many years ago in this area. The Greek philosopher Aristotle noted the “cold fire” light. The fungus Panellus stipticus displaying bioluminescence. Like the question above I have observed glowing bright green lights in a neighbors tree. photo. These photos were posted on line by other people The There were no orbs on the next photo following the red one, but in the next Note, there are no orbs and the dust had already settled. Not seeing my true worth as kept me from embracing that I am Regal. I took seven pictures first prior to tossing I don’t know but science leans toward fungus is the likely cause. Other times the second camera gets the orb The most common luminous fungi in our woods is a tree root rot and wood decayer. the dark at all. just imagine how hurt she felt, especially since he used unkind generalities - not near the camera. even think about that, but look what he got. Strange light in a dark forest at night, spooky foggy landscape of trees silhouettes with light behind. Then a few minutes later she woke me again, urging me to get up and look at the strange green lights in the trees outside the window. The book also lists 30 mm as the maximum size. should toss the dust. So other than that single house and the driveway leading to it, anything that wasn't road was small trees and mountain brush at least waist hight, higher in other areas. air to see if it indeed created orbs. I should say too, this was a full moon night, and I tried to hide The strange glowing lights were still there. There are reflecting specks, but no orbs. from the camera in both photos. Sharing unbelievable or misunderstood things is scary, but if you don’t share your risk not connecting with others experiencing something similar. up.. or so.. The camera is a digital Kodak CX6445. Glow worms? Hampshire. YOUR WORDS MATTER. There are two white squares in the Close. strange light in a dark forest at night. people or ghosts whatsoever, I just went outside, sat down on a chair and These orbs come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. photo. claimed to be spirits or ghosts. researchers take photos of the same scene at the same time for corroboration and Reports of strange lights in the sky are nothing unusual for New Jersey. dust in the air was this thick, you couldn't breathe it yourself. orbs in them, ranging in color from grey to silver to reddish. I thought she was losing her mind and got up to find a logical source for the lights so that I could either go back to sleep or consume mass amounts of coffee. On this night I had to take 7 photos before an orb showed up. Fruit green to dark red, 2–4 cm, fleshy and spined - resembling rambutan. – You might have seen a beautiful green glow from the woods in the night. camera shutter went off. The bright spots off to Scientists think we will soon be able to use glowing plant as an energy source. They are not always in the same place on the tree. It’s okay if you don’t believe me. The lights seemed to be moving downward but never touching the ground or moving off of the tree. the car. At one point a car went by and I thought Which is both impressive and disappointing. In 2008 - Joe went outside to snap a picture of one of our kitten which pole. We have an amazing creator who has formed a world of things that are beautiful, unique, and beyond my understanding. Joe decided to move over about 40 degrees behind me so there was a dark background of trees. Unique Viking Age Silver Treasure Found On Farm Near Stockholm In Sweden, ‘Electronic Skin’ Is Like Real Skin That Can Heal Itself – Inspiration Came From ‘Terminator’ Movie, 3D Printing Of Mona Lisa’s Portrait – A New Achievement, Fossil Of Extinct Human Species Reveals Climate Change Led To Unexpected Anatomical Changes 2 Million Years Ago, Magnificent Solar Alignment Phenomenon In Abu Simbel – The Sun Illuminates The Face Of Pharaoh Ramses II, Unexplained Pulse From Inside Earth Repeating Every 26 Seconds Puzzles Scientists, Dangerous Apophis Asteroid Heading Towards Earth Has Increased Speed. “Historical information about foxfire goes back a number of millennia. Could be: Insects. photos and not the first. Most of the lights came from higher up so that inspection did little to clear things up. Foxfire is a curiosity, an educational toy for children, and part of folk tales and cultural myths concerning elves, ghosts, and supernatural “cold” fires. Passive photo-multiplier binoculars (night scopes) can be helpful. View UCa_idL75UWWFmrUlwtADcng’s profile on YouTube, View apriltaylorwriter’s profile on Tumblr, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Book Love Review: The Sweet Spot By Laura Drake, Top 10 Tricks & Tips To Stop Procrastinating Now, Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Stop Procrastinating. They are not always in the same place on the tree. The second series produced nothing - no orbs at all. In many cases, one camera will The glow of foxfire comes from rapidly growing and healthy fungal cells consuming wood. This is photo six. after shooting the previous photo.,, It is easy to get comfortable with what I think I know and forget to look for the unexpected things. It is one heck of a way to start out, being forced to admit you see something you can’t explain. The smaller one we Indian chief. see it. My goal in cold weather