During times of high-energy demand or electrical emergencies, the water from the upper reservoir would be released to provide energy. At this time all parties interested in using the water come to the table to lobby for access and flow. They are dissatisfied with the cooperative agreement, saying the county receives too little money, and that there is not enough revenue to support fire protection. Their committee was represented in the Iowa Hill Joint Advisory Committee that was formed pursuant to the cooperation agreement to study the visual, noise, transportation, fire protection and socioeconomic impacts of the Iowa Hill project. Among them are that SMUD must maintain the reservoir levels and maintain minimum flows in the UARP measured by cfs (cubic feet per second), by month and water year type and test the water for various elements and monitor for yellow-legged frogs and western pond turtles. The great waters of the South Fork of the American were gelded by engineering in what is known as the Upper American River Project. hundreds of people use annually,” said Theresa Simsiman, American Whitewater’s Contact Ed This dammed portion of the river creates the Slab Creek Reservoir and just a little ways down from the reservoir is where the Iowa Canyon Creek flows into the American River. They are worried that construction activities that could last five years will pose an increased hazard. PROPERTY TYPE: That amount compares with Jenkinson Lake, at Sly Park, which has a maximum capacity of 41,000 acre-feet. The river has a way of rounding the corners off a boater’s personality. At that point, I think everyone was beat down enough to just pull the boat through the slick boulders instead of hazarding the challenging line. The river rose to 1500 cfs, and that made for some pretty serious consequences. The new Iowa Hill Reservoir would have a maximum capacity of 6,400 acre-feet. EID is scheduled to receive 30,000 acre-feet annually until 2025 when it is scheduled to receive 40,000 acre-feet. When the operating agency Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) originally received their hydropower license from the federal government, the river was left with a minimal flow. In July 2001 they each filed a formal request with FERC, and in July 2002 they each filed a Notice of Intent to file an application for a new license. It starts to feel closer to Class V, and I’m sure the swims would feel at least that serious. $269,000. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. At the low end, we R2ed 10 and 12 foot rafts. The dam became a 250’ waterfall, and all of the river water began flowing in its natural course again. At 1600 cfs it’s fast and powerful. Located just upstream of the popular Chili Bar run on the South Fork of the American River is this hidden gem we locals call Slab Creek. The rapids calmed down after that, and we found ourselves paddling across Chili Bar reservoir in the deep reverie that near-death adventures bring. It diverts up to 3800 cubic feet per second (cfs) into a tunnel snaking eight miles west toward the White Rock Powerhouse where it rejoins the riverbed just below Chili Bar reservoir. I now co-own a rafting outfitter specializing in American River trips. The authority counsel pointed out that the agenda item was not a hearing, but an informational meeting. Welcome to adventure. A few miles to the west lay Placerville. BUSINESSES AND RESIDENTS REACH AGREEMENT ON MOSQUITO ROAD ACCESS. I logged 8 trips on Slab Creek in December and January (some friends of mine rafted it 20 times!). We referenced Dreamflows for data and write-ups and had long days full of scouting and unintentional swims on sections like Golden Gate, Potwisha, Devil’s Nose, Middle Fork of the Cosumnes and 49 to Bridgeport among others. The agreement also states the View All In the 50 years since the original licenses were approved, utilities applying for hydroelectric licensing have had to comply with new laws and regulations. The cost of “socioeconomic impacts” has been a sore point for local committee members. The setting is stunning. SMUD and local committee members disagreed. There are a couple roads that access the river through this section, including Mosquito Creek Road and Slab Creek Reservoir Road. “Our primary concern was the elimination of a popular river recreation access point that I swam here before I can remember. This effectively dewaters the canyon, since the water is so well-managed it rarely escapes back into its native environment. After years of disinterest, I find a great source of inspiration right here a few miles from where I live. The ranch is ideal for multiple recreational opportunities including retreats, family campouts, horse-back riding or hunting. SMUD agreed to pay El Dorado County an initial payment of $2.6 million, $1 million with 10 days after the effective date of the agreement, and $1.6 within 10 days “after the new license becomes final and non-appealable, but no later than Aug. 1, 2012.” SMUD will then pay an annual amount of $590,000. Below the bridge, if you choose to go the full 7 miles down to the Rock Creek take-out, the gradient picks up and the sieves grow more dangerous. View All I have read it described as “a notch above Chamberlain's and a notch below 49 to Bridgeport.” That is especially true above 1000 cfs. of Rea 's Listings, Exceptional 160-acre Property with River Frontage near Placerville, CA, Total Privacy and Gorgeous Views of Pine Covered Mountains, Deer, Quail, Wild Turkeys and other Wildlife are often Seen Throughout the Property, Centrally Located 1.25 Hours from Sacramento and 2 Hours from South Lake Tahoe, Ideal for Multiple Recreational Opportunities Including Retreats, Family Campouts, Horse-Back Riding or Hunting.

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