[5], Kassandra left the Spear to Herodotus as something to remember her by once its power was exhausted.

The Templar and inquisitor Gustavo Ramírez tried to localize three parts of a Staff of Eden in Spain.

When a Spear of Eden is used in conjunction with a Staff of Eden, the wielder can alter natural terrain and geography. After returning the stone, the man disappeared and Bayek was defeated by undead soldiers. They were later given to the popes. Later, Giovanni returned to Europe with the artifact.

[10], In the aftermath, Altaïr took Al Mualim's corpse outside to be cremated to the protests of some Assassins as this was against their customs. This act was also met with failure as there was no way to direct the beams of energy emitted by the Pieces down to the Earth. The original Shroud has been destroyed, but a second is currently in possession of the Templars. Styrbjörn later offered, what he believed to be a Christian relic, to the gods during his wedding to Thyra Haraldsdottir.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [19], In the 1st century CE, the Ankh of Eden was found by Roman looters in a pyramid before being sold to an Egyptian slave trader.

LeonidasKassandraLayla Hassan. [29], By 1453, an Apple of Eden had fallen into the hands of Sultan Mehmet II of the Ottoman Empire.

When Ezio entered in contact with the artifact, he was connecting by a Synch Nexus to his descendant Desmond Miles to deliver a message from the Isu Tinia. By 1781, a British Officer in Yorktown was in possession of the Apple. I have devised a list ranking each type of Piece of Eden found throughout the Assassin’s Creed games from least to greatest tool of abject oppression. Created by Eliza paralyzed the Templar, saving her mentor and taking back the Prong. This would allow them to see the very same map that Altaïr discovered in 1191.

The young Kanien'kehá:ka Ratonhnhaké:ton, Haytham and Kaniehtí:io's son, used the artifact and contacted the Isu Juno through a Nexus.

Divine Science: Chapter 4 – Frater V.O.V. [54], After the end of the Reconquista, the Templars tortured the monks of the Asturias mountains to uncover the location of the Staff's last section. He used it once again to speak to Juno who greeted him for accomplishing his task and ordered him to hid the Key.

[2], The Isu Juno and her husband Aita used Atlantis artifacts on humans, creating hybrid monsters for the Olympos Project. And when combined with any other Piece of Eden, especially a Stave than amplifies its power, an Apple of Eden could be the swift downfall of society. The Shrouds of Eden were originally created by the Isu Consus and gave users regeneration and healing, with it even being known to induce the Bleeding Effect. The Spear of Leonidas is a powerful artifact used in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.Its main use is to kill enemies but the Spear is also necessary in unlocking some of the more powerful abilities.This page contains information on how to upgrade the Spear of Leonidas and what profits do you get from this process.. They started to appear in games like, These are the true menaces. Knowledge will never be truly free. Description In the tomb, he met a man who tasked him to recover a stone which was in the tomb. Rodrigo won the duel, took the Apple, combining it with the Staff to open the Vatican Vault without success. These Pieces of Eden vary pretty widely in their utility, from the Papal Staff of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood to the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus in AC: Origins. The process of upgrading the Spear of Leonidas

The contest for the Pieces of Eden between the Templars and their archenemies, the Assassins, who traditionally seek to safeguard them, has been a hallmark of their millennia long war. [3][118] Both Templars and the Assassins believe that the Pieces of Eden were responsible for many historical tales and miracles, such as the Parting of the Red Sea, the Trojan War, the miracles enacted by Jesus Christ, and the Biblical plagues that ravaged Egypt. [84] In 1798, Bonaparte led an expedition in Egypt and recovered the Apple. Edward secreted it away in the Tower of London and hid the key in St. Paul's Cathedral.

Later, Grand Master Reginald Birch tasked Haytham with finding the Grand Temple in the British Colonies and entrusted him with the Key. [72] In 1755, Kaniehtí:io and Haytham arrived before the door of the Grand Temple in the Province of New York. However, to his dissatisfaction, the Apple refused to communicate with him despite his attempts to use it. [94], During the same year, the Templar Lucy Thorne tried to find the Shroud of Eden in London for Starrick to take control of the city. [10], The Templars sought to manipulate the neurotransmitters that made humanity susceptible to the Pieces' hypnotic effects. [citation needed], Some Pieces of Eden were known to interact with and change the passage of time, possibly creating paradoxes. Soon after, war broke out, pitting humanity against their creators. [58] In 1722, the former pirate turned Assassin Edward Kenway killed Roberts and took the Crystal Skull.

Other Pieces of Eden are capable of warping reality, creating illusions, ensuring total obedience and healing physical injuries. Even if one should fall into the wrong hands, it’s only effective while you’re wearing it, making it easier to foil an evil plot handed around one than the remaining Pieces of Eden. Harvey was undercover in the Assassin Brotherhood and implicated the Bloodstone Unit, an extremist cell of Assassin working for the CIA led by Pash.

The Assassin was ambushed by the American Templar Cudgel Cormac, Shay's grandson, who took the Prong for the Grand Master William M. Before he died, the Hidden Ones recorded a message with the Ankh detailing the location of the Scepter. With the help of the Italian Assassins, Ezio scared away Rodrigo and recovered the Apple. [48], Ezio using the Apple against Cesare troops, In August 1503, Ezio, by then the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood, recovered the Apple after Rodrigo was killed by his own son. Ah, the Pieces of Eden. [81], Before the French Revolution, the Sage and member of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order François-Thomas Germain entered the vault under the Temple of Paris, guided by de Molay's memories.

