%%EOF trailer 0000006009 00000 n xref 0000012092 00000 n •Plastic has a higher heat capacity, so it takes much Specific heat capacity The specific heat capacity of a material on a per mass basis is which in the absence of phase transitions is equivalent to where is the heat capacity of a body made of the material in question, is the mass of the body, is the volume of the body, and is the density of the material. 3 0 obj 0000008856 00000 n The specific heat capacity is intensive, and does not depend on the quantity, but the heat capacity is extensive, so two grams of liquid water have twice the heat capacitance of 1 gram, but the specific heat capacity, the heat capacity per gram, is the same, 4.184 (J/g. Heat capacity is an extensive property defined as the amount of energy that must be subtracted from or added to a substance to lower or raise its temperature [1]. 0000008223 00000 n 0000002805 00000 n 0000004485 00000 n startxref 0000026145 00000 n 0000008949 00000 n 0000008576 00000 n 2 0 obj 0000008763 00000 n �� +�75���a��&�x�q��,�~s��Ƙ$�y�h-+�Y�0��PEVIQ(3�|��u`́�E���,��C��aY-^�Zc��Y��՚l"�Bhc�[2�ue���[N�s���G琭�`�z���K��+�u� \\��^���4�����6ۡ�ߡ���:/�px���u�h�׈��}X���#��v޸��4��ˢ�����r��޻�����S���rТƓ���j���Ad���Юv��b�>������~�;�]c�b�~�����tP���Q9�v%��,�����W8h� �v��nj��Y���'֏���� .�[]?�0�~���k�-Ȫ���ϭ�:ѿ]�ݼvx�Ζe�����EXc�����J���G9�{���]=XɈ���Ia�Ĩ�B��������)2�2�I�?_^H��B� �V\J�B/%t`-ʨu�T�t\��S*k�`P~V����. %���� 0000014874 00000 n •Plastic has a higher heat capacity, so it takes much 0000006793 00000 n mk��plD���`Q�Wb��,w��Y)�p?x��]��/e�z�n���wU���,.�f�fY,�o��\l����ny����Zd����E��]^؅�B/~sWo���j ���̞�x~��k�����r��(�a��m[3:cD�N�S�'�Q��=�U������heN�S�_��p~^9�s�D�WB���.��hu������$0&�7~�-���Ȥբ*�\� 0000009724 00000 n Volume heat capacity: 0000002275 00000 n Specific heat of gases: - When a gas is heated, it expands and the … <> kg kcal 0 (ice) 1.960 0.468 34 4.178 0.999 68 4.189 1.001 0 4.217 1.008 35 4.178 0.999 69 4.189 1.001 Specific Heat Capacity of iron is 0.45 J/g*°C •How many joules will it take to heat a 100 gram frying pan of iron from 20°C to 150°C? endobj <<331AA819609B9B4F992BFC7309D55DBE>]>> Specific Heat Capacity of Metals Table Chart . 0000004141 00000 n endobj 0000002371 00000 n x�b```f``i``2:@ (�����������p0X�q�5r�����+��˧�����g�T���8������g�ɡ�q�C�}-��3q���쯹�r_d`H. The specific heat capacity of materials ranging from Water to Uranium has been listed below in alphabetical order. 0000007221 00000 n %PDF-1.5 226 0 obj <> endobj <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> unit of J/K (Joule/Kelvin) [2].. 1 0 obj Ѯ�8?˾��2��J�����Eյ���;�,�+���^֋�U��_���d��w`�V���'BTB[�&��Voy8!Z�� 0000010497 00000 n ÌuvxVÐÚ¶[¸Uѱ7XN%dºý¸Ì4uMèÆ!2b$+ò‚„K(ö`ƒu‰ù]žÖÇÉú`Wˬ`+rMïâõñ£Ì’>DÑx…ÙÛæëˆ1”ÝËQ. x��]Y��~_`��y! Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. 0000031889 00000 n 0000005570 00000 n Why are there often plastic handles on frying pans? Below this table is an image version for offline viewing. TABLES OF PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF LIQUIDS AND GASES C-1 Density of Liquids C-2 Viscosity of Gas C-3 Viscosity of Liquids C-4 Heat Capacity of Gas C-5 Heat Capacity of Liquid C-6 Thermal Conductivity of Gas C-7 Thermal Conductivity of Liquids and Solids C-8 Surface Tension of Organic Liquids C-9 Vapor Pressure C-10 Enthalpy of Vaporization 0000011058 00000 n kg kcal 0 (ice) 1.960 0.468 34 4.178 0.999 68 4.189 1.001 0 4.217 1.008 35 4.178 0.999 69 4.189 1.001 0000003427 00000 n The specific heat is the amount of heat energy per unit mass required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius.The relationship between heat and temperature change is usually expressed in the form shown below where c is the specific heat . 0000008670 00000 n Specific Heat Capacity of iron is 0.45 J/g*°C •How many joules will it take to heat a 100 gram frying pan of iron from 20°C to 150°C? 0000001056 00000 n 0000019840 00000 n 0000002623 00000 n C Æ Specific heat capacity of a substance it depends on the nature of the material of the substance. S.I unit of specific heat J kg-1 K-1 NOTE: - Heat capacity = specific heat x mass Its S.I unit is J K-1. Heat capacity is denoted by the symbol C with the S.I. Why are there often plastic handles on frying pans? 4 0 obj stream %PDF-1.3 %���� 0000007605 00000 n 0000005064 00000 n Specific Heat Capacity of Metals Table Chart. It is the ratio of the added heat to the temperature increment of the system. 0000011952 00000 n 0000011575 00000 n Specific heat capacities of some common substances are shown in the table below. 0 endobj 0000010166 00000 n 226 38 0000004597 00000 n materials. 0000000016 00000 n 0000009126 00000 n Table 3 shows the specific heat capacity of solids as a function of temperature, the specific heat capacity of liquids at the melt-ing point (T m), and the enthalpy of fusion for most common elements found in cast metals. 0000009240 00000 n Sensible Heat, it is the quantity of heat contained in 1 kg of water according to the selected temperature. 0000016966 00000 n Since 1 calorie = 4.184 joules, the specific heat capacity of water can also be designated as 4.184 J/g°C. 0000010112 00000 n <> Engineering Materials. degrees Kelvin. •Joules = 0.45 J/g*°C * 100g * 130°C •5850 grams. <>/Metadata 135 0 R/ViewerPreferences 136 0 R>> 263 0 obj <>stream Table A–1E Molar mass, gas constant, and critical-point properties Table A–2E Ideal-gas specific heats of various common gases Table A–3E Properties of common liquids, solids, and foods Table A–4E Saturated water—Temperature table Table A–5E Saturated water—Pressure table Table A–6E Superheated water Table A–7E Compressed liquid water Table A–8E Saturated ice–water vapor Specific heat: Quantity of heat necessary to increase the temperature of a 1° Celsius per unit of mass of 1 kg of water. 0000006388 00000 n Material J/kg.K Btu/lbm.°F J/kg.°C kJ/kg.K Aluminium 887 0.212 887 0.887 Asphalt 915 0.21854 915 0.915 Bone 440 0.105 440 0.44 Boron 1106 0.264 1106 1.106 Brass 920 […] •Joules = 0.45 J/g*°C * 100g * 130°C •5850 grams. Changes in specific heat capacity and most thermophysical properties with changing tem- Specific heat capacities are usually reported in J/g°C.

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