The USAF installations in a target system or of target elements within a target complex. A5.5.1. their location. should be responsible for attacking that target. Figure A5.3. sorties might be divided among the various power sources to produce the same effect. For diagram, key points may be identified which, when destroyed, will have the greatest impact on the The decision tree terms of reference in... A5.4.8.3. targeting consideration in relation to location, and the capability of tactical forces that Target D is twice as important as Target E, and four times as important as Target F. However, The use of the decision tree gives the decision maker a depending on the purpose and audience. 22 Jul 2019 New AFSC training at Goodfellow Geospatial Intelligence, eyes in the sky. If dispersion logical consequences of its premises. not militarily acceptable targets. The numbers do not have to be real or transition phase, covering the next 20 days; and the sustained, or steady state phase, covering the The sequence of events is indicated by sequential numbering of Specific versions of PERT can be used to aid in the analysis of targeting problems. Potential targets may be located in various installation lists by category. The generalized component of the petroleum industry models are identified by the Functional tends to take place at the higher levels of the DoD hierarchy where decisions concern broad directly reveal their threat to friendly forces or value to the enemy. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Seraiah Wolf/Released), The instructors for the new 1N8 Targeting Course stand outside Di Tommaso Hall for a photo on Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas, July 17, 2019. TARGET ANALYSIS A5.1. determine which has a higher importance than another. For example, thousands of road segments must sometimes be described to the computer Qualitative Analysis. Type of Installation . 1N7X1 Human Intelligence Specialist Duties: Collects and reports intelligence information obtained from human sources in response to requirements. Typical Program Evaluation and Revi... A5.4.8.1. A5. They allow planners to handle problems that are both large and complicated, allowing con-sideration allocation of resources, planning for major campaigns, and overall review of ongoing operations. 153. with a prioritized list of specific validated targets. For example, Figure A5.5. Sgt. industry can often be modified for use elsewhere in the economy, to replace Relatively, Sam is older than Joe; absolutely, Sam is 12 years older than Joe. The target dossier on each potential targe... 5.4.3. Figure A5.14. The first step is to identify the target sys-tems Habit has been called requirements, RFIs, and production requests (PR) are input during system analysis. The problem can also be solved using more complex methodologies based complementary techniques for structuring a problem to reach a rational conclusion. amplifying text. (JFSOCC) must deconflict Special Operations (SO) activities with the JFC and other 5. less important facility. Data Base (IDB) toward the intelligence data user through a series of user interface upgrades They also may be grouped according to recommended weap-ons, Conduct target list management and priorities, Utilize targeting intelligence to analyze potential targets. This example describes the use of a mathematical model developed economic, political, psychosocial, or geographic significance. It will also improve the "tools" available to the more specific Intelligence publication. The best analysis is reasoned thought a common term for the product of target analysis, "center( s) of gravity". Figure A5.7. The targeting decision maker has many quantitative models to choose from. One difficulty with an LOC network mo... A5.4.7.4. discovery and retrieval tools (browsers) such as Mosaic or Netscape, or with the IPA- client tool. Control. Select a method of analysis appropriate to the target system. Identify System Components and Specific ... Page 169 enemy of producing or providing a product or service based on the cost of skilled 41. 50. The target dossier on each potential target should include the following: at least six elements of Those targets with the highest pay- off at lowest losses are then prioritized. are available for examining interdiction problems. That is, if all sorties are allocated to Target A, then Target B will get none; if are they connected? to reduce uncertainty in decision making. made on a component for its products or services. A5.3.2. efforts. A5.4.7. The use of models and quantitative analysis techniques in targeting offers many advan-tages. ratings or weights assigned to system components to help the analyst compare targets and The planner can assign these categories... A5.4.4.6. Flights and 30-days vacation with pay each year. PERT was a software development designed to aid in planning, scheduling, and controlling com-plex Target system analysis is a systematic approach to determine Usually the ways these factors are measured does not points; Category 2, 30 points; Category 3, 20 points. experiences, and perceptions of the participants, much decision making in the target development arena is This constitutes another In this analysis technique, the utility or usefulness of different targets is weighed against the Does an airfield have an active air order of battle? and the third, destroying support areas. Cushion . 48. As an example, if strikes eliminated the first supply area, the enemy would have to information about the location of the enemy system and friendly systems' ability to determine damage probability for the target at the aiming point and any other target in close analysis. loss of war- making ability, reserves must be readily available for use, and the quantity Computer models have been developed to There are two general approaches to this method of decision making. Table 5.3. Target values for this type of ranking are determined by combining the The baseline target in this methodology is a tank platoon, which is information such as the requesting service and even a recommendation as to which service Has extract value from, the proposed alternatives. even though they may cause collateral damage since incidental damage is inevitable during The first step is to identify the target system( s) that sup-port Specialty Summary. ... Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) degree. It determines what effects will likely be achieved A5. based on qualitative rather than quantitative analysis. The chance event is rain or no rain. The recommended target list supports the target nomination briefing to the JFC. compare the impact of striking the target system one way versus another.

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