It is 5% ABV and designed to be served over ice. Get exclusive, preview access to early deals and promotions. Strongbow Sirrus (5% ABV), was launched in summer 2005 to compete with C&C's Magners Original Irish Cider. In 2014 in the US, Heineken launched two new sweeter flavours, dubbed "Gold Apple" and "Honey & Apple". It has a frothy beer-like taste so this would be a good starter cider for a beer fan. Add a lower price to be notified. It is confirmed that in the Australian market, the brand will be purchased by Asahi Breweries in June 2020. [33] Between 1998 and 2000 Strongbow sales rose by 30 per cent.[34]. [21] However, in May 2018, Heineken announced that it would bring back the original dry cider to the United States in 16.9-ounce cans, which it did the following month. Strongbow was the highest selling cider in Australia and was the second-highest selling cider in North America as of 2012. In 2010, TV adverts in the UK were based on the "medal ceremony" scene at the end of the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope film: three men walk down an aisle flanked by large numbers of men; step up a raised podium at the far end; and receive a reward – a pint of Strongbow – for their "heroic deeds" (i.e. The majority of Strongbow is produced at Bulmer's Hereford plant, although regional variations are also produced at Heineken's cider mill in Belgium and in Australia. Refreshing. In the UK, Strongbow is available on draught at 4.5% ABV and in cans and bottles at 5% ABV. lime juice 1 pinch mint 1 dash bitters. In 2007, the company began trials of Strongbow On Ice, a competitor to other ciders that are served over ice. Turn connection with friends into golden moments with Strongbow ap Add gin and lime, and stir until well blended. Additional Notes: Strongbow Original Dry is a smooth cider that has a static taste journey. It was launched in May 2011, and its major markets include Italy and Hungary. With colourful personalities and sharp political twists and turns, Strongbow's story is a fascinating one. 2018, from, The Times, Friday, 13 July 1962; p. 14; Issue 55442; col A, The Times (London) 27 March 2001, Tuesday Cider joins favourite pub drinks, "Our first ever UK cider can 'challenge' mainstream brands: Carlsberg",, "Heineken plans to take Strongbow cider global", "Heineken to buy Asahi brands, reunites global Strongbow portfolio", "Heineken weakens Strongbow with abv cut", "Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold Apple cider 330 ml - Tesco Potraviny", "CANADA: Strongbow enters Canadian market in Sleeman tie-up", "Announcement regarding the completion timing of the proposed acquisition of 100% of the shares of the Australian business of Anheuser-Busch InBev", "Bull's-eye: Strongbow Hits the Mark With New Hard Apple Ciders – HEINEKEN USA", "Strongbow Hard Cider Launches Two New Brands -", "Strongbow Discontinues Their Original Recipe", "Heineken phases out original Strongbow Hard Cider recipe with new flavors", "Heineken to Re-Release Strongbow Original Dry Cider", "Strongbow Red Berries & Strongbow Ginger", "Strongbow Welcomes Spring With New Cherry Blossom Hard Apple Cider",, "Strongbow adverts: strong, true... and funny", "Strongbow drops Vaughan from advertising", "Johnny Vaughan teams up with gorillas in latest Strongbow ad", "Droga5 Presents Patrick Stewart as a Podium for Strongbow's 'Award, "Leeds United – Historical Football Kits", "STOP PRESS: Strongbow and Leeds Utd set to end association",, Articles with dead external links from May 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [2][3] Bulmer's is a subsidiary of Heineken International, the multinational Dutch brewer. Previously Strongbow White was available in Australia, which had a much higher alcohol content (8.5%). [13], In the UK, Strongbow is available on draught at 4.5% ABV and in cans and bottles at 5% ABV. [18] Strongbow is available in six varieties in Australia: Dry, Sweet, Original (formerly sold as "Draught"), Lower Carb (a low carbohydrate variety), Pear and Blossom Rosé. [27][35], Strongbow were official shirt sponsors of Edinburgh football club Heart of Midlothian from 1992–2002. Terms & Conditions This summer, Strongbow® Hard Ciders, the #1 global cider brand is bringing back by popular demand the renowned Original Dry. [14], Strongbow Gold is the variant available in mainland Europe and is available only in bottles. Strongbow Original Dry Nrb 330ml x6 Questions (0) Ask a Question. Adverts in 2012, showed fanciful representations of normal situations (goalkeeping, potting a black ball, best man's speech) where those seen in the advert would be next seen drinking Strongbow having "earnt it" for accomplishing such situations. This was discontinued in 2017.[31]. Strongbow was launched in England by H.P. In 2020, "Strongbow Rosé", a rosé-style cider, was introduced. Related products. Shoprite Holdings, We use cookies to give you the best possible web experience. [21][22] Strongbow subsequently discontinued the original dry cider Strongbow flavor in the USA. Sirrus was formulated as a 'smooth' cider designed to be poured over ice, and was only available in bottles; it has since been discontinued. Retrieved 28 May. May I buy in bulk and do you offer discounts for bulk buying. [2] Belgian-produced Strongbow Gold was introduced in Europe in response to cider's growing popularity on the continent in 2011. The latest advert depicts a duplex-style apple orchard divided between bitter and sweet reflecting Strongbow being "bittersweet by nature". Rated on a scale of 1 … In 2012 the UK packaged versions were reduced from 5.3% ABV to 5.0% ABV. 5.0% ABV Calories: 172 kcal | Fat: 0g | Saturated Fat: 0g | Carbohydrates: 19g | Sugar: 19g | Protein: 0g | Sodium: 10mg Weight: 1 kg: Title: Default Title.

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