A Decrease font size. Questions? COVID-19 info for Albertans & Health Professionals and about Family Support & Visitation. A new or renewal licence must be applied for if the accommodation: A licence can be granted after the application process is complete and the supportive living accommodation has been inspected for compliance with the Supportive Living Accommodation Standards. By Francisco Prieto, M.A., M.S. The primary focus of Supported Lifestyles Ltd. was and continues to be to provide innovative supports to adults with a developmental disability. Alberta Healthy Living Program. December 2019 Term of the Month: “Latency” In ABA, “latency” is a type of recording in which involves an observer measuring how long it takes for a behavior to begin after a …, By Francisco Prieto, MA, MS Welcome to ABA Term of the Month! The residential program is well suited for youth that has “graduated” from group homes, residential or foster care placements, and who require additional support to make a successful transition to independent living situations. SUPPORTED LIVING . Debra Chemrys, Program Support. Our Supported Living Pilot Program is designed for adults currently receiving Department of Developmental Services (DDS) services, who are 22 or older. Concerns? Phone: 780-427-2709  They’re there to guide the kids. Targeted health measures take effect Nov. 13 for all communities on the enhanced list. They're not group homes, they’re 2-bed resources. Get in touch below. Email: css.appeals@gov.ab.ca. This pilot program is the way of the future for supported living programming because it places adults with disabilities into apartments that use Smart Home Assistive Technology to increase independence. FACT often provides SLS to clients who reside at home with their families but who are preparing to move out on their own. If you have questions about receiving public funding to deliver continuing care services – home care, designated supportive living, long-term care – contact AHS’ Vendor Relations Office at vendorrelationsoffice@albertahealthservices.ca. supported living & residential programs Comprehensive Healthcare provides a complete continuum of residential programs designed to support individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses. The cluster model provides a community where friendships and participation in the community are encouraged. Becoming a continuing care provider or operator includes submitting all reportable incidents to the Ministry of Health. The Alberta Healthy Living Program (AHLP) is an integrated community-based chronic disease management program. They're for youth who are perhaps transitioning out of foster care or are starting their semi-independent journey and just need some support. SLS is designed to foster individuals’ nurturing relationships, full membership in the community, and work toward their long-range personal goals. vendorrelationsoffice@albertahealthservices.ca, Supportive Living Accommodation Standards, Eligibility for Licensing Supportive Living Accommodation form, Accommodation Standards and Licencing Information Guide, is new or unlicensed – apply for an initial licence, has changed ownership – apply for an initial licence, has moved to a new location – apply for an initial licence, has an existing licence that is expiring – renew a licence, confirmation of current corporate status of the supportive living accommodation operator(s), confirmation of current insurance coverage, including at least $2 million in general liability, safety code approval, that is, a building approval and or an occupancy permit for a new or renovated supportive living accommodation or most recent fire inspection report for pre-existing buildings. If the home care services you wish to provide relate to the Alberta Community and Social Services’ Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program, contact your local FSCD office for information on the accreditation process, business licensing and minimum liability insurance coverage. A Increase font size. CALL on the power of KEIKO ... Keiko house is a two-bed resource that provides a therapeutic approach for youth who have a history Supportive living accommodations must be licensed if they provide accommodation for 4 or more individuals, and provide or arrange for services related to safety and security, and offer or arrange for at least one meal a day or housekeeping services. Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta) Fax: 780-422-1088 The program includes the following services: Patient education, including disease-specific and general health and lifestyle topics; Self-management support through Better Choices, Better Health ® workshops Department of Elementary Secondary Education, Alexa technology to control the room temperature, Turning the television and radio on or off remotely. © Alberta Health Services 2020 Terms of UsePrivacy Statement, Designated Supportive Living 3 is a setting that provides you with a home where you can enjoy privacy and independence with the comfort of knowing your health and personal care supports are on site when you need them, Provides accommodation, meals, housekeeping, linen and recreational services, Provides a higher level of personal care supports, compared to home care, onsite for scheduled and unscheduled care needs according to the plan of care, Health care services are provided on a scheduled basis but can be accessed as needed, The individual provides or pays for room furnishings, medication, medical and surgical supplies for chronic wounds, personal medical equipment and incontinence products (cost may be shared with, Individuals who are medically and physically stable, Living with physical disability, mental health diagnoses, or mild dementia with no known risk of wandering, and who are not a risk