the modem is only holding sync, you need to provide authentication details from your secondary device. When in bridge mode with a router, sometimes there's issues with the router like currently with some wireless networks 2.4/5Ghz and google devices. Switched it to bridged mode and hooked it up to my own router. First it started randomly rebooting then got really hot and all indicator lights when solid on like when powering it up and stayed that way. How do I get it to operate under Bridged Mode? My Republic on VDSL configuration use PPPOE or IPOE?? The weird thing is that this exact setup used to work with the same model modem/router combo, but recently I got sent a new modem (same model) – the previous TG789 that Bridged just fine with the same router and now it has the same issue (no internet) too when I swap back – so neither work? Multiple integrated web pages also allow direct access to the status and . I have had to connect to it via an eth once to check the gui. Can you provide details of how to switch the myrepublic technicolor modem into bridge mode. I'm currently experiencing this with TPLink Archer D7 connected to the 789vac2, awaiting a firmware fix. I have the same modem (from myrepublic) that I've set in bridge mode and connected to my rt-ac68u router with Internode ADSL. DHCP server on, IP range .100-199. if I bridge the TG789 modem, will I lose the router functionality. The 789vac2 should never authenticate in bridge mode. What i want to achieve is similar to my previous setup: my Asus RT-N56U as the main router and the ISP/Telco provided modem/router operating under Bridged Mode. Are they in this page? Do I need to use a certain port for example? Thanks. Hi everyone, I just got a Technicolor CGA2121 from my ISP (Megacable in México)I've figured out through some youtube comments the username "tech" and password "tech", but this takes me to a basic configuration page with not much options. I'm looking for the current Sync uptime and the number of disconnects/sync's since the modem was started. It actually worked fine in bridge mode for a few days when I first connected to NBN, but then I updated the firmware on my router and it all fell apart. I have all those services disabled on the 789 anyway, the Archer handles it all. I have all lights turned off except the power light, the flashing red was too annoying. Both through online chat and over the phone. Asus doesnt like the TG789. Any particular advantage to bridge mode over DNAT? You might lose some, but check the other thread. Thanks dardz, I'll give that a try later. \\ and see what comes up. Just looking for some advice please...Recently connected to the NBN here in Australia in my new apartment, and have 2 Technicolor 789 wifi routers from iiNet. Internet authentication, WAN set to Dynamic IP for (iinet)4. Technicolor CGA2121 admin access. If you have a static IP on your RSP then you can set it manually, otherwise your WAN IP will be assigned by the RSP gateway when you authenticate. I have a MyRepublic Technicolor TG789vac V2 and an ASUS RT-AC68U.Before moving from an NBN home the TG789vac V2 was in Bridge Mode and the RT-AC68U handled home network duties. If your internet is NOT vdsl tell us what it is. The modem worked on it's own, the router worked in double-NAT mode, but I could not get it to work in bridge mode after various troubleshooting attempts (factory resets of the modem and router, rolled back the firmware update). A failed router I can live with, poor support is another thing so thumbs up to them so far. Technicolor disclaims all responsibility in the event of use that does not comply with the present instructions. I have read quite a few pages on Whirlpool about bridging and have a fairly good understanding of the concept. My Republic on VDSL configuration use PPPOE or IPOE?? The first one I’ve connected to the NBN box, and that’s connected to the internet and working fine.The second I’m looking to use as a wifi signal extender as the signal is a bit patchy towards the back of the house. I’ve logged into the second router, and switched on bridging mode. What are the true benefits of then converting to bridge mode? I tell my router 'I require an internet connection' and provide username and password using PPPoE6. Solved! This has DHCP disabled and manually set Gateway/DNS/DHCP as Once I do this however, I can no longer login to the firmware / router at all (10.1.1). I am with iiNet Transact VDSL2 and much like some other people are reporting above: I have verified everything is working using the TG 789 modem and router but when I change it to Bridged and enter the PPPoE credentials into my router which is a Netgear R7000 I get no internet? I am an enthusiastic gamer (PC) and have recently purchase and installed a Nighthawk XR500 router to improve my QOS. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has successfully used bridge mode on hfc (pppoe) to google wifi?I can see the tg789 sitting there complaining about dhcp when in bridged mode. Give the PPP dialer a go To see if you can connect through the bridged 789. Bridging the TG789 on FttN/B provides a GigETH handoff to your USG router which will be the sole router in your network. Does this mean That I haven't set up the bridge correctly or should i just not worry about it?

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