Broadly, his areas of research interests include classroom discourse, conversation analysis, and interactional sociolinguistics. in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. She moved back to the United States in 2012 to begin the TESOL PK-12 program at TC. She is thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to teach and learn from our nation’s beautifully multilingual future. She presented her study, "Repeated-reading-based instructional strategy: A replication of Han and Chen (2010)" at the 2017. She is excited to now be teaching 9/10 grade ESL history at Brooklyn International High School where she will be working with students from over 30 countries, who speak over 35 different languages. He taught painting and textile design at the University of Washington and the University of California, Berkeley, and wrote books on fiber arts. Also, her passion for teaching led her to start a YouTube channel where she presents self-designed English lessons catering specifically to Thai learners of English. Prior to coming to TC, she taught EFL classes in Spain for four years. She graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. She was also the recipient of the 2014 Fanselow Award, and was the Arts and Humanities banner bearer and student speaker finalist for the Arts & Humanities / Curriculum & Teaching 2014 TC Masters Convocation Ceremony. She also holds an M.A. Prior to coming to TC, she taught EFL classes in Spain for four years. Timothy Hall earned his Ed.D. She was able to apply her knowledge in practice and was always excited to try different teaching strategies with her students from various backgrounds. Prior to Teachers College, she dedicated herself to integrating the latest research findings of neuroscience and English teaching to develop curriculum to facilitate the learning of struggling students in Taiwan. She is presently a Lecturer in the Educational Linguistics Division at the University of Pennsylvania. Brian Carroll graduated from Ohio State University in 2005 with a bachelor’s in journalism and Russian language & literature. in English from West Chester University, and an A.B. Professor at the Ohio State University. With the following academic qualifications: MA TESOL, MA Educational Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) and Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science, I look forward to pursuing a Doctorate degree from a multi-disciplinary perspective with a view to improving academic and social standards in my beloved motherland, Sierra Leone. During this program, Jorge was granted a Zankel Fellowship, and led student publication projects for Student Press Initiative to promote writing skills in public schools with high ELL populations in the Bronx. He loves motorcycling, bagels and a good latte. Presently a teacher trainer, her passion is to advocate for immigrants and immigrant education and improve teaching methods in content-based classrooms. He holds a B.Ed. English/ESL at the University of California, Irvine. Anna was the registration chair for the 37 th NYS TESOL Applied Linguistics Winter Conference and the on-site registration chair for the 46 th NYS TESOL Annual Conference, as well as a volunteer for several other conferences. Prior to enrollment at TC, he taught ESL to adolescents at a secondary school deep in the rainforests of Malaysia. She developed online English learning and teaching materials at a textbook publisher in Seoul, South Korea before coming to TC. in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. After 5 years, he discovered that for him to become a better teacher of foreign languages, he needed to understand the mechanisms underlying foreign language teaching and learning. Her research interests include instructed second language acquisition, second language vocabulary acquisition, second language reading and writing, and second language teacher education. 525 West 120th Street Among his edited and written books are Aesthetic Concepts and Education, Cultural Literacy and Arts Education and Art Education: A Critical Necessity. Teachers College, Columbia University. in Spanish and minors in English and Education. Currently she is serving as an English curriculum designer in Beijing providing support for more than 300 kindergartens across China. * Phone: (212) 678-3215 Jarod Yong was a Fulbright scholar from Malaysia who graduated with an M.A. Founder/director of the New York University studio art program in Venice, 1974-2006; and co-director of the International Center for Advanced Studies in Art. For her Master’s thesis, Kaylee compared heritage speakers’ and second language learners’ acquisition of the subjunctive mood in Spanish. He has taught ESL and EFL in a variety of academic and non-academic settings since 1993. candidate. Before attending Teachers College, Bashir taught English as a foreign language in Japan at public and private schools while studying Japanese. A two-time recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship, he has given invited talks and presented his peer-reviewed research at Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, among others. She also devotes her time to supporting young Japanese-English bilingual students located in New York to develop literacy skills that are required in American schools. The annual alumni panel provides me with an opportunity to reconnect with fellow Teachers College Alumni MaryEllen McGuire and Phillip Herr. in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. She also holds an M.S. Kristine Nana Kamimura is a California transplant with a sunny attitude. Her research interests are conversation analysis, discourse analysis, interlanguage development, pragmatics, and interactional competence. Greg Wyatt graduated from Columbia College in 1971 with a B.A. in TESOL from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, where he studied under renowned linguists like Paul Nation and Janet Holmes. and M.A. During her studies, she also presented at forums and conferences organized by the Applied Linguistics and TESOL department, and volunteered as a committee member of the annual Celebration of Teaching Conference. He attended Columbia University from 1931 to 1935 and took painting classes at Teachers College. Before attending Teachers College, Bridget worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona, at a shelter for unaccompanied immigrant youth. During this time, Bashir became fascinated with second language acquisition theory and practice both as a teacher and as a self-taught student.

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