The product from the hexane extract gave a single spot by TLC (Rf = 0.89), was orange with Pauly's phenolic spray reagent, gave an EIMS spectrum data as follows: m/z (percent relative abundance) 124 (78%, M+), 109 (92%, M+ − CH3), 91 (44%, M+ − CH3− H2O), and 81 (100%, M+ − CH3 − CO), and an 1H NMR spectrum at 360 MHz (CDCl3), δH 3.76 (3H, s, OCH3), 6.80, 6.85 (3H, m, H-3, H-4, H-6), and 6.90 to 6.93 (1H, m, H-5). Therefore, a lot of research is done into better ways of making vanillin from both lignin as well as guaiacol. Many microbial transformation approaches have been used to produce vanillin. -Adenosyl-Methionine-Dependent Methyltransferases: Highly Versatile Enzymes in Biocatalysis, Biosynthesis and Other Biotechnological Applications. With growing cultures, vanillic acid was decarboxylated (69% yield) to guaiacol and reduced (11% yield) to vanillyl alcohol. Vanillin Production from Lignin and Its Use as a Renewable Chemical. Standard curves for vanillic acid (compound 1a), vanillin (compound 3a), vanillyl alcohol (compound 4a), and guaiacol (compound 2) were established over the range of 0.3 to 8 μg. without permission from the American Chemical Society. With dichloromethane-acetonitrile-formic acid (75:25:1 [vol/vol/vol]),Rf values for vanillic acid, vanillin, vanillyl alcohol, and guaiacol were 0.5, 0.4, 0.8, and 0.9, respectively. Ashish Bohre, Dinesh Gupta, Md. 18 Ludger A Wessjohann, Jeanette Keim, Benjamin Weigel, Martin Dippe. Yes, of course, it’s the best and easiest way to prepare your potatoes for a whole range of uses. Process according to anyone of claims 1 to 8, wherein the molar ratio of para/(meta+ortho) is comprised between 5 and 100; para is the para isomer of compound (III), meta is the meta isomer of compound (111), ortho is the ortho isomer of compound (III). Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. I am wondering what other vegetable or maybe fruits contain these chemicals.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<289::AID-JSFA543>3.0.CO;2-2,,,<957::AID-ANGE957>3.0.CO;2-L,,,

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