A healing deity, she was associated with healing springs; her attributes were snakes and eggs. She is pictured as sitting on a throne of reeds in the center of the lake’s depths. She is immortalised by many springs and wells. Note the snake coiled on her arm, eating from a patera of three eggs. Goddess of many of the beneficial hot springs in southern France from which her few legends came. Rules Over:  Night, dream magick, horses. Among her MANY magickal credits is that of a healer. Son ascendance gauloise Il faut admettre que l’identité gauloise de Sirona … Somhlth. Rules Over:  Faery contact, sea. Sirona’s imagery takes directly from Hygeia, as she often shown with the snake and bowl of eggs, both symbols of regeneration and rebirth. Rules Over:  Any endeavor, seasonal rites, fertility rites, the hunt, death, spirit contact. Change ). Rules Over:  Harvest, fertility, prosperity. Try entering just the first three or four letters. Thunder God. However, some claim he was the consort of Nantosuelta, whose name means “of the meandering stream.”  Others see him as a representation of death. As a Goddess of the waves, she was believed to be embodied in every ninth wave that broke on the shore. Goddess of protective fortifications whose name means “of the fortress.”  Ratis’ most notable worship sites were near the towns of Birdoswald and Chesters. She is the queen of banshees. God of the sea and water. ( Log Out /  Rules Over:  Sheep, cattle. The name of the goddess was written in various ways: Sirona, Đirona, Thirona, indicating some difficulty in capturing the initial sound in the Latin alphabet. She is usually depicted as being surrounded by full baskets and animals. Rules Over:  Passing Over rituals. She is best known for her powers of healing which were linked to her skills with weaving fiber. Her scream foretells death. Patron Deity of teamsters. She is known only from one inscription in the Tyne Valley. It was destroyed in the third century, probably during the Germanic incursions of 250-270, and was never rebuilt. Legendary giant God/Warrior of Ireland who foresaw the coming of the Milesians and banished an invading giant from Scotland. Sirona's name. Rules Over: Healing, purification. Not all of these are specifically Scottish, but some are. An example from Sarmizegetusa in Dacia AE 1983, 00828: and another from Augsburg AE 1992, 01304 where Sirona is given the epithet sancta (holy) and is identified with Diana: A dedication from Großbottwar in Baden-Württemberg CIL XIII, 06458 can be precisely dated to the year 201 CE by mention of the two consuls, L. Annius Fabianus and M. Nonius Arrius Mucianus: At the sulphur springs of Alzey in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, a stone bas-relief shows Sirona wearing a long gown and carrying a patera in her right hand and a sceptre in her left. Goddess of “debauchery” by her detractors, while some recent legends go so far as to make her the destroyer of her own realm through her excesses and her worship of “idols.”  By her followers, she is hailed as a Goddess of earthly pleasure. Thomas and Rhymer always maintained that she appeared to him on a May Eve dressed in green silks and riding a white horse with fifty-nine silver bells tied in its mane (odd association since Celtic faeries have always been thought to shun the ringing of bells). Rules Over:  Faery contact, prosperity spells. Due to her association with Apollo Grannus, the Interpretatio Romana has sometimes identified Sirona with the Roman goddess Diana. Lake Goddess associated with the deluge legends. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We are often asked about mythology merchandise. Rules Over:  Pleasure, courage, water magick, fertility magick, sea faery contact. This makes us, by necessity, examine another word which may relate to the name of Sirona, and has been linked to Bridget – Ireland’s goddess of smithcraft: This is the Gaelic word ‘tSaoir’, which means ‘craftsman’ or ‘smith’, and which is demonstrated in Gaelic family names such as ‘MacTeer’ or ‘Teare’, and the Irish mythological name of the ‘Gobban tSaor’. Son of a forgotten Sea God who may have been part of a lost creation myth. Honoring Many Gods. As symbol of her healing powers, she bears a snake entwined around her right forearm. Area of expertise: Healing, Good/Evil Rating: GOOD, quite approachable She is the Goddess of Summer, Wealth and Sovereignty. He had magick armor that prevented