Arsis Press and Hildegard (named after the 11th-century “renaissance woman” Hildegarde von Bingen) publish concert music by female composers. All of the chamber works, including sonatas, of virtually every composer of any importance are listed in the first two volumes, and many are discussed at length. or lost). others attributed to Haydn: The Special Collections of the Walter Clinton Jackson Library at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro houses the collections of Luigi Silva, Elizabeth Cowling, Rudolf Matz, Maurice Eisenberg, and Janos Scholz in what is certainly the world’s largest single repository of cello music. following list presents the primary standard works of cello literature, Cobbett is the invaluable chamber-music reference for works published through 1929. I have found music for which I had been searching for years at the Music Rack, located in the San Francisco Conservatory; it carries used records as well and accepts phone, fax, and e-mail inquiries. The Strand, New York’s largest used bookstore, will answer an inquiry within three hours and hold any book for three days. Incorporating many different techniques and styles, the piece is challenging but not impossible. Other Repertoire for Early-Advanced Cello Students. author welcomes your input on this list. Used music and bookstores, music-school and public-library sales, sales of cellists’ personal collections, and even junk stores can yield unexpected treasures. Even if a collection or library does not have a comprehensive catalog that is available to the public, or an on-line search capability, the librarian still may be able to answer inquiries about specific works. Ars Nova, just across the street from Indiana University in Bloomington, specializes in used recordings, but also has lots of music, both new and used. The best pieces for performance are both well-liked by the student and flattering to their style of playing. Arthur Cohn is not exhaustive in his listings, but he describes most of the important standard and contemporary works. The Cobbett Association’s chamber-music library is temporarily unavailable for copying, but member Theo Wyatt of Merton Music has a copying service for works from his catalog of out-of-print compositions. THIS SYLLABUS IS A BETA VERSION. in 8 parts. A standard concertino in late-intermediate cello repertoire, this is slightly reminiscent of the Haydn C Major cello concerto and can help students get ready for that level. Cello repertoire list . ), Fantasy Pieces, Opus 73 (1849) 1960" by Donald Homuth. for Orchestra of Violoncelli, Sonata da Camera (1940) (small Early-Advanced Cello Solo Books These compilations each focus on a different aspect of cello repertoire. Another private venture, Latham Music Enterprises, publishes arrangements for cello ensemble and other string music. 11 cello concertos (1770, 1785, other dates unknown). works for cello, see: "A Cellist's Companion,A That's why they're in "early advanced" and not "late-intermediate". opus 47 (1881), Concerto in b min, Maurice Hinson, whose many excellent repertoire guides make him a familiar name to pianists, includes 40 pages of descriptions of in-print (as of 1978) cello and piano works, plus larger ensembles, and includes publishers’ addresses. Elizabeth Cowling’s lists cover several categories of solo literature. More difficult than the Goltermann Concerto listed above, there is considerable shifting into 6th, 7th, and 8th positions. Some students love it and some hate it. As usual, with these Delrieu editions, the teaching is organized, deliberate, and superb. Magazines reviews highlight some newly published pieces. I recommend that you buy the magazine, and read the entire article. While not specifically devoted to the cello, some books discuss sonatas or chamber music that includes the cello. He divides his list into six categories, and each category has four sub-divisions, according to relative degree of technical difficulty. In his excellent article in the Nov/Dec, '99 "Strings" magazine, Jeffrey Solow gives a useful list of the standard repertoire for the cello. On-line searches of independent used-book dealers’ offerings through Barnes and Noble, Alibras, Bibliofind, and 21 North Main turned up several of the books listed here—but be careful about the prices with these on-line searches: I have seen the identical book listed on different sites at $16 and $80, and a Brahms sonata, in print at $9.50, listed at $39! All Rights Reserved. (1896-1897), Sonata in g minor, And the Library of Congress remains the world’s largest library, and its vast music collection (of more than eight million items) includes everything published in the U.S. and many historically important editions and special collections. And is here to support you and the string world with fantastic free content. Occasional use of thumb position and treble clef makes this appropriate for early-advanced students. There are no other instruments. Ed Stephenson lists a number of difficult concertos.     2 famous concertos: For a listing of 45,000 As a solo piece of average difficulty, this work provides an ideal platform for intermediate-level cellists to grapple with one of the greats, if not the great, in timeless cello music. The only part Click here to access our download section! Great for musical students. The Concertos published No list of top cello works would be complete without Bach’s First Cello Suite. orchestra), Sonata in C Major, Do I Have To Learn All That Stuff? Normal office paper (80g/m) is not rigid enough and tends to collapse on the stand. B-flat Concerto" is a composite of various Boccherini works, put together Cello Repertoire from the 18th, 19th and mid-20th Centuries This list presents the primary standard works of cello literature, as well as other notable compositions for the instrument, and other cello works of … For later 20th Century Carter's must also rank highly in this field. DIFFICULTY LEVELS. Before doing this, we need to know whether the first page of a piece is a “cover page” (with a page turn at its end) of if on the contrary the first page needs to be opened out to a double page at the beginning. for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord, now in standard cello repertoire), 4       in C Tips on Buying an Instrument at Auction, How to Prepare for an Outdoor Performance, How to Make Better Use of Your Practice Time, Shutdown Skills Series: Play Cello with Less Effort in 6 Easy Steps, 6 Ways to Protect Your Instrument from Damaging Winter Chill, How to Lose That E-String Whistle on Your Violin, How to Soundproof a Room: Practice Without Bothering House Mates & Neighbors, When Your Instrument Isn’t Sounding Right, Don’t Go for the Soundpost First, Ginger Smock: First Lady of the Jazz Violin, A Guide to Choosing the Right Violin Strings, Learn the Difference Between Violin and Fiddle, Sound Advice: The Audiophile Market Offers a Wide Range of Speakers for Music Enthusiasts.

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