NEW HAMPSHIRE – J. James Rowsey, MD, conducted studies using Far-UV Sterilray™ technology on corneas from an eye bank, as well as clinical studies with 20 patients suffering from eye disease (corneal ulcers).

Having developed lasers for U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” initiative, as well as numerous medical device lasers such as the first 510K tattoo removal lasers, Mr. Neister is no stranger to the patent process.
His team isn’t affiliated with the installation of this technology in New York stores, he writes via email, but he says that after nearly a decade of studying far-UVC light on mice and human skin cells, “the evidence we have acquired to date, even at these much higher doses than one would use in the real world, are all reassuring.”. The tube contains a phosphor that glows a deep purple that's where you make everything glow under black light. “Far-UVC light has a very limited range and cannot penetrate through the outer dead-cell layer of human skin or the tear layer in the eye, so it’s not a human health hazard,” Dr. Brenner noted. Source: Columbia University Irving Medical Center, The technology has been tested on a flu virus. An Explorer Tours the Planet of the Viruses, Prevent Foggy Glasses while Wearing a Mask with These Tips.

We can’t see it ourselves, though it is present in sunlight and pretty good at damaging our DNA.

To Stop Coronavirus’ Spread, We’ll Need New Testing Technology. This light is why you slather on sunscreen — the lotion protects you from two kinds of UV light, UVA and UVB, which are responsible for premature skin wrinkling, sunburns and skin cancers.

“Unfortunately, conventional germicidal UV light is also a human health hazard and can lead to skin cancer and cataracts, which prevents its use in public spaces,” explained senior study investigator David Brenner, Ph.D., director of the Center for Radiological Research and professor at CUIMC.

Besides, if someone is infectious, they will still be breathing out the pathogen after passing through a far-UVC light and releasing the particles near whoever they are interacting with. The current study was designed to test if far-UVC light could efficiently kill aerosolized influenza virus in the air, in a setting similar to a public space. (Credit:, leaving mammal skin cells relatively unharmed, responsible for premature skin wrinkling, sunburns and skin cancers, Understanding the Disorder That Drives People to Amputate Healthy Limbs. Columbia University Irving Medical Center, GPS backpacks shed light on nightlife of desert bats, Ancient tools suggest humans spread across Eurasia earlier than previously thought, More genes in the human microbiome than stars in the observable universe, Autonomous watercraft to search the sea for Amelia Earhart's airplane, H3X claims it's tripled the power density of electric aircraft motors, Hydrogen-powered VTOL drone flies for 3.5 hours, PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition vs. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Russia's massive Lakhta Center named skyscraper of the year. This conventional UV light is routinely used to decontaminate surgical equipment. The research team’s experiments have shown far-UVC effective in eradicating two types of airborne seasonal coronaviruses (the ones that cause coughs and colds). Additionally, UVC is known to degrade nearby rubbers and plastics, making it an impractical solution for many disinfection purposes.

Even though Far-UV Sterilray™ light cannot penetrate beyond the outer (non-living) layers of human skin or eye tissue, because bacteria and viruses have a much thinner outer layer and smaller dimensions than human tissue, Far-UV Sterilray™ is actually able to enter and explode pathogens. And the bakery told the Post it will replace lightbulbs inside its stores with these special varieties.

But Linden thinks the data available on far-UVC is promising so far, and it’s encouraging to see other applications of UVC disinfecting become more popular, as it can be effective and doesn’t involve introducing new and potentially harmful chemicals into an environment. Dr. Rowsey’s studies confirmed that in addition to not harming human eyes or corneas, exposure to Far UV Sterilray lamps™ actually healed eyes by killing existing bacteria and parasites. The mechanism may be vitamin D, which is not very available in the winter. Sanitation procedures that use the light, like the robots wheeled into hospitals, operate when no one is around to get hit by the harmful wavelengths.

While the new technology is lethal for coronavirus, it is reportedly safe for humans. Columbia University acknowledged that “ramping up” the manufacturing of the lamps “to large-scale production, as well as approval by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and Environmental Protection Agency [EPA, will take several months.”. “But because viruses and bacteria are much smaller than human cells, far-UVC light can reach their DNA and kill them.”. Ed Nardell, an infectious disease researcher with Harvard Medical School who has spent much of his career examining UV sanitation, also thinks far-UVC light is safe enough to use. Is a Negative COVID-19 Test Result Truly Negative?

Now, however, scientists have discovered that a narrow spectrum of UVC – known as far-UVC – can eradicate airborne viruses without harming humans. Researchers at the University of California (UC) Santa Barbara “are developing ultraviolet LEDs that have the ability to decontaminate surfaces — and potentially air and water — that have come in contact with [coronavirus],” Science Daily reported on April 14. Ben is particularly interested in scientific innovation, human-powered transportation, and the marine environment.

The UV spectrum is separated into four parts: UVA (315 nm to 400 nm), UVB (280 nm to 315 nm), UVC (200 nm to 280 nm) and UV Vacuum (100 nm to 200 nm). Everything you need to know about the market - quick & easy. By creating an account, you agree to theTerms of Service and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. However, it is less effective than UVC at doing so and is more hazardous to humans than UVC radiation because UVB radiation can penetrate deeper into the skin and eye. The Columbia University lab that first pitched the term “far-UVC” has shown its effectiveness at disinfecting at least the H1N1 virus and the bacteria known as MRSA, and the team is working to crowdfund research on the virus causing our pandemic: SARS-CoV-2.

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