wounds and could make the Tuatha invisible at will. A bronze statue from Mâlain in the Côte d'Or and dating to around 280 CE (Deyts & Roussel 1994; Deyts 1998) shows Sirona naked to the waist and holding a snake draped over her left arm, together with a very classical Apollo with lyre. Master herbalist and sun Goddess who was the daughter of King Cormac and who married Fionn MacCumhal. Celtic: Gaulish: Dirona, Sirona, Thirona (Latin confused attempt to write the sound of ‘ts’ caused the different renditions of *Tsirona); Breton: sterenn, Cornish: sterenn (pl. The Goddess Sirona was worshiped as Goddess of Healing mainly in eastern France, in the Moselle region and the upper Rhine region. Goddess of the many other River Goddesses. These, of course, relate to Bridget ‘Goddess of Smithcraft’… So ‘Sirona’ might have nothing to do with stars and more to do with the mysteries of nature’s secret re-forging, as suggested by her snake and eggs and veneration at sacred springs. It’s okay, don’t be embarrassed. ( Log Out /  Prophecy Goddess who regularly appeared in the form of a crane. She had an exclusive female priesthood at Kildare and an ever-burning fire. Just copy the text in the box below. Represents the male principle of creation. He had famous weapons that included two spears called Yellow Shaft and Red Javelin; swords called the Retaliator, Great Fury and Little Furty. Goddess of time, karma and retribution. His swine magickally renewed themselves, were the chief food of the Tuatha De Danann and kept them from aging. Gaulish Celtic God of fortifications. Moon Goddess, Grain Goddess. Was once said to rule the Celtic world. It is believed her following was destroyed by the Romans when they took Gaul. Proto-Indo-European: stē̆r- ‘star’ She is a goddess of fertility, healing, renewal, and regeneration associated with thermal springs. Contradictory to the “sword in the churchyard stone” stories, the Breton version tells us that Merlin and Arthur rowed out to the center of the Dosmary Lake in Cornwall and that it was there that Excalibur was presented to him, the sword embedded in a floating stone. Once a Sun God. Creatures: Snake and lapdog (both symbolic of healing). She gently leads the snake´s head to a bowl with eggs, which she holds in … Mother of Borvo, who took her position in patriarchal times. Again there is a similarity with Hygeia, who also carries a snake. ( Log Out /  The ancient Roman writers associated her with the consort of their god Mercury. Sirona was venerated independently but also had various male consorts and partners, including prominent Celtic deities like Belenus and Grannus. One of his magick hounds was obtained from the sons of Tuirenn as part of the blood-fine for killing his father Cian. She was also the Goddess of featherless flying creatures which may have symbolized some type of blockage to passing into the Otherworld. She is associated with the three fold law and the crane. Lord of the winter, harvest, land of the dead, the sky, animals, mountains, lust, powers of destruction, regeneration. She vowed never to sleep until she found a man who could create for her the most majestic poem ever penned. My opinion about the meaning of ‘Sirona’ is largely based upon medieval insular semantic definitions attached to the word ‘tSaoir’ and its relation to the Cuillean mythos. She is depicted with a dog on her lap, a diadem (implying high status), three eggs (a fertility symbol), and a snake wrapped around her arm. His symbol is a white stag in Wales. Easter. The evidence for Sirona is both epigraphic (inscriptions) and representational (sculptures and statues). Le partenaire de toutes vos solutions dentaires. A few outliers are seen in Aquitaine, Brittany, and one in Italy. God of sheep and cattle herders from Celtic Gaul. Olmsted, on the other hand, argues for the meaning “the heifer”.1 Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present, In charge of: Healing Protector of sacred spaces. Rules Over:  Masculine powers. Lugh had a magick spear and rod-sling. Goddess of healing, she is represented with eggs and a snake, strong attributes of meaning for the time: the eggs symbolize life while the snake holds the death. Her name means ‘star’ and she seems to have an interest in Astronomy too. However, that … Rules Over:  Purification, healing, Great Rite, any other magickal acts associated with the feminine elements.

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