Also I would imagine what your diet is like now will make a difference to how big your weight losses are. Still amazes me that I can eat a whole roast dinner absolutely FREE of syns! So, all in all, I’m happy! I am on day 4 and am absolutely loving it! Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. †More people in the UK choose to attend a Slimming World group each week than any other weight loss group. I put the leftover BBQ’d trout in a tupperware with a few handfuls of mixed salad and a couple of sachets of Salad cream mixed in (2 syns each sachet) and had that for lunch – VERY yummy. 3lbs! Started off SO well yesterday! Even after all this food I was still under my 10 syns, even though I had a Weight Watchers Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream Cone! Try and use lots of speed foods and drink lots and lots of water - you could probably lose a few pounds just through water retention if you're not currently drinking enough! You may lose half a stone in the first 2 weeks, this is quite common, but after that it will be 1-2lb a week. I am also aware with this diet I won't drastically lose weight within two weeks which I am happy with but I would like to get down in around 6 weeks before my cruise!Any advice or inputs would be much appreciated. . Slimming World Day 23: Stress = Body Magic? Add the 1 tbsp Jalfrezi paste and stir well for around a minute until the spices have had a chance to cook. Ok, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t ecstatic at the time, in fact I was a little bit disappointed. I think you get a bit over excited when you hear about all the big losses – one woman reached her Slimming World target, in just 47 weeks she’d lost 4 stone! What the hell do you say in this instance? . See more ideas about My slimming world, Slimming world, Weight loss journey. I HAVE LESS THAN A STONE TO LOSE BEFORE THE WEDDING NOW! I lost a couple of lbs a week for first month or so and probably averaging at a lb a week. I am so used to using diets such as "the Scarsdale diet", "the military diet" or the "5:2" as a quick resort to weight loss that SW to me is like a treat!However I only have a stone to lose. WHAAAAT? However I only have a stone to lose. I know a 3lbs weight loss is perfectly respectable for just over a week and a bit, but I had been hearing so many awesome stories about people losing up to 7lbs in their first week on Slimming World that when I saw that I’d only dropped 3lbs I was a little put out. in a tupperware with a few handfuls of mixed salad and a couple of, sachets of Salad cream mixed in (2 syns each sachet), Change in Muller Light Syn Values from 1st August. Great, balanced responses from everyone as usual. So, this morning was my final weigh in of month 1. I’m hoping that I can counteract yesterdays high syn intake by not having any syns at all today? The Müllerlight flavours that are still FREE are: The Müllerlight flavours that are no longer FREE are: Plus – the Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate with a black cherry underlayer (165g pot) has changed to 1½ Syns. Not quite the weight loss I was looking forward to at the start of the diet given that some people lose up to 7lbs in just the first week, but I’m still pleased. Slimming World - Week 4 - 1 Stone Down Hi ladies, Here is the second instalment of my weight loss journey. He is safe and well, he finished his shift at 7am this morning and was just walking in the door as I was leaving for work – now snoozing peacefully no doubt! © Slimming World. . I also stopped weighing myself and took measurements instead as I could see the loss better. But hey, at least in a month I have lost 4 of these!!! Slimming World - 1 stone lighter Another New Years Resolution of mine was to lose weight. Good luck Kim1980 - I think a lot of us join a group or start a plan hoping to see fast results - I don't think its all our fault, so many celebs, magazines, plans out there giving us what is sometimes false hope and unrealistic expectations. I’m tempted to go back to calorie counting this week, allowing myself around 1,400 cals plus working out and seeing how that works vs Slimming World…. Contact us. Was so strange watching the places I knew so well go up in flames and all the freaks and geeks running around reveling in the violence! Chop the onion and garlic up very finely and fry until the onion is translucent. You must log in or register to reply here. Find a group. I was fully expecting (dreading) putting a little weight on this week having been surviving on so few calories before this diet, but it hasn’t happened… yet! Had my falafels at brekkie time for 7 syns (yeah, I knwo falafels for breakfast is a bit weird) then had the rest of my syn free pasta for lunch BUT (and this may be where it all started to go a bit wrong) my boss brought me back some American choccies from his business trip, however they counted for only 5 syns, so I was still at only 12 for the day! Consultants' log in. Not everyone feels comfortable joining a group and many people do the plan online through the Slimming World website. 2 large potatoes I saved hundreds of pounds in weekly fees. I wasn’t too hungry when I got home so I just had some sausage sarnies. I like that you can still have chocolate, crisps, bread, cake as long as it is within your daily syn allowance. I am 5'3 and currently weighing 9.10 which is a stone over what my comfortable weight is. I’ll be stocking up on those for sure! Eating fruit and 0% greek yoghurt for breakfast, and cous cous with salad and chicken, tuna or salmon for lunch.The best bit is that I havent felt hungry or deprived, and I'm not craving the things I thought I'd miss (bread cheese and wine!). I kept telling family and friends that I had 4.5 lb. Yesterday I brought  a scrummy pasta salad into work for my lunch made with fusilli, the leftover roast chicken from day 7, mixed in with lots of salad, the leftover boiled veg from the roast dinner, low syn caesar dressing (1/2 syn per tbsp) and a sachet of salad cream! I started off strong by only ordering a diet coke at the snack counter, not even tempted by the delicious smell of hot, buttery popcorn,  then we went off and enjoyed our movie.By the time we came out of the cinema it was about 7.30pm and I was really hungry having not eaten anything since around 2pm (the American choccies) so we decided to grab a bite to eat. I really do hope EE works because I’ve really enjoyed it, days 7 & 8 have both been EE choices so lets hope on Saturday morning the scales lay my fears to rest! I lost just under a stone in a month, 13.5lb to be exact, so yes it's possible, but everyone is different. Ok, next weigh in day really will be next Saturday and we’ll see how much more I can lose in that time! I’m still really shocked, I mean look at how much food I ate on day 4 (pic at the top). Reply. This is not what Slimming World claim, but its reassuring to know there is a science behind the separation of food types, it makes the idea of eating so much food a bit less scary…. Has anyone else only needed a small amount of weight to lose? To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. JavaScript is disabled. and guess what…. It's a bit of a 'how long's a piece of string' question? After work I met my friend, Jen, to see Bridesmaids at the cinema. If you are thinking of losing weight then I couldn't rate Slimming World high enough. Yesterday went very, very well! I need my treats! 1 can chopped tomatoes Slimming World’s fish and chips I won’t bother blogging Saturday 23rd (day 5) as I was out and about all day so didn’t actually fill in my online diary, although I did stick to plan, so no major disasters there!

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