to self or others, Must be able to move independently or with the assistance of one other person, Could be experiencing increased healthcare needs that cannot be scheduled, Are able to use a call system to get help, Health Care Aides are onsite 24 hours a day to provide support, personal care, and medication assistance, Depending on the needs of the individual, scheduled professional care (nursing, rehabilitation therapy, etc) will be provided through Home Care and coordinated by your Case Manager, Family and other informal caregivers are important members of your care team and are welcome to participate in the individual's care, Provides a higher level of personal care supports and health care services onsite for scheduled and unscheduled care needs according to the plan of care, Individuals who have more complex medical needs that are predictable and safely managed with onsite, professional nursing (LPN level) and the direction of the case manager. Keiko house also has a separate one-bedroom apartment for youth who are transitioning to adulthood. CALL on CARDINAL. Learn more. Supported Apartment Complex A safe alternative to solitary living for more independent adults. Our staff provides on-site and community support for semi-independent living in a safe and supportive environment. CALL ON COYOTE ... Mikasi house is a 3 unit 4-plex providing 5 beds for individuals in a low barrier, harm reduction support category following the CARE model (Coordinate; Advocate; Reduce Risk; and Educate). We advocate for our staff to familiarize themselves with Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety requirements in order to better understand their rights and to ensure their workplace safety. These programs provide support and assistance to help residents live happy and successful lives. If you are planning to operate a long-term care facility, you will also need to check with your municipal zoning authority, safety codes officer and public health unit to ensure that your plans meet all the regulations or restrictions that may apply. Macaw house is a two-bed resource for youth who have a history of trauma; abuse and who may have disability issues; mental health issues; or behavioral issues. Supported Independent Living Program (SIL) The goal of the Supported Independent Living program is to promote, support and enable individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their potential and be independent in the community. Provides accommodation, meals, housekeeping, linen and recreational services. Our homes are therapeutic. We strive to enhance our residents' quality of life by providing a stable housing environment coupled with personalized service. Adults can apply at 21 to get on a waiting list. The renewal form must be completed and submitted with proof of liability insurance. Expressed desire to participate in Supported Living Services, *Diagnosed with ASD, TBI, ID, DD, CP, and/or other developmental disability as the primary diagnosis. Information for home care, supportive living and long-term care operators on how to get approved or licensed to provide services. Independent Smart Home living arrangements for people with disabilities in Western MA. Website by The Graphic Element. The Arc’s Supported Living service provides supports to individual wishing to live in their own apartment or with a roommate. Supported Lifestyles offers a variety of services that can help support you. Each and every individual or residential situation is very inclusive of the person, so every individual is going to have a different range or different set of needs and a different program that really follows them because no one person is the same. Nursing homes and auxiliary hospitals are not licensed under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act. COVID-19: Cases continue rising across Alberta. Our adult residential program or supported living program for individuals who have developmental disabilities really focuses on stabilization for the individuals who live in those programs. There are a number of resource materials on the AHS website including the Vendor Guide to Doing Business with Alberta Health Services. This Two-bed resource provides a therapeutic approach for male youth who have a history of trauma; abuse and who may have disability issues; mental health issues; high-risk behaviour or behavioural issues. We assess each individual to determine the right technology to support their daily living needs and then we offer extensive life skills training. Chrysalis apartment is a two-bed resource suitable for a sibling group of two or one youth who has high needs and a history of emotional trauma; disability issues; or mental health issues. Copyright © 2007-2020 FACT. We specialize in delivering services to individuals with complex needs and provide an array of residential and vocational supports to this population. Supported Living programme. Contact your Income Support worker for all related Income Support questions. Supportive living operators who do not operate under contract with AHS are responsible for their own advertising and making their accommodation known to potential residents. They’re there to build skills, to help problem solve, advocate, and help the kids reach their goals whatever they may be. All rights reserved. Ages 18+ For more information on privately run Supportive Living options, visit Alberta Health – Supportive Living Guide or speak with your healthcare team. The primary focus of Supported Lifestyles Ltd. was and continues to be to provide innovative support to adults with a developmental disability.We specialize in delivering services to individuals with complex needs and provide an array of residential and vocational supports to this population.

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