Since the agents were told not to tamper with the Spear, or pass it under any sort of electromagnetic radiation or x-rays, the tracker was never found. [16], Giovanni and Bombastus studying the Crystal Skull of Mexico, Posing as a chronicler and astrologer, the Assassin Giovanni Borgia infiltrated Cortés' expedition to recover Pieces of Eden in the New World. [14], At the end of the 8th century BCE, the Pharaoh of Egypt Shabataka possessed a Staff of Eden. Bolden met the Flemish agent Jan van der Graff who was sent by Emperor Napoleon to steal the diamond. The spear was able to harness its wielder's adrenaline to produce supernatural effects, such as cloaking its user, regenerating health, or harnessing some of the natural elements such as poison and fire. The Staff was activated by the electricity and Orelov heard voices from the past. [3] In 1257, during the Mongol attack on Masyaf, Altaïr used the power of the Apple to repel the Mongol troops for a time. Gorm infiltrated the ship and killed Tesla, preventing the experience from succeeding. [36], In June 1582, the Chinese Assassin Liu Yan brought a Sword of Eden to China from Japan to ensure the protection of the artifact. I’m going to count the Spear of Leonidas among these types of Piece of Eden as well, the main weapon of your character in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Altaïr and his family tried to steal the Sword during their mission in Mongolia but they only assassinated Genghis.

In the panic, the leader of the Templars in British Colonies Lawrence Washington infiltrated the Assassins' camp and stole the Precursor Box and the Manuscript. Bonaparte gave Rose the key of the Temple that he took from the Tuileries Palace in 10 August 1792.

Arno finished the Sage and recovered a depowered Sword, using it as a classic sword. This point was published in a professional publication and is considered a valid type. The town's ruler and leader of the Italian Assassins, Mario Auditore, defeated the invaders and entered into the vault where the artifact was hidden. The prophet Moses used a Staff of Eden to create an illusion that he parted and closed the Red Sea. After a fistfight which the Assassin won, Ezio used the two Pieces of Eden to open the vault where he came into contact with the Isu Minerva who showed him the First Catastrophe and the Second that would occur centuries later. Alexander sent his men to recover the artifact. Confronting the Instrument in a church, Cardonna used the Koh-i-Noor against Grosvenor. Bradley and Stanford (1987) conducted a study of Eden points and Scottsbluff points in order to define the difference between the two type. [74] Jensen gave the Box and the manuscript to the Assassin Liam O'Brien who then entrusted the Box to the Assassin Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye who secreted it away from the Colonies. When they discovered that Pash worked with the Templar John von Neumann, Julia blew up herself with a hand-grenade to destroy the artifact but the Piece of Eden was still intact and was taken by Pash. The Pieces of Eden have a long history that punctuates the tales of humanity. Later, the Assassin killed Yu Dayong in Macau and recovered the box. Harald nevertheless decided to flee, and Styrbjorn kept the artifact, unaware of its true power.

They started to appear in games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, and Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles (these are amazing games, do not dare sleep on them). The Assassins saved the monks who revealed to them where it was.

The Templar’s believe that only a concentrated few should have all of the knowledge so they can lead humanity towards the objectively right decisions.

Please update the article to reflect recent releases and then remove this template once done. On July 17th, the Templar Order executed the Romanov family but Anastasia Romanova escaped from the slaughter with the Box. 1 Biography 2 Attacks 3 Strategy 4 Gallery One of the superbosses in the Labyrinth of Chaos, she is only encountered as a floor 100 boss.

Pearson was killed by the Templar Cavanagh who wanted to use the Piece of Eden to usurp the position of Grand Master from Crawford Starrick. The Spear was subsequently buried beneath the Book of Herodotus and laid untouched for centuries until 2018 when both objects were recovered by Layla Hassan.

[118][119], When activated, Apples of Eden are capable of extending a pulse of energy that can drive those in the surrounding area to insanity and death. They relocated to the Grand Temple in what is now Turin, New York[4], a facility which could only be entered using an Apple of Eden. Ponce de León was killed by the Assassin Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo as the Brotherhood wanted to protect the artifact. [16], By 49 BCE, the Order of the Ancients had acquired an Apple of Eden. After the Siege of Yorktown, the Commander of the Continental Army George Washington recovered the artifact. After the death of the Queen in 1603, Dee sent a cryptic message to Kelley's stepdaughter Elizabeth Jane Weston to inform her about the Apple of Eden. [79], King Washington using the Apple as a scepter, After the end of the American Revolutionary War, Washington was haunted by visions of the Apple of Eden and decided to contact Ratonhnhaké:ton. This map was downloaded by the Apple. A Geek Community on WordPress.com. [111], The 28 October 1943 on the USS Eldridge, Pash and Neumann used the Apple in the Philadelphia Project, an attempt to change the time with Die Glock to kill Hitler before he started the War. Graff later protected the Koh-i-Noor from the Templars.

Orelov kept the Shard instead of giving it to the Brotherhood. The Edelweiss Pirates, a group of German resistants, stole this artifact and hid it in the spire of the Cologne Cathedral.

Al Mualim is the first known user and possible coiner of term.

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