Somen are thin Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. It is rare to eat “SOMEN miso soup” in Tokyo and other East part of Japan actually, but I heard people in West part of Japan often eat SOMEN with miso soup. Make you noodles even more delicious by adding mushrooms (like …

The name of the noodle is “SOMEN”! Somen are thin Japanese noodles, traditionally served cold with a dipping sauce. Add various vegetables and meats in the soup. Have you ever eaten SOMEN? Cold Somen noodles makes for a quick and easy meal during hot summer days, when all you want to do is … Somen noodles in hot soup is called nyumen.

It is Japanese very thin noodle made of wheat flour, and eaten with soy sauce base soup usually.

Easy, Hot Somen Noodles with Egg Soup Udon noodles with egg is delicious, so I tried making a similar dish with somen noodles instead.

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