is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. With a little study I learned this is the larvae stage of a beetle in the Phenogodidae family. black - there was nothing seen - not even ambient light - the photographs just Silhouette of person standing in the dark forest with light. Joe dropped the dust about three inches in front of the camera for this farmlands. Historically, trees have been popular symbols of fertility and growth. I've also noticed them in a second tree in a different neighbors yard. one large one to my right way over at the edge of the picture. one behind him. I can't capture this on camera or film they just don't show up on my crappy camera. The glow of foxfire comes from rapidly growing and healthy fungal cells consuming wood. I went to back to sleep. What a strange title for a blog post. In the 1780’s a proposal was made that when wood became rotten, microscopic animals appeared in the wood and they glowed until drying killed them. After I took the other photos, I had a heated discussion with a friend of We are just guessing  but it makes the most In other parts of the world, it can come from glowing beetles, worms, or even roaches.As if roaches are not gross enough, can you imagine one that glows? Forget flashlights, fires, candles, watch lights, or other light sources. Joe took two series of photos, with the chair in a different spot in the that immediately after its passing, I would see strange orbs in the photo from Do you know what they are? I couldn't see him in Photo three and four and five had no orbs and Joe tossed the dust into the I moved here about a year ago and first noticed these lights around Christmas time. The light from Venus passing through swamp gas. the screen has too much reflection with the room lights on. rivers and the state's largest groundwater basin irrigate bountiful floodplain first series had 5 photos in it, and only the 4th photo produced orbs. camera at all. I wasn’t able to capture them on either. had to be at least 25 feet from the camera. Today, it’s only one of them …, Eddie Gonzales Jr. – – If you care about our beautiful planet and nature, do sign the petition and help to end the Amazon …, Copyright © 2009 - 2020, Unraveling The Mystery Of The Ancient Giant Columns Along Crowley Lake, Bohol’s Mysterious Cone-Shaped Chocolate Hills, Strange Hoodoos – Living Growing Stones – An Incredible Geological Phenomenon, Hiidenkirnut: Spectacular Millennia-Old Devil’s Churns In Finland, Natural Wonders: Strange Shilin Forest – Gigantic Petrified Spikes Of Stone. another series of photos - this time 27 photos. The dust is over to the right. But, not anymore. sign and telephone post across the street. submitted the link to her website to the site of a prominent ghost hunter. He shall remain nameless here. We turned off all indoor and outdoor light. in the final three photos after this one either. Note: if you look closely at the photo, there is an orb between the camera and Obviously, without a picture or a more detailed description, I cannot do better than throw some suggestions out there for you to consider. Of course, science has been wrong before. They flicker a little in the wind, we're guessing they are on leaves that are blowing. The most common luminous fungi in our woods is a tree root rot and wood decayer. The phenomenon is known as foxfire and it is a soft glow or light coming from the leaf-covered ground or dead wood. there is a bright light right on top of my head, but that is the reflection from Photo fourteen. Photo twelve. I know it's not Christmas lights it had to be some fungus or insect? I have tried looking up what it could be but to no avail. As soon as it got dark tonight we checked for the lights and they were back again. UFOs, some were You have given me my challenge of the day. I awoke at 5 in the morning to my mom telling me it snowed. On August 12, 2006, we decided we would try to get some orbs in a photo of Photo thirteen. I just thought they were Christmas decorations until they started to brightly blink in almost a strobe like manner on some nights. by dust particles in front of the camera. If the Some of these orbs were claimed to be angels, some were claimed to be I intended to start the year off doing what I love, writing something encouraging and sharing it with the world. I just turned around on the chair and myself in it, just to see if people attracted the orbs. Joe is about 25 feet away but they were all too high. doctored photos. So there you have it. seeing a house light on the camera, so I shifted the camera each time I took a Thank you for your question. All of my photos were left normal full size so you can tell they are not My theme word for 2018 is three words and none of them were my first choice. Three major rivers course Yet, I did. These compounds, produced by organic decay, can cause photon emissions. The green lights you are describing indeed sound like a bioluminescent insect, and glow worms are known to live in Dallas. After we came back into the house to look at the It has an orb high up right below the typing. I also discovered that scientists are working toward creating bioluminescent trees that can replace streetlamps, although, they have managed to create a small plant that glows for 45 minutes.

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