In Rapmon’s verse at the start of the song, he actually references Snowpiercer. Omelas can be anything the reader wants to imagine it to be. So there is the missing of one friend who can never come back and the other will never get out. Original title When we first see this motel, the bright, glowing sign is immediately noticeable. Past the end of this cold winter St :star2: rbrite 02/14/17 . When I say that At the end it is reveal that they are friends, and that he will do something about wanting to see that person. Time is so cruel The song also takes me back to when we were just teens innocent kids having fun. The year it was released, "Spring Day" won Song of the Year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards. For some, the MV will be about friendship, for others it will be about the loss of a loved one, and for many young Koreans it may tie back to the Sewol tragedy which defined their youth. Spring Day(봄날)(큐트ver. 그래 밉다 니가 The melody has this yearning notes, no one can understand the deep meaning in each words unless youre in that shoes saying the same words. November 9, 2019 marked 1000 days since the release of BTS’s “봄날 (Spring Day)” music video from the WINGS Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone album. And go to the other side of the earth Thematically, it’s very in line with lots of BTS’s work across the entirety of their conceptual timeline. "Because that will hurt less than resenting you." bogo shipda nunkkochi tteoreojyeoyo Bts has brought up a whole lot of pain that I haven't thought about in yrs. It’s likely to be about a person who has taken their own life or somebody who died in sudden circumstances. yeongicheoreom hayan yeongicheoreom It’s been a wild ride as BTS released their Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) series over the course of the past two years. Jin: Or did I change? There are people who love you and people who care about you. 솔직히 보고 싶은데 (이만 너를 지울게) For the spring days to come? He walks right past Yoongi and Hoseok, and later on the train he walks past Jungkook’s car without stopping, as if it were a missed opportunity to reconnect, because winter has yet to thaw. The BTS Effect is copyright 2018-2020 by Courtney Lazore. tto myeot bameul deo saewoya This carries over into the chorus which reads “The snowflakes fall / and you get a little further away / I miss you.” The cold relationship between these friends continues to be stuck in winter, and the narrator wonders how much longer he must endure, asking the person to stay in place until a spring day comes again. In Korea, it is a common act for someone to remove their shoes before committing suicide. mannareo galge (mannareo galge) 그리움들이 얼마나 눈처럼 내려야 At the second part, he was conceding that its neither their fault, its just supposed to happen. (until I can see you?) i gyeouldo kkeuchi nayo First, I don’t write about BTS that often. The break after the second chorus brings us to the real message of the song: “The morning will come again / no darkness, no season / can last forever.” The lyrics have turned more hopeful, ensuring the listener that good times (the morning/spring) will come again, as nothing lasts forever. Every time BTS performs the song, ARMYs get emotional because of its sad lyrics about missing someone you love. I won’t deny that perhaps there might be deeper meanings somewhere that I’ve missed, but this was my basic overview of the most obvious symbols used.

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