TELEACOUSTIC I’m curious what others have to say. Here's my pin-less bridge similar to Lowden but different string pass through concept/approach. GUITAR I have a mid 90's 410 with the pinless bridge. Wish they offer it again. The luthier who did the work commented that this guitar is the "sweetest" taylor he's ever worked on, commenting how well it has "opened up" with age. The torque on the soundboard remains unchanged. I called Taylor about this; and they stated that they did the pinless bridge only on the 400 series back then so as to "cut corners". ACOUSTIC $8.99 $ 8. I prefer pinned bridges. They provide no added benefit. BRIDGE, ROSEWOOD BTW, I have noticed one thing. BRIDGE, CONTEMPORARY Is the leverage even a factor after the string break or is the stiffness of the top/bracing and the glue that holds the bridge down ample on it's own? I don't believe there's any acoustic or structural advantage one way or the other. CLASSICAL Nothing has happened to mine, but I met a guy today who claimed Taylors with that type of bridge usually developed problems. ROSEWOOD ACOUSTIC BRIDGE, ALLPARTS 99. 6-STRING GUITAR BRIDGE, GROVER I see other makers using pinless systems and they seam to be holding up. ( not sure it has to do with the bridge design, could just be one of the "good'uns" ). I didn't realize that. Lowden's " are not" lightly braced. FOLK ACOUSTIC Taylor gave up on them when Bob wanted to stick with just one type of bridge and the pinless lost out (at the time they came out, the 400 series was Taylor's "budget" guitar if you can believe that). ACOUSTIC Thanks. DARK STAIN I played my 414CE regularly for a few years and never had a problem. GUITAR FLAT TOP ADJUSTABLE ACOUSTIC I was always convinced that if those same pieces of wood had come up to the top 5 years later, they would have gone into a 600 series guitar. Yeshone 24 Pieces Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins Pegs 1 Piece Guitar Saddle 3 in 1 Bridge Pin Puller Remover Guitar Nut Replacement for Acoustic Guitar Ivory and Black. ACOUSTIC I don't like pinless bridges. 5% coupon applied at checkout Extra 5% off with coupon. ADJUSTABLE I wonder if anyone with a similar bridge has ever had a problem with the bridge coming off the top. ACOUSTIC GUITAR, TOP LOAD ROSEWOOD I've always thought pinless bridges were cool. Price SGD$1700. I don't mind not messing with bridge pins but you do have to be more careful not to scratch the top when you are pulling the strings through the bridge. STYLE It is made for steel string guitars and has a satin finish. The Academy line offers a Taylor guitar without the hefty price-tag, making, as Taylor says, the “acoustic guitar accessible to more players.” But the Academy 12e-N is accessible in all kinds of ways.

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